Blue or Pink
20th Feb 2017, 6:13 PM in Ch. 31 - A Symbol of Trust
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Blue or Pink
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Author Notes:
Last minute addition, this page. Interestingly, this was in the script, but it was meant to be chapters later between Emily and another character AFTER she found out the (possible) gender of the baby (obviously, with slightly different dialogue). I felt it worked here too, and in fact helps lead into some other soon-coming conversations. Possibly better here than where it originally would've been too, as it offers a little more insight into not just Emily, but also Ana.

It's bit of a meaty page, text-wise. But what are you taking from it? Does Emily have the right idea of acknowledging the possibility of a non-cis child, or is worrying about that now just adding unneeded extra stress? And what of Ana's reactions to all of it? She seems rather surprised that Emily's considered stuff like this (despite overthinking being a staple of this circle of friends).

(Also, because I know people are going to ask, panel two is just a silly gag because I thought the scene would work better if Ana and Emily didn't have to shout all this from across the table. So I had Ana get up and zip around to the other side to talk to Emily, with Rain and Gavin having apparently missed the zipping process.)

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User comments:
Activate invisibility cloak!
Damn Emily, that is some amazing parenting right there! You are gonna make a great Mommy!

Side note, I got my passport today, I'm legally female now!!!!!!
Lyn the Mysfortunate
Sarah (Guest)
I'm really happy for you!
Congratulations! *releases a bunch of balloons into the sky*
Trixie (Guest)
That is awesome. Just have to wait waay too long for mine
Lyn the Mysfortunate
I think it's smart to acknowledge the possibility of a non cis child. I'm planning on naming my kids with gendered names, but comming up with gender-nuetral alternatives incase they pop out intersex or tell me they're trans* or questioning and don't have a name picked out yet. So far, Alexia Noelle can become Lex Noel and Casey Allen is already nuetral, but I still have to come up with alternatives to the other names I've picked out.
Elliot (Guest)
That's very good of you, but I think the kid, if needed, should be able to pick out their own name. They may not feel comfortable or happy with the gender-neutral name you've decided for them.
Picking names is pretty complicated. Gender neutral names are generally a good idea in case the kid is trans, but of course, a trans kid could have their gender-neutral name have a masculine or feminine connotation based on if they grew up hearing it in that sense so the point gets ruined anyways. I actually am also very curious as to the gender of Emily's kid and whatever name she'd pick out for them. (Although I don't think we'll get a definite answer unless there's a "five years later" epilogue or something)
Lemonado Girl
Apparently Ana can short range teleport. How did I miss out on this power!?
Rumor is, we get one power upon completion of SRS, but those who get it are sworn to secrecy. *glares at Jocelyn*

I dunno. I can't teleport. Must be some other surgery you're thinking of.
What other possible powers could've been gained?.w.
Can you use the force?.w.
The Other Mike (Guest)
Apparently somebody got super soldier serum in their hormone shots.
Ugly Tuesday (Guest)
So I just took my first shot of testosterone today. I feel amazing already (though I know that pretty much just my brain in overdrive). The fact that parents coming up in a few years will be more like this is just an amazing thought, something I wish all trans* kids, and even cis kids, could have had in all generations before.
DramaDork (Guest)
Hey, congrats! It'll feel really slow at first so make sure you've got pre-T,1 ish week on T, pics to compare yourself to later. Especially videos of your voice. I wish I'd recorded my voice more.
Ugly Tuesday (Guest)
I was thinking of doing that, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to, but now I am, so thanks for that. I just started keeping a video diary for myself when I feel nothing's happening so I can see where I've come from. I'm only on day three, but I know it's not just in my head when I hear a very soft roughness at the edge of my voice, and it sounds a little deeper. Plus, my throats been hurting like death, but it doesn't feel like a sore throat, more like my throats being stretched? So I can say effects may already be setting in (or I'm getting a sore throat) and I'm a really lucky guy compared to people who don't see anything for months.
Good to allow for such possibility but we are not common. Our particular medical situation occurs when it does but not often. The odds are against it. Things which could up the chances like DES have been removed. A lot more cis are born than us. She should have a name ready by time her baby's born. If the kid turns out to be one of the few, she can change the name. But a kid needs to start out with something more specific than "hey, you."
Another way would be pick a hippie name. Something cute, cool, pretty or rock'n'roll and doesn't tie the kid to society expectations for gender.
Neither does it tie the future adult to society's expectations for employement. I wouldn't give my children unusual names.
Drew (Guest)
My birth name is basically Stella and my mom argues that it's gender neutral. Yeah, sure it is. Honestly, as long as Emily isn't annoying about it if her kid wants a name change, it doesn't really matter if she gives the child a gendered name or not. Still there are some great gender neutral names (my preferred name, Drew, is gender neutral, although for me it's short for Andrew).
If the kid's trans, they may well want to change their name regardless of what Emily picks out. She's admirable for thinking of the possibility, but if her child is trans, her unconditional acceptance of them will matter much, more more in the long term than whether their birth name matched their gender.
Hey Jocelyn. I have purchased the first volume of Rain and noticed its low image quaily. Are you ever expecting to released a "Remastered" version of the first volume.
I would buy a remastered version in a heartbeat.
Wanderer (Guest)
I honestly didn't pick most of my name. It just kinda came from my friends but it fit so well I kept it as Annie/Annabelle
Waffle (Guest)
I mean, it's a low-probability outcome, but it's natural to think about it if you're close to trans people.

More interesting, to me, is that Emily thrice calls the baby "this one". (Comparison: two "them"s, one "my kid".) *That* feels like overthinking something, to me. Which, to be fair, is definitely easy to do when you're actively trying to avoid gendering someone.
She's going to be a great mother!