1st Feb 2017, 9:18 PM in Ch. 30: Little Victories
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Sorry. Partly because I wanted this to be an "early post" that went up yesterday (delayed by last minute dialogue tweaks and life in general). And also sorry because according to comments on the last page, it seems a lot of people were expecting something fluffy today. But this one's pretty rough.

Getting to the subject matter though, while I don't think Rain would intentionally lie to Emily, is it possible that the baby did indeed influence Rain's attraction? While there are a lot of other reasons her feelings for Emily could be so strong, it is perhaps notable that Rain's crush didn't start until after she already knew about the baby. Not immediately after, mind you, but it's not necessarily easy to contest.

And then there's Emily. She's not asking this over some selfish idea like "I'm the mommy! Only me!" or something. Rather, she has a pretty bad complex about nobody caring about her (you know, so much so that she had that fake alpha girl persona so her mother and classmates would like her). And the thought that Rain might only love her because of the baby is a very plausible fear for her.

But is this the case at all?

For the record, they are not breaking up. And I worked really hard to make the dialogue read so that no one is the bad guy here (I'm hoping I achieved that). But their relationship has definitely entered a very awkward, uncomfortable stage (first time Rain's said "love" to her too, by the way), and they're still living together. Can they - and will they - recover?

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User comments:
Ryujenn (Guest)
They Have to work through it!! they're too adorable together!!!!!!!!
Honestly, I don't think that her initial attraction to Emily 100% stemmed from just Emily herself. It definitely did, at least in part, if we go by her reaction to her hug with Emily in chapter 6 as some degree of "wow, she's attractive and she just hugged me." They didn't really get super close until after Emily revealed that she was pregnant. So I think it's unfair for this to be seen as a black-and-white issue-- as either "Rain likes me because of me" or "Rain likes me because I'm pregnant" kind of deal. I think it's a mixture. I think that it is mostly based upon Emily being Emily, and Rain would still be attracted to her even if Emily wasn't pregnant.

It's also important to note Emily and Rain didn't get close until Emily revealed she was pregnant. If Emily wasn't pregnant and they didn't have the emotional bonding moment in chapter 14, how can we say how things would have ended up? Therefore can we really say that Rain would be just as attracted to Emily if she wasn't pregnant? Would they be dating if not for that initial closeness? Or would Emily still be "pretty popular alpha girl?"

I'm certain Rain loves Emily for Emily. I also think she's at least partially initially attracted to her because of the baby. And that's not a bad thing! In order for initial attraction to happen there has to be something there. Physical attractiveness, for example, might draw one person to another, but it's not the whole of their relationship. And eventually it ends up being "yes, I was attracted to you because you're nice looking, but now that I know you and am intimately close with you I don't care so much about it anymore." Okay-- I'm aro, so I'm not the most qualified person to talk about romance, but I'm pretty sure there's usually something important that sparks or at least helps along the initial attraction, something that plants the "what if?" into someone's mind. For Rain, that might have been the baby. That doesn't mean Rain doesn't love Emily. She definitely sounds like she loves her. And if the two of them are hung up over "are we dating because we like each other or because of the baby" then they're not going to develop their relationship further-- regardless of their valid concerns! Rain's never going to know for sure how her attraction developed. It could be subconscious. I think they'll both need to live with that-- Emily to realize, yes, Rain does love her for who she is, and Rain to also assert her feelings for Emily, since I think this was quite a shocking realization for her.
TLDR; Rain loves Emily for Emily but the initial attraction might have stemmed from the fact Emily's pregnant, but those are fine and healthy things excellent for character development. I think they'll recover and be stronger for it.
I don't think I've posted here before,(mainly cuz to most standards I'm a cis-gendered straight white male. There's a little bit of my personality that isn't, but I'm fairly comfortable in my own skin. I just lurk and read and enjoy the story cuz I generally have nothing of substance to add.) But I wanted to contribute here when the topic was something i had relevant experience on.

In my personal experience regarding how attraction is formed, it boiled down to two ways, the usual "s/he looks attractive, and I want to know them better", and the other common variation "this person has lots of my interests and is pretty cool themselves to boot, and I want to know them better".
I have had now four different instances where I was/am seriously attracted to a person and they run the gamut in the range between those options. the first was in middle school, literally like at the first week, and I proceeded to be the high-functioning autistic that I am/was and figuratively nuked my chances (we made up in high school) the second was about 3-4 years ago and I was 20-21 at the time, and much more aware of how not to creep girls out, that one I haven't seen in 3 years or so but last I heard she's doing well. those two were the cases of the former style of attraction and thinking back on the situations, even if they had gone anywhere, there wasn't much there besides "she's pretty", the third was from year before last, to last year and started from "this girl has a lot of similar interests as me, hey wait, she's also really pretty" seriously, between the fact that we generally only saw each other in passing with little chance to talk she only pinged on my radar after i found out we read a couple of the same webcomics. (this wasn't one, which is why i'm going into this much detail.) on reflecting, this was one of those "given a different set of circumstances" type situations, she's a nice girl and we still see each other from time to time, but she's busy enough that there just wasn't any chance there. the most recent (and current) of the examples, is a girl I met over the comments on another webcomic and started to occasionally chat with over facebook messenger. it started over me recommending EGS to her in the comments, and grew from there. (Incidentally, if you were to pick a character from that webcomic whose sexuality/gender identity most resembles mine it would be Tedd, I just feel more secure in my own skin) after a while she was a good friend I talked to about little stuff I don't even talk to my therapist about (I have issues, but so does everybody) including the whole thing regarding Girl Number Three, she was there for the high points and the depressing ones. somewhere along the line past that, I started to Worry when there were long stretches where i didn't hear from her (she had started college and was swamped with work. which I knew, but that didn't stop my brain from quietly panicking) but my point with that bit is, I dont know what she looks like, and i only know her screenname but despite that, she became a friend, and then somewhere along the line someone i care quite a bit about (not that it's going anywhere even if i told her. she's on the other side of the country and barring miraculous circumstances there's no room for a relationship.) anyway, that's my experience with how attraction starts, hope this adds to the discussion.
@makogun2000, I offer you these song lyrics....

"You have found her, now go and get her
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

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You're waiting for someone to perform with
And don't you know that it's just you, hey Jude, you'll do
The movement you need is on your shoulder

Hey Jude, don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her under your skin
Then you'll begin to make it
Better better better better better better, oh"

Don't make the same mistakes I made when I was your age. I've had a lifetime of regret and it sucks to have lived such a life. It's too late for me but you still have your

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Your whole life ahead of you. Just.Do.It.
Even if you have to travel a continent away, don't let love slip you by
ehhh... that's a bad idea for a few reasons. one, she's working hard in college on a scholarship and I'm pretty much going nowhere fast. two, I have next to no resources that I could reasonably use to support myself if I moved to the east coast. and three, she has already expressed a desire to keep her online friends and her Real Life fairly separate, so while what you suggest might work out in a romantic comedy, I'm fairly certain that it would be quite the opposite of helpful given that Real Life Isn't a Romantic Comedy.
I find it very interesting that the public for this webcomic does not seem to cross-pollinate with that of others I read. Seems fans are particular to this and probably come to this site for this and other comics of this nature. OF course, maybe they are reading and enjoying other comics but feel out of place in the comment sections, like you did here.

Without over-simplifying the issues to the point of ridicule, I wonder if this happens because of the objectification of women that seems so prevalent in 'straight' comics (I might be guilty of this myself), or perhaps the opposite, when in an attempt to show respect for women, they end up caricaturizing the men to the point that all of them end up being non-functional idiots who would be unable to survive without their long-suffering wives (I'm definitely guilty of this one).
I think you are on to something, but not quite in those terms. It is important to note that the pregnancy really brought them together, but not because of it being a pregnancy. It was the fact it was a very close secret that showed just how much trust existed between the two. This was reciprocated by Rain bringing her along to her family's place. It could have been a lot of things, it just happened to be the pregnancy. That's my two cents about it; informed a bit by some personal experiences about sharing close secrets with potential significant others.
Fay Onyx (Guest)
This is how I read it too: The pregnancy was an event that caused a lot of changes and one of those changes was the mutual support relationship they developed. This allowed their romance to grow. It could have been a different event and the same thing would have happened.
Bananafish (Guest)
I agree. It's about the secret. It could have been anything, really, but the fact that Emily is pregnant and Rain has always wanted to be a Mom makes it a double-edge sword. If Emily's secret was that she robbed a bank, they'd still have gotten close. But, in that case, Rain could never be accused of being envious.
I agree with that. It's complicated, but sharing something intimate tends to bring people together. Otherwise, why would someone fall for someone else who keeps talking about their troubled relationship? It is an old dirty trick and yet, even knowing the person's part in making a relationship unbearable, they convince themselves that it will be different this time.

On another note, for some unexplained reason, I've been somewhat attracted to pregnant women in the past. I have not been able to figure out the cause, but it's not really important anymore.
Dammit, this is what I was afraid of, that is a heavy question, but one that needed to be said. But damn that chapter end...

Oh shit... this is a reverse Rudy situation too... hopefully it ends better.
Oh crap, another cliffhanger.

I dunno what to think or say... My head's full of estrogen and I'm crying right now...
Lemonado Girl
I'm definitely in the boat that the two were really brought close enough to really experience attraction for one another when Rain found out about the baby. Up to that point, things were much too rocky for anything to happen. So, of course, there is the possibility that the possibility of being a mom is appealing to Rain here, but I have faith Rain is with this for the right reasons.
Whelp, this is the first end of chapter page that I am reading as it comes out, and not as part of a binge. There's a lot more suspense this way:O
Yeah.... A friend who is transitioning turned me onto Rain and I read about 800 pages in a week and ever since then it's like, "C'mon - where's the next panel??"

Tbh this page came up as soon as I finished my binge read starting on this comic.XD But yep,much suspense.I do hope everything gets settled alright..
Also-- I've just realized, I've been following Rain for a year today! Thank you Jocelyn for this outstanding webcomic!

I'd addressed on an earlier page, that Chapter 31 is planned to begin on Monday, and that we will have three posts next week and every week going forward. That hasn't changed. But I was originally going to whip up a Rain Delay for today at the very least... except I've been running a fever and have not really been feeling up to making one. So, small one day hiatus for just today. Sorry about that. ^^;

But no matter what, we will have a new page on February 6th. So look forward to that.

Take care for now, Rain Beaus.
3 updates a week, oh how I have missed you!

Hope you feel better, this bug going around fracking sucks.
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
Hope you feel better soon, Jocelyn! Thanks for the reminder note. And woohoo, three pages a week!!! :D
Haven't read this comic in a while but I think that it's partly both. I think k rain likes Emily but likes her even more because she's pregnant
a_rando (Guest)
Nah, I understand where this fear is coming from but she's essentially accusing Rain of having a pregnancy fetish. Emily needs to work through that fear, but she's 100% wrong.
Emily your feeling are just as important as Rains you deserve to be heard not ignored

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