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22nd Feb 2017, 11:45 AM in Ch. 31 - A Symbol of Trust
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Author Notes:
Er-hem. I think that went over well. XD

Did you expect it? I mean, that does seem rather unusual for Rain. Also, good idea? Bad idea? I mean, no one else in this "queer band of misfits" has phased Ana yet, so why should this be any different, right?

And yet, what is that reaction?

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User comments:
Sarah (Guest)
HAH!!!! YES!!!!!!!
Finally! I'm so proud of her!
Drew (Guest)
I seriously did not expect that. 0-0

Damn, I'm almost full time and I've not even been that direct with any of the people that I have told... maybe I should be...

And Maria's reaction to Ana just popping in, made me giggle.
Apparently I was, once. Turned out to be the best thing I ever did, because he encouraged me to be my true self.
Layla (Guest)
I just love that look of raw determination on Rain's face, the look of "I'm gonna do this!"
"You know what. Screw it."

Now that it's happened, I feel like I've been waiting the entire comic for Rain to say that.

Rain's got b... ba... bal... AUGH!!!!!!

No, I'm not gonna say it.

But seriously, what worries me most here is what if any of the other kids in the lunchroom might have just accidently overheard Rain? =:-o
Faceless (Guest)
I believe the word your looking for is 'chutzpah'. ^_^
potato king (Guest)
mecaterpillar (Guest)
I wonder what Ana will say in response.

"Oh... Wow... Congratulations."?
"But... but... you have boobs already."?
"Umm... so do you want to be a boy?"?
She is gonna assume Rain took T, that is my guess.
mecaterpillar (Guest)
That is the possibility I'm leaning towards more and more as I think about it. Talk about a misunderstanding.
I remember once I told someone, who is trans, that I started hormones. They thought it was T I started.
Ana already suspected...
mecaterpillar (Guest)
Well, yeah. I'm thinking she may have been suspecting that Rain is FTM and this might confirm her (incorrect) suspicions.
I'm incredibly terrified now that that misunderstanding might be in play, and that Ana might try to go into some sort of tirade trying to "defend Rain's masculinity" because she thinks she's being supportive and actually cause problems/a huge dysphoria attack.

... Maybe I've been reading Wildflowers too much lately...
That determined Rain would make a great Avatar image.
Emily (Guest)
Oh god, Rain.

Two things I'm wondering now

1. Did anyone (Debbie) overhear that?

2. Is Ana going to feel pressured to come out now? She knew everyone else was some flavour of a sexuality minority, but now that she knows someone there is trans? Does she think Rain suspects her and might out to the rest of the group?
In response to #2: Best case scenario, she doesn't feel pressured (of course, no one should ever feel pressured to come out), but... she will probably feel pressured. Paranoia is like a freakin' dictator sometimes.
Im thinking ann wont come out to the gruop at lest not in front of gavin. She alredy been hurt by a stright guy. In her eyes gavin may be freninds with a trans person but she has no idae if hed be okay dating one.
oops i was sined in XD
I was not expecting her to be this blatant about it.
>Go snowshoeing in mandatory phys. ed class
>Place= woods near school
>My school has a serious drug problem
>Get separated from group
>Start freaking out
>Decide to double back and wait by entrance
>Start going back
>See group of older kids up ahead
>Decide to ask them if they've seen anyone
>Start walking faster to catch up to them
>Smell weed
>Start experiencing the effects of a *lovely* mental condition known as anxiety disorder
>Take extensive side trail to avoid them
>Get back to entrance safely
>Rest of day passes
>Go home
>New Rain
>Rudy: "You make it sound like she's doing hard drugs"
>Laugh so hard I choke on apple
As someone who experiences anxiety disorders myself, I'm glad you at least seem to have a sense of humor about it. When I get anxious, I get yell-y when pushed about it. Not fun for anyone involved, honestly.
Ugly Tuesday (Guest)
Can anyone tell me what the date is in story time that Rain got her first dose of estrogen? Kinda curious.
The date in the story when Rain had her first dose would be March 11th, 2013 (and specifically, on this page). ^_^
Monday March 11, 2013 in the late afternoon or early evening.

EDIT: Augh! Beat me to it while I was frantically searching for the past 9 minutes! hahaha
Ugly Tuesday (Guest)
Thanks for that!
lia47 (Guest)
oh dunk cant wait to see what her reaction is
Drumada (Guest)
Haha, go Rain! I know that exact feeling shes feeling, and the last time I felt that was because I was inspired to do so by this comic! Keep up the great writing Jocelyn!
I'm not sure which I love more, interrupting Ana, shocked Ana, or terrified Maria
Hey Jocelyn. I have purchased the first volume of Rain and noticed its low image quaily. Are you ever expecting to released a "Remastered" version of the first volume.
just look how far shes come. so proud or Rain
I am so proud of Rain. *hugs Rain* I knew you'd win me that bet. =^.^=

But honestly, no I did not expect her to just come out with it like that. My only guess is that Ana is one of those people who finds it easy for others to trust her.

Hopefully, she's not one of those who abuses that power.
Say Taylor (Guest)
Its ridiculous how happy this page made me :)
Gess Hugh (Guest)
Of all of the times to pick this comic back up, I end on this page?!?! I want to just sleep for the next few days so that I can get to the next update faster!
Doku (Guest)
The three panel reaction shift for was really adorable. But the only shocking twist for me is gonna be Ana, if she turns out to be another cis girl. I really want Rain to have a transgender peer she can look to for one on one support.
Less than one more day for the next comic, I can hardly bear the anticipation!

Now watch Jocelyn throw us another cliffhanger and segway off to somewhere / somebody else for tomorrow's next edition and leave us hanging over the weekend before we get to see Ana's next reaction.
Emerald Kitten-Tail (Guest)
Wow i think that is the first time i've seen anyone in this comic make that exact face (Ana). She's looks so bewildered.
As a matter of fact, Maria has made that face before! But I don't think I have the mental endurance to dig through the entire comic to get a page number on a single expression, so feel free to assume I'm lying.
Lemonado Girl
The three mini panels, in order from top to bottom:

"Welp that happened GG"
"Download Complete. Let's do this."
I absolutely love this comic, it's honestly been a massive source of inspiration abd happiness for me throughout my own transition. Keep up the absolutely amazing work Joceln, love you and all you're doing here
Honeywheeler (Guest)
I’m rereading Rain, and I thought I’d put this here. When I started reading Rain, I only read it for the art. I thought to myself, I’ll just ignore the gay stuff. I read it all in two days, and realized I was gay. This was the most recent update at the time. At first, I thought I was bi, then pan, I now realize that I’ve never liked guys and am a lesbian. I now have my first date next week, and I wanted to thank you Jocelyn for making this comic, because none of this would be happening if not for Rain.
Gabibutcher (Guest)
Wow, now that's character development! I mean, she just said it, without holding back. I am honestly proud of Rain
Waffle (Guest)
That does appear to be an expression. Reads as mostly dismay to me, which both surprises and concerns me...
It's way too risky to talk about stuff like that at school. She probably should have told her somewhere more private