12th Jun 2011, 10:00 PM in Ch 4: Not the Same
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Author Notes:
Surprise! Gavin’s mom is home after all! Who didn’t see that coming!?

Also, Rain and Gavin’s long night of inevitably awkward dialogue wastes no time in getting started… ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
User comments:
I didn't see it coming! :D

Also, is that a tear-mark down Gavin's mum's face?
I forsee even more awkwardness.
I didn't see it coming, either.

And women's clothing isn't cumbersome. Why would he think that? Most seem so light and flowy to me.
Some Ed
1. Women's shoes. OMG, the shoe industry seems to hate women's feet with a passion I have not seen in any other industry towards its customer base. Maybe I'm confused, and it's just that women hate their own feet. I don't know. I find it difficult enough to find shoes that are comfortable I doubt I'd even consider fashion even if I understood what fashion is.

2. corsets as used back in the day were ghastly medieval torture devices that women voluntarily put themselves in. From the perspective of one who has no breasts to support, even bras seem to be incredibly restrictive. From the perspective of someone who has had dreams of being, shall we say, more than generously blessed in times before bras were readily available, bras would've been OMG wonderful to have!!!

3. From the perspective of someone who doesn't shave their legs, leggings, pantyhose, and anything similar, OMFG! (Of course, one *does* shave before wearing those, but it's easy for a guy to not get that. I've known guys who were subject to the delusion that most women naturally didn't have hair on their legs or underarms.)

4. Any garment that is intended to be worn with a slip and petticoat. These are out of fashion, but they still impact the psyche of the sensitive male who wonders how we could've subjected our womenfolk to such things.

tl;dr: mostly archaic reasons.
1} I've found quite a few nice, comfortable women's shoes and boots. Granted, those are not the heeled variety. But even a couple of those were fun to wear for about an hour.

2} I wouldn't necessarily say corsets, back in the day, were voluntary. More of a "wear it, or be a spinster" attitude from every one else. But yes, bras are quite restrictive, especially on the days when you feel... well... fat and/or bloated. And even on good days, I know I feel a sense of freedom when I get home and can finally release my self from the torture. :p

3} What? :p Funny to think someone thinks we are naturally hairless. Women keep the shaving industry in business. Men, they don't all shave. And most of them that do, only shave their faces. Most of us shave any place that we feel we have an unfeminine amount of/too dark of hair, but almost always the legs and underarms.

Oh, but that's off course. You don't necessarily have to shave your legs for leggings. Any kind of nylons or silk stockings you should. But with leggings, no one will notice if you don't shave first.

4} Yeah... I miss my petticoat. It was so frilly and fun to wear. Slips are still worn nowadays though, on a regular basis. Mostly under business attire, or formal dresses. They are also worn under thinner dresses to keep them from being nearly see-thru and to hide the outlines of undergarments.

5} But yeah, the fashions of old were very cumbersome and even dangerous in some cases.
Some Ed
1. On a similar note, there exist women's clothing with actual pockets. It's less to do with what can exist, and more about how difficult it is to find. I suspect that it's largely customer driven, however: most women are more interested in cheap and fashionable. The dresses I've seen with real pockets were cheap but not fashionable. The women's suits I've seen with real pockets were custom tailored, so very not cheap.

2: Well, yes.

3: As someone who has worn leggings without shaving and has been around people who have, I could assert that there's one person who would notice: the wearer, upon removing the leggings. But since then I've met a leggings wearer who does not shave her legs and doesn't have that issue, so clearly different people are different.

4: My comment was less on the slips and petticoats and more on the garments intended to be worn with them. As I understand it, garments intended to be worn with just a slip are generally more comfortable. It's entirely possible my impression of garments intended to be worn with slips and petticoats was skewed by my familiarity with a particular SCA group and their skill in recreating these things and/or which particular things they chose to recreate of that set; I really don't know about the actual historical versions of the outfits.
*Gasp* What a Twist! Also I hope girl clothes aren't cumbersome because that would really suck for future me