Déjà vu
30th Jun 2017, 9:57 AM in Ch. 33 - The Calm
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Déjà vu
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Author Notes:
By déjà vu, I'm of course referring to Rudy's first appearance in the story.

As for how Ruby isn't recognized: covered face, makeup, never looking up, etc.. Take your pick. Ana's a bright girl though; do you think she could figure it out? If not right now, then maybe the next time she sees Rudy? And what about Colette who technically saw Ruby WAY up close?

There's one more page to this arc for now. Originally, this was going to be a two-pager with the next one. But both ended up being pretty involved, so I split them out (sorry if this drags at all; in general, I'm trying to do fewer two-pagers).

But what could be left to see here?

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
mecaterpillar (Guest)
I can't believe Ana didn't recognize him. Could just be that she can't readily think of him in this context. However, it's going to pop into her head at any moment.
That look on Ana's face in the last frame.... I think she's already figured it out but t the gravity of the situation hasn't yet hit her
Neelix (Guest)
I don't think she's figured it out just yet. That said, if she doesn't figure it out shortly, I think she will when she next sees Rudy at school. After all, she did overhear him saying he'd prefer to put on a dress and go to the mall. (than go to prom)
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
Given Rudy has a female version of himself (Maria) that everyone probably recognizes by sight if nothing else, I'm surprised no one has recognized him -- or at least mistaken him for Maria with a haircut.
Riley_05 (Guest)
Although they are siblings theres no reason they should look alike, they're not even twins. My siblings and I look nothing alike
Rudy is younger than his sister, so maybe if Ruby looks like a younger Maria, Ana will think "oh, maybe it's a cousin of theirs?"
…it would be less dramatic, but maybe…
Keitrin kom Floukru
I suspect all Colette saw were stars. ^_^

dani (Guest)
Can't help but comment about the female bathrooms because IT'S OH SO TRUE, and it's worse when you find most of them didn't even bother to flush ugh !!!
Vind (Guest)
Wait... The girls rooms AREN'T cleaner???
Ash (Guest)
God no, they are consistently way more disgusting than the mens room.
Keitrin kom Floukru
I said the exact same thing when I transitioned. My cis girlfriends laughed.
Samantha (Guest)
I wouldn't say "consistently." Being genderfluid, guys as a general rule take zero pride in clean restrooms. They take a dump, and you're often lucky if they flush.

Girls tend to take basic care of restrooms, the mistake being that guys tend to idealize women thinking they are totally clean.

Some men's bathrooms are horrible (I once walked into a bathroom that looked like a battle axe was taken to it and it had crap literally leaking out). Some women's rooms are worse, precisely due to clean freakishness (toilet paper "nest" on the seat covered in pee which you have to scrape off, TP clogging the toilet with crap, to say nothing of legit blood in the toilet).

On average, men's rooms are worse, because the urinal doesn't really get cleaned, like, ever.

And Ana totally knows but isn't saying in public right now, because it would let alot slip.

I couldn't disagree more. As someone who's been in various men's and ladies' rooms throughout my life as both an attendee and as a custodian (of several establishments), I can say men's rooms are almost unanimously cleaner. I want to stress that I don't mean to say "they're clean, pristine works of art"; just comparatively less gross than ladies' rooms. I'm not saying there aren't exceptions (it's not like I've entered every bathroom in the world or anything), but the magical, glorious fairytale bathroom you describe where women (or anyone) takes basic care of it's condition sounds more like the exception to me. It certainly doesn't match any restroom I've ever seen, regardless of gender designation.

The only manner in which ladies' rooms have ever been cleaner in my experience, is that I've noticed significantly less stall graffiti in ladies' rooms. I saw it very often in men's rooms back in my pre-transition days, but I feel it's a pretty rare sight for me now. The rooms themselves are still revolting though; just less intentionally vandalized.
Some Ed
Disclaimer: most of the information below comes from vicarious experience. I really don't personally go to that many restrooms. I prefer to go at home. I think I've only been in one restroom with an attendant.

There's certainly a sliding scale.

At the top, you have bathrooms with attendants. These are going to be damned near spotless and smell constantly of cleaner. I mean, there's somebody right there who has to stay in there for hours on end. Any significant mess will be dealt with ASAP.

Just under that, restrooms of either sort will still be pretty impeccable. If the restroom has a 2 hour cleaning cycle, and the person who cleans it has to sign off on it, they get cleaned.

Below that: restrooms cleaned once per 8 business hours, with sign off. Women's restrooms will probably average worse, but usually be slightly better. But these women's restrooms will probably have a higher incidence rate of OMG than the corresponding men's restrooms.

Below that, women's restrooms get more disgusting than men's pretty quickly, until, at some point magic happens.

Generally speaking, at gas stations and truck stops with unlocked "usable" bathrooms, where the bathrooms smell so bad you don't need to ask where the bathrooms are, because you can smell them from the gas pumps, the men's restrooms will be the most disgusting thing you can imagine. And the women's restrooms will be... relatively unused. Apparently, even if it was misused the last time it was occupied, there's a good chance that was long enough ago so that it's getting more smell from next door than it's producing.

That said... if you're going somewhere that has a bathroom that smells so bad you can smell where it is while standing 40 feet away in gas fumes, do you really want to go there?

Tip for people afraid of sitting on public toilet seats: If you *really* don't want to sit on a dirty public toilet seat, consider bringing wet wipes with you and cleaning the fucker before you use it. Sanitizing wipes might not be able to clean 100% of the dirt, but they can at least kill the germs, which is the main thing. And they'll probably get 95+% of the dirt, too.

If the toilet seat is too germy to sit on, putting a disposable ring of toilet paper on the seat isn't going to help; the germs will be able to go through that thin, porous paper before you've finished your business. And if you think you can perch on the toilet seat without ever touching it, even for an instant, you're wrong.
Lord Pug
I'm FtM and my mom told me all these horror stories about Men's bathrooms being "disgusting" and "the worst place on Earth." Well, I finally used a few Men's bathrooms and they are actually WAY cleaner than Women's (in my experience). I'm not even gonna tell you some of the horrible Women's bathrooms I have come across... 0-0
Ana is gonna figure it out, but not say anything for now, she will ask Rudy one on one later about it.
Waffle (Guest)
That "Ahem!" is gonna be a clue.
Melior (Guest)
Every time Rudy accidentally knocks into somebody, they end up falling in love. Another one of his 108 secret talents perhaps?
This is only familiar. I wonder where I've seen this page before