24th Feb 2017, 7:59 AM in Ch. 31 - A Symbol of Trust
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Author Notes:
There's probably a lot I could be saying here, but I'm gonna go ahead and leave the interpretations to you.

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User comments:
DramaDork (Guest)
Holy shit
Zyla Fae (Guest)
Poor thing's probably trying to figure out if she should come out as trans too
Megumi (Guest)
She probably is ashamed to admit out loud that she is trans. Seeing Rain have the courage to speak her truth looks like it gut punched Ana.
mecaterpillar (Guest)
Between the look on Ana's face in the first panel and her overall reaction, it doesn't bode well. This is definitely not what I was expecting from Ana.

On a slightly different note here, estrogen was explicitly mentioned, so if Ana was confused about hormones Rain was referring to, this would've cleared it up quite quickly.
Say Taylor (Guest)
My bet is that Anna's intersex and maybe sees Rain being trans as almost mocking her struggle.
trilb (Guest)
That's with ONE 'A'!!! xD
Jessica Bright (Guest)
Some possibilities

Perhaps Ana doesn't want to be reminded of her own transness and someone going through it throws a phase of her life she'd rather move on from back in her face.

Or she might worry that Rain could get her caught out if people find out about her and thus start looking for it in her. Or even Rain's friends might clock her.
"On a TOTALLY unrelated note..."

Nicky1968 (Guest)
Does Rain want to talk to Ana? Or is she just feeling the effects of spiro? :-)
"Totally unrelated note"?

I think Rain's going to follow her into the restroom to talk to her... alone... hopefully alone... if somebody else overhears them it would be disastrous. And the timing with what's happening politically today in the USA is especially disturbing.
The human cheeto is Presbyterian, though, and his sidekick Mr. Constipation is Evangelical, so the school might not think especially highly of them.
Stephanie (Guest)
I'm going to call them that from now own, that's hilarious. Thanks for that!
Dream of a Pebble
Getting a little too close to her, perhaps?
Damn You Cliffhanger, we meet again.

Don't mind me, just hanging here till Monday admiring my updated Social Security and State ID!
Ugly Tuesday (Guest)
Good things for Monday:
-figure out what's happening here
-take my second dose of testosterone and hopefully do it right this time

On a totally unrelated note(wink,wink ) I'm going to cosplay as black wings Kaminari for an anime convention I'm going to, because why the heck not? The only thing is my Mom's probably jealous that a fictional character could get me in a dress faster than she ever could.
DramaDork (Guest)
Ayyyeee I give myself a shot on Monday too. Or well, I'm supposed to, but I'm gonna do it Sunday because I work until 10pm on Monday. Anyway congrats dude!!!!!!
Sarah (Guest)
My... That expression in the first panel has me worried. And anxious to see Monday's strip. I hope it doesn't pull away from this storyline.
Drumada (Guest)
Oh no. I guess it'd be an unexpected twist if Ana was totally not an ally, but I really hope she doesn't screw things up too bad...
Nicky1968 (Guest)
One more thing just occured to me... Did Rain's coming-out maybe trigger bad memories in Ana about what happened in the past when others found out about her? There was previous mention of abuse in her past and that she and her father had to move several times because of it...
Transphobia is always a possibility, but I also think there's significance to her expression being shown on the same panel where everyone was congratulating Rain. I think the possibility is worth considering that she was caught off guard by somebody willing to be at all open about it, and she might be jealous of everyone's immediate acceptance of Rain when she herself has been physically assaulted for what happened to her.

OR, she might be one of those people who see intersex people who were assigned incorrectly as the only "valid" trans people, but I think I'll take Gavin's stance on Ana being too open-minded for that.

OR, she might be angry/disbelieving at Rain because she thinks that any trans person who isn't trying their best to be totally stealth is a faker doing it for attention. She might need to have a chat with Vincent, if this is the case.

There are possibilities all across the gradient to justify Ana's response there.

ON A COMPLETELY UNRELATED NOTE: Just started spiro and estrogen today myself! I'm like Rain, but time isn't flowing in narrative speed!
Samantha (Guest)
Sometimes, similarity breeds contempt. Either because you are like that person "but not quite" in some key way, or because they reflect what the person sees as their worst sides.

Ana basically sees her transition as something she HAD to do (and given what assigned at birth means, she may have had not one but TWO surgeries), so looking at Rain's smiling face concerning this may make her feel that much worse.
Gah!! A cliffhanger... now!? *weeps for my own sanity* You're killing me, Jocelyn. Killing me!
Did anyone ever considder that Ana might be trans but in the other direction? and that, even though she's going through surgery, she is ashamed to admit it and doesn't want to change her appearance yet.
if this is true rain telling her about being trans might actually make her mad. since she might view it as Rain giving up the male body she so desperately wants.
I don't know. her expression in the first frame makes me thing she's angry or jealous at rain. so I'm just speculating.
Katz (Guest)
We were shown an old picture of Ana that had the name "Aaron" crossed out, and talking about Ana wanting a dress for her 3rd birthday. http://rain.thecomicseries.com/comics/570
So, Ana is female.
Ugly Tuesday (Guest)
At the same time that Ana is female, I'm not so sure that if it had been that way she'd be jealous. I've never been jealous of trans girls because of what they're going through. I feel terribly sorry that they have to go through what I have to, but kinda the opposite way. The only time I get jealous is when I see people who identify as male looking so masculine, because I want to look more masculine. This isn't to say that this is how all trans* people feel, but all the trans* people I know personally feel in a similar way.
@katz I forgot about that. so forget what I said

@ugly tuesday all I can tell from that first frame is that something isn't right. this isn't the kind of face you make when you are debating being open about being trans yourself. she's seriously shocked and not happy with what she just heard for whatever reason
@katz I forgot about that. so forget what I said

@ugly tuesday all I can tell from that first frame is that something isn't right. this isn't the kind of face you make when you are debating being open about being trans yourself. she's seriously shocked and not happy with what she just heard for whatever reason
BlackSocks, come in, have you met Cliffhanger?
Yes, sir
We keep meeting
spscqs (Guest)
The spot above Gavin's eye in the second to last panel wasn't colored so it's the same color as the background XD
DramaDork (Guest)
Oh my god you're right
C'est vrai.
...I assumed he had just gone pale or something.
It's actually the third eye he unlocked through meditation and enlightenment.
@AmbiguousMouse: Rain could have used that meditation and enlightenment back when she only had one eye.
Beh. It's fixed. I'm amazed I missed that, but thanks for pointing it out. It wasn't the first time I've done something like that though; probably won't be the last. XD
karen (Guest)
i wish i could love this comic, but all i can think about is how i wish i could have transitioned earlier and not deal with hating myself all throughout highschool and now. i hate living.
DandelionWishes42 (Guest)
i . . . i wish i knew what to say, but like . . . you're not alone? karen, if you ever wanna talk or anything i'm here for you
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
I know there was speculation about Ana assuming Rain is FTM, but given Maria specifically mentions Estrogen (in Ana's presence) I'm thinking that's less likely.

*jumps on the speculation train* I think Ana is having a hard time seeing Rain's friends so accepting or things going so well for her because things didn't go so well for Ana. Maybe Ana's lost friends (or family) over her situation and seeing this is... she's happy for Rain but it's a painful gut-punch reminder of all she lost.
Tonia From Jersey Town (Guest)
What's with you, Ana? chill
This could get heavy