Comic 978 - Lucky

26th Jul 2017, 5:15 PM in Ch. 33 - The Calm
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Jocelyn 26th Jul 2017, 5:15 PM edit delete
Gratuitously cute page. I do always feel weird about including these. I mean, I like them ('cause I'm a hopeless romantic), but I'm always worried about them not really adding much to the story. And yet, I've been told they tend to be a lot of people's favorites. So just this once, I'm not going to question it. Besides, there's been enough people predicting impending doom throughout this scene, so having it close on an extra mushy note feels weirdly appropriate. XD

Next time, we'll be focusing on someone else. But, as much as I'm loathe to do this, next time will be Monday. There will be no page this Friday. I'd rather not get into specifics, but things have been rather hectic for me lately and I need to play a bit of catch up. So I am sorry to do this, but I hope you'll forgive me, and rejoin me for a new page on Monday.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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Jocelyn 27th Jul 2017, 11:25 AM edit delete
As I said in the page blurb above, there is no new update going up tomorrow (back on Monday, I promise). That said, new images highlighting and discussing my upcoming second comic tend to go up on my Patreon every Thursday. Since today's image had already been prepared, I could still post today without bogging myself down. For just $3, this is the only way to see many of these drawings for the time being. So if the one day hiatus is getting you down, and you just need some new art or ramblings from me, you can always check it out here:
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DramaDork 26th Jul 2017, 5:38 PM edit delete reply
These kinds of pages do add to the story, because they add character development
Reimi 26th Jul 2017, 5:39 PM edit delete reply
As shitty as today has been for news, this over the top adorable page was a much needed injection of happy. Thank you.
Elliot 26th Jul 2017, 5:50 PM edit delete reply
I hope that whatever is making things hectic in your life calms down and doesn't cause too much stress.
We'll be here in the other side.
Lyn the Mysfortunate 26th Jul 2017, 9:15 PM edit delete reply
We're fine with you missing an upload. After all you have to take care of yourself. Thanks for warning us though.
Guest 27th Jul 2017, 8:19 AM edit delete reply
Speak for yourself, mys. I'm somewhat irked, myself. 😝


As has already been said, but I must concur, yes, the cutesy pages do add to. I like it too. When you do put fluff in you do it well. Not just anybody can do that. Pat on the back for you. However, keep in mind even quality fluff is still fluff. Hope I don't come across too bitchy here but a li'l help instead. Yet, just a suggestion, next time you do one of those don't stop without first adding a bit on with more to it.

Oh, and don't take my irksomeness too seriously. More as poetic license or something. When things get hectic for you, it just does.
Anastasia 28th Jul 2017, 12:15 AM edit delete reply
There is substance to the fluff. Maybe not on this exact page, but this scene does have it. Not literally every page needs oomf.

Also, I like fully cutesy fluff pages.
Ellie 28th Jul 2017, 3:54 AM edit delete reply
My heart! This is freaking adorable and it was nice to have some well-needed fluff to give us a break from the torrent of angst we've just had.
Guest 28th Jul 2017, 5:46 PM edit delete reply
I really like how Maria looks in the 3rd panel for some reason
Guest 31st Jul 2017, 6:59 AM edit delete reply
Monday Monday Monday

Rain Rain Rain

Please please please

Need my fix
Kakuna 31st Jul 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete reply
I do this thing a lot where I'll binge-read a webcomic, bookmark it, then come back a year or more later to binge-read all the updates since then. Just finished another here, and I have to say that, among all those I've caught up on tonight, Rain is the only one where my heart ached upon learning there was none left. Thank you for this comic, it's the cutest goddamn thing, and I wish the best for the cast (especially Ky, they remind me of someone I know and it's just too heartbreaking).
AriaOfEffect 19th Sep 2021, 5:27 PM edit delete reply
I like the cute pages; your heavy pages hit pretty hard so it's nice to get something nice now and then to catch my breath.
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