27th Nov 2010, 2:15 PM
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Originally, I wasn't planning on posting anything else until Monday morning, when the first page of Rain goes up. I changed my mind very suddenly a couple hours ago and this is what happened. I don't know what this is supposed to be though. An ad? A teaser? Work-in-progress coverart? Just a random picture?

Probably the last one, I guess. ^^;

People might complain about the lack of color, but I rather like it. I admit, I stared at it for a long time considering whether or not I should add color. Personally, I think it's kinda classy in how minimalist it is.

I hope you all like it too.

And I hope you'll all be back in less than 24 hours when this all gets started. ^_^
User comments:
Hi. I am on an archive binge of this comic. I am going to try and comment on every one.
Aah looks great so far
Rosemary (Guest)
I'm curious to know what your pfp is but at the same time terrified to ask
Tis a furry fairy, and though the full picture is sfw i'll spare you the potential horror as i know its not everyone's thing haha
Galafree (Guest)
you have created a sensitive ,intelligent ,at times down right entertaining
look at the transgendered life. one suspects some of your story's are from life.
Rain has my vote for one of the top five tg web comics. along with Calogrenant ,
Elgoonish shive.
Lex-Kat (Guest)
Today I have finally decided to give in and begin reading. :)
Jacy Em
I have binge read this several times from page one. And now I have drug friends into it...
c0nfused-guy (Guest)
Beautiful comic. It helps me to better understand my MTF friend.
Finished chapter 3 today and I sometimes really identify with Gavin. ^^
Keep it up!
FrenzyJan (Guest)
I really like the story. I can relate to certain parts. A lot of pages to go ^_^
Jackie (Guest)
I think minimalist is fine then as the person begins to come to their own,add some color.#transsupporter
Brandi thomas (Guest)
I am a fellow trans not transitioned yet hope to go on hormones some day any advice
Arietta (Guest)
If you don't understand what being trans is like, this comic is still relatable as every sexuality and such is represented, from bi, to gay, to gender fluid. The antagonists have valid reasons for why they act the way they do and all of the drama doesn't feel forced. The only downside that there is, is simply reading it all too fast.
zophah (Guest)
It has been a long time since I first saw your comics on DeviantArt and now I happen to find you have your own page now? Congrats. Now I have to read the archives to catch up again... See you on the other side!
I'm gonna reread this now, even though I just caught up. :'0 It's just so good!
Minim (Guest)
It's always time for a reread when it's Rain. :) Be prepared for 12 days time and all.
Wow, were you wrong! And I'm so glad you were. Were you not wrong about this being the last page, I never would've had such an amazing, life-changing adventure.
And thus begins read through number... six? Seven? I've lost count...
This is the webcomic that changed the world.
Well it sure changed mine anyway.

Read it... all of it..... it will touch your heart.
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Zoe (Guest)
I'm doing like,my third marathon of this comic
Raine (Guest)
hello i found this comic a few days ago and it is really therapeutic and helpful for me (even if i skip past pretty much any part that doesnt include rain) because i have the same (slightly different) name to the protagonist and am also a transgender girl. i look at this comic and this is what i want. i want to live a normal teenage girl life in high school and unfortunately i have to wait 5 months until 9th grade starts because they canceled school for the rest of 8th grade. but thank you for making this i really love it and its really special and important to me thank you :3
Syter6 (Guest)
Time for my 3th re-read
biggay (Guest)
Time to reread/catch up on Rain! I love this comic with a passion and am excited to see what I've missed.
Re-reading time!
Alexi Rose (Guest)
Coming back after authour coming off hiatus. Anyone who is reading, despite the art not being webtoon standard(which is not a bad thing at all) I highly recommend you keep with it, because this is one of the best things you'll read
Crimson (Guest)
Ah, Rain, Rain, come today, wash away our sorrows.
izzie (Guest)
just seeing how far rain has come is just so emotional to me. i discovered this comic in september 2021, and it is probably one of the best comics i have ever read. i can relate to rain so much and this comic helped me with my identity. it made me more sure of myself as a trans girl. thank you for making this comic!
TobieTheAce (Guest)
The first page that started an era. This comic has changed my life for the better. Who knew that this page would start an 11 year long comic moving and educating so many people.
I think the lack of color and overall simplicity of this image makes for a perfect introduction to everything. Maybe I'm off base here, but I feel it conveys Rain not only as a character, but also as a concept, not yet fleshed out and "colored" by life's experiences seen in the series... which we all see happening later.
Time for something I'm going to call "May's self-indulgent webcomic binge" I'm going to reread the entire webcomic and comment on every page that's not Hiatus stuff or labeled as Special (though I'm still going to comment on some of those too)

Incase you still are manually reviewing these comments I'd just like to say I'm sorry I'm putting you through this but this is something I need to do for my own mental health so I hope you understand. If you want me to stop just say so

If you need to do it for you, do it up! Don't let me stop you. ^_^

I do still monitor the comments, but I'm doing it for MIS too anyway, so it's no biggie. I'll just get 'em all whenever I pop in. :)