13th Feb 2017, 11:45 AM in Ch. 31 - A Symbol of Trust
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Author Notes:
Sorry. Another heavy page. And it's that much harsher because of the source on this one. We'll lighten up a bit soon, I promise.

Thoughts on this one?

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User comments:
That one had to hurt. Holly idolized Emily. I can understand her hurt, and I hope that she apologizes to Emily at some time in the future. Emily doesn't deserve to lose all her past friends. And Holly usually came off as a good person.

Hopefully Devon can help her with this, as Rain is there for Emily.
My opinion?

She is saying: "YOU made a mistake? I can't believe you would hurt ME so bad!"

A possibly exaggerated case, just to explain my point, would be if your good friend had a car accident and you go: "You are such a jerk! You have any idea how much I liked your car?
You were supposed to be the better driver!"

A little selfish and immature,but who am I to judge? I was also young and foolish once... Now I'm only foolish.
OneeSama (Guest)
I'm sorry, Holly, I think you're in the wrong place. The preschool is down the street.
Yeah, this is hitting her friends pretty hard, but this is also their first look at the real Emily, and not the fake Persona that she has used for the last several years. It's gonna be an adjustment period for a lot of the students at the school, and Emily is gonna bear the brunt of their reactions.
I have the idea that your game preferences just caused persona to be autocorrected with a capital letter, and the thought makes me happy.

Also yeah, this is a tumultuous time to be sure.
Nah, no auto correct from my phone, just my brain...
Lemonado Girl
Holly, you would have a point if this were an ideal world where every American teen got a proper dose of actual sex ed (no, abstinence only does not cut it). Unfortunately, reality is not such a place, so you just sound like an ass.
Fay Onyx (Guest)
I suspect that Holly might be taking this so hard because she is sexually active and this is bringing up fears for her.

And while the things she is saying are focused on herself, this situation likely feels like a big betrayal to the people who thought they were Emily's close friends because she never told them or prepared them in any way for this.

It is kinda rough thinking you are close to someone and they keep huge big deal secrets from you and then suddenly you find out second hand in a planned situation. This is probably especially so if people are coming to her as Emily's friend and asking her questions. That would really rub in the feeling of disconnection and hurt.

Emily could have sent them an email the night before or let them know something was going to happen. I understand her fear, but if she had just been able to at least share the fear with her friends and say that she is afraid to tell them something but everyone will know tomorrow she would have shown them that they mattered and helped them feel connected and less hurt.
Have none of you have ever had higher expectations of someone you admire, only to have them let you down? It felt like he ripped out part of my soul. I looked up to him, he was my brother, my favorite person to be around.

This may make me sound week, but I get attached to people like this still. We are not all alphas, and the world is thankful for this. Holly needs her alpha just as much as I do.
You're setting really high standards there Holly