Rain Delay 25 - Guest Entry
22nd May 2017, 11:36 AM in Rain Delay
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Rain Delay 25 - Guest Entry
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Author Notes:
Another Rain Delay strip, courtesy of Serra Britt. She also did Rain Delay 22. ^_^

She wrote up a short blurb too:
"It's not that I want to make fun of Gavin...but thinking of some of the ships and this just flowed. To be direct, I am rooting for Gavana. It's just here to carry the joke. It's not like Gavin tried to make any of these other ones work. Hope you all enjoy this episode of the Rain Shipping Network."

And if I may add, sorry for not having a normal story page ready for today. My body's still sore from the move, and I really just needed an extra day to breathe before jumping back in. Without question, there will be a new story page up this Wednesday (May 24th), and hopefully there will be no further interruptions to this chapter going forward (it's all kinda screwing up my rhythm, to be honest). My apologies again for the unforeseen hiatus, but thank you again for bearing with me through this.

And thank you, Serra, for another great Rain Delay. If anyone wants to show her a little love, Serra is starting a webcomic of her own in June. Y'all should check it out!
User comments:
Hope you and the bunnies are settling in to your new home. :)
Dandelions42 (Guest)
ditto! ^^ :)
Poor Gavin, even after the Ceremonial Target was lifted from his shoulders, he still can't find love.
What? No Dravin? Why can't Drew and Gavin be a couple?!?
Serra Britt
That one wasn't even hinted at! The only one I now regret not including is Kyvin. But...maybe for a future guest entry ;)
Dandelions42 (Guest)
Oh my gosh, I laughed so much at this :D
Dandelions42 (Guest)
I want to see Rudy and Gavin commentate more now! :3
MeWho (Guest)
Another round, after Gavin has time to think up some good ones involving Rudy/Ruby. Fair is fair !
Ruby x Gavin has to be my favorite of these just because of how dumb it is