10th Feb 2017, 3:53 PM in Ch. 31 - A Symbol of Trust
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Author Notes:
Regarding the first panel before the conversation goes south, I know it's been a long time since Chase's last appearance (especially with my surgery hiatus), but I hope people still remember who he is. Carver however, I won't be surprised if people have forgotten about. He has, after all, not been seen outside of a flashback thus far. Here's a link to his mention for those who might need a refresher.

As for the rest of the page, Drew asks a couple dumb questions and Debbie gets upset. She's prone to snapping at people, but is she justified in her frustration this time?

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Friends move on, it's sad but it happens... when they do you have to move as well, never hold a grudge it will only make things worse for both parties.
mecaterpillar (Guest)
Ouch! The pain here is palpable. I hope Debbie gets to feel better about all this, somehow, as the story goes on.
Oh shit... that is a rough last panel...
Jessica Bright (Guest)
Perhaps what she could accept had been underestimated.
That's a bad portent right there. If you listen closely you can hear the ravens cawing overhead as they fly past to inform those of the land of the ill to come.
Oh no poor Debbie :(
I don't know about justification, but her frustration is understandable. Emily was her best friend-- for maybe even three years! And Emily didn't tell Debbie she was pregnant, and goes off gallivanting to anime conventions with Rain, and hardly spends any time with Debbie anymore... that has got to hurt. Especially since Debbie didn't do anything wrong! I can't say I blame her for being upset.
I understand Debbie's pain, but my troper-sense is tingling and telling me she's going to do something unsympathetic soon.
lol @ troper-sense
This is some dark stuff
I can understand Debbie's pain. Been there. It didn't hit me, until Bryan literally did, that I had lost my best friend.

With that one hit to the face, my world had been torn asunder. That was my first betrayal, and I never really recovered. Why do I keep befriending people who are destined to hurt me?
OneeSama (Guest)
I can relate... I've been betrayed a lot this year
Lemonado Girl
*sirens sounding*

Of course, Debbie was best friends with the illusion Emily had perpetuated; which really wasn't who Em was at all.
Kate (Guest)
And the plot thickens...
Damocles_Sword (Guest)
Oooooooh, a possible villain appears...Please tell me Rain's not about to get interested in a school play.
OneeSama (Guest)
She called Rain the b-word?! Oooh, someone get me mah bat!
Some Ed
"We agreed that we wouldn't talk about Emily getting fat."

If my name was Emily, those aren't words I'd ever want my BFF to say. Just saying.

Instead of having a conference with my other main friend about how to address my getting fat, I'd want her to talk to me, in private, not judging, but asking if I was ok, if I was going through anything she could help with. While there's a chance Jocelyn just didn't show that, it feels to me like Debbie never attempted to have a conversation remotely like that.

Even before that, after the fallout from the Halloween party, a BFF should have been more empathetic than Debbie appeared to be.
Sorry Deb, would feel bad for you, but you are kinda one of my least favourite characters, so…
That's got to hurt