17th Feb 2017, 12:17 PM in Ch. 31 - A Symbol of Trust
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Author Notes:
It amuses me to think that Ana was just sitting there right next to Gavin through the last page or two. Just quietly being there. XD

I guess this makes her officially part of the group now (if asking her to join the lunch table wasn't official enough before). ^_^

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User comments:
Lol Gavin. Poor guy.
Ok... Rain or Ana... Which one is going to come out to the other first?
Faceless (Guest)
I got a nickle on Ana. Because I have a feeling she'll ask Gavin about it, and he'll wonder how she knew.
Ana, because she has the more extroverted personality.

1} Some have already clocked Rain, though most of the kids her age seem to not believe it. Likely it's the belief that no Transgendered person would ever go to a Catholic school, right?
2} Ana seems to have everyone aside from her poppa fooled. No one, as far as we've heard or seen, has even suggested that she might be other than a ciswoman.
3} Ana's father is the only one at this school that knows her truth.
4} Rain has all her friends, her Aunt, her brother, and most terrifying of all... Kirian.
Oops. I meant Kellen, not Kirian. *blush*
I can see Rain's dysphoria kicking in real bad when she learns for certain that Ana has already had surgery.
Not just once, but probably twice! D=
Faceless (Guest)
Having that happen to me ALL the time, I can totally see it happening to Rain. Poor girl. :(
Noticenverz (Guest)
Look at Emily come out about being pan, but not about who she's dating. You can kind of see Rain's telltale smile though. And also Ah Gavin and Ana, our token straight couple.
lol @ token straight couple.
We spent most of the first half of the story with at least one going on at all times, even if in both cases at least one participant was actually gay. First Maria with Gavin, then Rudy with Rain. It's been so long. We missed you, token straight couple!
Sapphire Shield
I'm guessing that this is just the calm before the storm before some random comes up and makes some stupid comment about Emily being pregnant.
kyla (Guest)
I'm rather sad because i know the crap is going to hit the fan here soon and it's going to be about Gavin and Ana. How ever it happens Gavin is going to find out about Ana and i don't see it going very well with him getting upset over it. I don't see GavAna lasting ='(
Emerald Kitten-Tail (Guest)
Actually i think it might work out between the two. Remember when Gavin was all confused because was attracted to both Ky/kylie and Rain? He didnt know what to do but eventually admitted that he was like super open-minded about the person he dates. To him i think as long as they identify as female, then he's fine with dating them.

Totally random but just thought of a twist of an ending and have Gavin dating Rudy but Rudy is dressed like Ruby while still identifying as male, dont ask it seems confusing so just go with it.
Glad this week ended on an upbeat note. ^_^
I thought she officially became one of them when she got added to the Banner at the top...
I certainly prefer this arrangement over most media's insistence that "it's unrealistic to have more than one gay couple herp derp".
@kyla I disagree. I think Gavin's really improved as a character, and i think if he were to find out Ana was some sort of trans* (which is of yet unspecified), I think he would be fine, and I think the two of them will work out just nicely.
Lemonado Girl
I mean, everyone keeps saying how Ana's going to come out, but what if she doesn't? I don't think it's really necessary. I mean, sure, it would mean dramatic irony everywhere, but...yeah.
Infected Genes
Yeah I have two circles of friends that are like this.

My gaming group has an unwritten rule that you have to be mad to be a member.

My debate team friends are all on the LGBT spectrum except fro one guy who is the only straight white hetero male of the group and we always joke about him being the token white guy.
Straight trans people can be queer if they want to use the label! So if Ana's worried about not being queer then she is queer :) Unless she doesn't want to be. Or unless we're somehow all collectively wrong about her being trans.
Hooman Bean (Guest)
About a third of my synchro team is queer, and then there's a pan girl on another team that swims at the same time as us, so we're kinda also a band of queer misfits!
I really love these suddenly appearing people who were already there all the time!
This whole page is cute and fun, but I especially love Emily's look in the 5th panel.
She's definitely overthinking it