13th Dec 2016, 6:23 PM in Ch. 30: Little Victories
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Author Notes:
Hey~! It's everyone's favorite character! I know how much you've all been clamoring for more Kellen in the story. XD

Snarkiness aside, this page (and the next) were originally planned for next week. We were originally gonna switch back to Rain here, but I didn't want to line up the most disliked character so closely with the holidays. I feel like antagonist pages always seem to go up on or around Christmas, so I switched the order of scenes a little. It's purely coincidental, but it bothers me. XD

Anyway, whether you outright hate her or just passively tolerate her, Kellen makes an appearance for the first time in quite a while. But why? Apparently, she has "things" to do. What things do you suppose she's referring to?

Also, Aiken's here too. ;P

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
miiohau (Guest)
Now is good time to update the Kellen article( on the Wikia community. Just try to keep the Kellen hate to the comments.
Amy Midnight (Guest)
I hate her...what is she planning?
Hmm, fingers crossed that Kellen's plans involve Chase and not Rain.
I would HOPE that Kellen has realized that she fucked up. Even if she doesn't accept that she was wrong, it seemed like Aiken made her realize that she made a mistake in cutting Rain's hair, and will probably want to leave her alone for now. On the other hand, that Chase stuff is pretty recent, and I'd love to see the showdown of the jerkbags!
I would bring popcorn and folding chairs to the Showdown of the Jerkbags.
With any luck she's going to a con.

HUMOR! I'm not great at it.
Rolling Thunder (Guest)
No, you're not.
"Hey~! It's everyone's favorite character! I know how much you've all been clamoring for more Kellen in the story."

*is a proud member of the Kellen Non-Despising Club* :P

"whether you outright hate her or just passively tolerate her"

Well, based on the track record of previous targets of fanhate, I'm holding out for 'will eventually be redeemed'

"What things do you suppose she's referring to?"

Please stand by for a product of BlackSocks's strange imagination.
Well, with the recent discussion of the inheritance and Rain legally being Ryan and all that, I have a feeling Kellen is trying to cut Rain out of the will. Perhaps getting her to deny being Ryan, then claiming it's grounds for her not getting 'Ryan's' inheritance?
Bisexual-Cassie (Guest)
*is also a proud member of the Kellen non depressing club*
I doubt it. As much as she's being a horrible jerk, she isn't EVIL. Just...a jerk. And cheating Rain out of inheritance only benefit her if she gets it herself, which is more selfish than she's shown herself to be before.

Admittedly, that's saying a lot.
Sapphire Shield
I really thought there might be even the slightest shred of hope for Kellen but after the incident with Rain's hair, she just demoted herself to the levels of bitch. Easy to do, hard to get yourself out of... if you even realise you need to that is, which is the sad thing she probably doesn't know or even care that she is wrong. I've definitely seen her type before, there is way too many like her in the world.
Amy Midnight (Guest)
I hate her...what is she planning?
Maybe I'm just the eternal optimist but I hope Kellen eventually pulls her head out of her wazoo and grows a heart.

Maybe, just maybe she's got an appointment with Vincent for some much-needed counseling?
That's probably too much wishful thinking....
IdunnoWhattoWrite (Guest)
I smell a foul scent. The scent of MURDER! Maybe kellen becomes an axe murderer and kills nearly everyone, until the police gun her down! But then she rises again and kills the police officers! Now the military is called and they napalm every inch of the town, but that's not enough, and soon B-52s are called in to carpet bomb the town like Dresden! Then, the tanks start to roll into the city and shoot Kellen to pieces! The beast is finally slain...
Or is it!? Find out next time!!!

Or you know, something melodramatic happens.
I kinda wanna write a fanfic of this now.
"Kellen's Killin'"
IdunnoWhattoWrite (Guest)
Copyright me, or you'll be on the list.
Hopefully she'll be going to punch Chase or something. That would be nice.
It might also be interesting if she were to talk to Jessica... maybe start to understand the trans community a little more? Especially since Aiken has been sulking a little bit for a while, it might bring the issue to attention in Kellen's mind.

Worst case scenario she goes to mess up Rain's life, but this seems to be a positive chapter so not very likely. Or maybe "things" is just "errands" all over again? Who knows?
... Dang it. He did the best he could to turn it around, so I can't really blame Aiken for it, but I still wanted him and Jessica to reconcile.

Stop moving on! Become an alcoholic and wallow in romantic misery like a real drama character!

(I jest, I jest.)

Fingers crossed for something like a confrontation with Chase, but maybe I'm expecting too much nuance from Kellen and not enough reasonably-human-and-understandable-but-otherwise-pure evil.
... Dang it. He did the best he could to turn it around, so I can't really blame Aiken for it, but I still wanted him and Jessica to reconcile.

The story is not yet over. Aiken and Jessica could still sort things out.
Gwen (Guest)
I don't hate Kellan, I hate her attitude.
Dakota (Guest)
I know every story needs an antagonist, but I feel for Kellen. I want so badly for her to turn around. I want my parents to turn around. :'(
(I am going to get so much hate for this comment ...)

am I the only one who doesn't actually hate Kellen?
yes, I know what she did. yes, I am fully aware that she must seem like the most evil person in the world trying to turn rain into someone she's not.
but I look at this from her point of view and I understand her. No, that does not mean I agree with her, or her actions! But I understand her.
in her memory, rain is "her little brother". she always saw her that way. so when Rain suddenly turned out to be her sister instead, she went into denial. partly because she wasn't confronted with transsexuality before like aiken was. and aikens reaction to Jessica probably enforced her opinion on the matter. even though aiken already accepted the truth.
so Kellen is trying to turn Rain into the brother she remembers. and since talking didn't do anything (obviously) she tried a more drastic approach. something, she thought, would turn her memory into reality.
Like I said, I don't agree with her actions. but I understand them from her point of view. and I think it will be interesting to see her evolve into accepting the truth as well. at the moment I am genuinely worried about her

so I'm probably in the "passively tolerate" group?
Erica-Jane (Guest)
Kellen's so self-absorbed that she's never understood how deeply she broke that trust of family. Along this same path, I'm almost sure that Kellen's going to purchase some kind of "Boy" gift for Rain that Kellen is sure will help "him" get over this "phase."

I've also been hoping that Aiken would cut a bunch of her hair off while she's asleep just to give her that this-is-how-that-felt moment.
Honestly I'm...kinda with you.

I mean I hate her so I disagree there, but she's not evil. She genuinely wants to help, she's just horribly, HORRIBLY wrong. And impulsive far beyond what is acceptable.
I would like to say I never said I hated her, but that would require me to go back and find all my comments on her.

I will say that now, after my initial disgust of her has faded... a little, that I don't hate her, but I am very upset with her and her attitude.
I hope its nothing that will affect Rain in a bad way what so ever.
I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING!!! What is shes going to see Rains therapist? (sorry I know his name but i don't know how its spelled and I don't want to spell his name wrong). Maybe shes trying to get help to understand "why Rains like this" not nervelessly trying to "fix" rain but just understand it more.
I am kinda worried about what Kellen is going to do here. I hope Aiken puts a stop to it if it is something harmful to Rain :/
Then again, maybe she's changing and doing something better.
Lemonado Girl
And YOU, I'm watchin' you... *blinks out*

*blinks back in* WHIPPERSNAPPER! *blinks out again*
arthursbeardbone (Guest)
can kellen get hit by a bus? Please?
Jocelyn has said earlier that people getting their "comeuppance" is actually a loss for everyone involved rather than a victory (back when everybody was cheering Aiken getting slapped by Fara) so I'm not sure that really suits her style of storytelling.
This comic is so much harder to read, now that I have caught up. :p
The comedy part of my brain says that Kellen's 'things' are something completely innocent, like groceries or a haircut.

Or something innocent that she doesn't want Aiken to know about (which would explain her secretiveness), like a date or buying him a birthday present.
Sobi (Guest)
Here's hopping she's going to go see Vincent
The comic is called "Sass" and it reminds me of one of my favorite Between Failures moments. It stands quite well on its own, you don't need to read a bunch of backstory to get this:


P.S. I'm not sure if the Wiki markup is working. It looks weird to me. So here's just the URL by itself.
Dandelions42 (Guest)
Aiken: yayyyyy you did a good :D

Kellen: you are funny and your face and hair are beyond cute, plz extend this awesomeness to your treatment of other people, I believe in youuuuuuu ^-^
Dandelions42 (Guest)


Kelibath (Guest)
Is this the first time Aiken's actively corrected someone else about his "ex"'s gender? I might be wrong, but if so, this is something of a turning point. He still harbours feelings of loss and betrayal (fair or no) but is defending Jessica regardless to Kellen. Maybe because Kellen's recent actions have shown him how wrong his own were?