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6th Mar 2017, 1:14 PM in Ch. 31 - A Symbol of Trust
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Author Notes:
All things considered, most readers seemed to be pretty proud of Rain for coming out to Ana so easily. And really, I don't think anyone's wrong to be. She's come a long way from the early days of the story where she was practically afraid of everything. I mean, if she wants to share information about herself, that's of course, her right. But what sparked this? She's been getting a little braver throughout the story, but this is a pretty big jump, isn't it? Even Rain thinks this is unlike her.

This chapter will be ending this Friday. Following that, I'll be taking a hiatus for a week or so (I'll have a more concrete return date for you soon). Don't worry though. I definitely won't be gone for months this time, and we'll continue doing three pages a week once I get back. I just need to take care of some things in my personal and work life, and this little break will help with that. Until then, please continue to enjoy the pages for the rest of the week. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
I want an Emily
Sarah (Guest)
We all do, hon. We all do.
Some of us wish we had Somebody to Love.


I want to be an Emily to someone. Warning: this may include me hugging the sadness away.
Korgoth destroyer of all (Guest)
Yeah I both want to be an Emily and want an Emily of my own.
Is it just me or does Puddle look like he knows everything, has a solution, but can't tell them because he's a rabbit?

Silliness aside, I see drama on the horizon.
Being a bunny is the solution. To everything. Life becomes so much more straightforward when you nom hay and flop contentedly.
Plot twist: Puddle is an ancient god of knowledge cursed into the form of a rabbit by a rival god. He does know everything.
Sera Bear (Guest)
I found this comic last week and spent much of my weekend catching up from the start. I, myself, am trans (MtF) and 20 months into HRT (YAY!). I was talking to my sister Saturday about this comic and LGBT webcomics in general. I was saying how ridiculous they are because everyone seems to be part of the LGBT community in the main friend group. We then started looking at our friend group... I'm trans (MtF), she's a lesbian, Her wife is non-binary, our cousin we still talk to is a gay cross dresser and the other cousin we talk to just came out as trans(FtM), our close friends all fall somewhere on the rainbow. It was then we realized it's not ridiculous; it's true to life. It's just in High school we were all so far in the closet that none of our friend group knew we made up the LGBT community of our school until after we graduated and all came to terms with ourselves. I've been loving this comic and just wanted to say thank you for creating and maintaining it!
Lemonado Girl
Oh Rain, I do hope you and Emily end up going to the same college, I can't imagine the two of you being apart like that >_>
Is this comic coming to an end soon? Rain on hrt now and there high school life will end soon so is the comic ending? Will it contuine after high school? (side note ky has not been in the comic for a bit :( )

Technically speaking, we are more than halfway through the story. But with that said, there's a lot of story left to tell, so I don't think we're close to the end just yet. And while I do have an ending in mind, this comic has years left in it, easily. So don't worry; it's not ending any time soon.

As for Ky, I know and I'm sorry. That's been bothering me too. I'm hoping to have more Ky action again soon. ^_^
Sera Bear (Guest)
YAY! I was a little afraid this was ending soon and I just found it lol.
I'm pleased to see a reappearance of Puddle. This comic needs more bunny in it. XD
Ah! They are so cute together!