A Little More Detailed
21st Jul 2017, 10:04 AM in Ch. 33 - The Calm
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A Little More Detailed
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Author Notes:
Why yes, I am going to be coy and not show the dress in question. You might see hints of one or two dresses before prom, but I'm keeping them mostly pretty under wraps until the big night itself. Why? Because! XD

Anyway, I do admit to a bit of a fallacy on this page - that being that Maria pulls her whole phone out of one of her side pockets. I know; that's completely impossible. Girl pockets could never contain a phone! Originally, I was going to have her pull it out of her back pocket (which is more plausible), but I unwittingly gave her the "sweatshirt-around-her-waist" look in the previous page. And for some reason, I struggled with drawing her getting around that to her back pocket. So I hope you'll forgive me and suspend your disblief for this. (Moral of the story: This is why clothing designs really should be planned in advance in comics.) XD

Not much else to say except that I think these two are always so cute. But gee, what could that small catch be?

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User comments:
Dechaineaux (Guest)
I'm not sure what a sweatshirt is exactly, but I discovered today that if you tie a jacket around your waist and it has pockets, you don't lose the pockets and get cloth faulds. I'd love to know if there is a way to have utility-faulds with tons of pockets

I forsee Sofia walking in at the wrong moment and misunderstanding the situation.
Neelix (Guest)
In UK or Aussie parlance it would be called a jumper. A warm over-garment with long sleeves that you pull on over your head.
Anon (Guest)
I figure the comfort detail is a matter of getting appropriately accurate measuring of various body parts (shoulder span, arm length, chest, waist, etc.)
Sesquipedalia (Guest)
That was my immediate thought. And such measurements are unfortunately best taken without much clothing on.
Lemonado Girl
Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.
I love pretty much every outfit i see in this comic!
Purplespacecats (Guest)
Haha, I was gonna say how I wear men's jeans without anyone noticing, but then I remembered that unlike me, Maria is curvy, so that wouldn't work lol. Ahh well; I'm def willing to suspend disbelief ;)
Girl Pockets are lies.
Jinu (Guest)
Oh no I'm all caught up *Sobs*
Kelabeth (Guest)
Unforunately, that does happen. The only cure is to start over from the beginning and read it ALLLLL again. It's totally worth it! <3
Anja (Guest)
Rain's hair getting forcibly cut is really hard to read again.

I did read through it a second time, but when I hit that part I stopped for a few weeks.
Some Ed
A friend of mine recently got a couple of dresses with actual real pockets! For real! I'm totally not joking on this. Pockets so incredibly deep, they could hold *her* phone (extra large, as she's vision impaired.)
Some Ed
Actually, just thought of a possible lampshade: doesn't Maria make some of her own clothes? Didn't she just indicate that she can make clothes again on this page? Duh. Being able to have pants with real pockets is probably the real reason she first started to learn how to make clothes. ;)
Leaf (Guest)
Love that idea! Of course, it makes so much sense. Maria totally strikes me as a pocket sneak anyway. x)
Yeah, adding real pockets to fake pocket jeans is actually a fairly simple alteration job too.
Honeywheeler (Guest)
Tommy Hilfiger. I have a skirt from there that has two pockets. Both pockets are big enough to fit my IPad mini.
As a guy i can both understand and not understand not revealing the dresses, from what little i can grasp that seems to be a woman thing.
Quinn (Guest)
Hey Jocelyn just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of this story! I read from beginning until now in like two weeks haha I feel like I can relate to Gavin the most but I have friends that are going through transitions and I like how this story really explain the mindset. Anyway awesome just wanted to say you're awesome :)
Waffle (Guest)
I suspect it's not what the last panel's about, but it occurs to me that there may be a difference between "I can make it" and "I can make it by the deadline" (speaking as someone who has both succeeded and failed at on-timing crocheted birthday gifts). But if Maria's not bringing it up, I imagine she has some degree of confidence.
No! I want to see the dress!