23rd Nov 2016, 11:35 AM in Ch. 30: Little Victories
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I'm honestly not sure what to add to this one. Just Rudy and Drew being Rudy and Drew (for better or worse). ^^;

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User comments:
mecaterpillar (Guest)
If the prom registration forms are due before the day of prom then there's no way to guarantee Ky could come. They'd just have to make a guess as to how Ky will be that day and hope it turns out correct. If it doesn't then they can go somewhere else that day. Of course, if the plan to go to prom involves Chanel and Maria and Ky isn't presenting the way they guessed then this would get complicated.
I have a feeling this prom is gonna be a glorious disaster for everyone involved. (in a good way, hopefully...)
Paul(ina) (Guest)
I literally discovered this just yesterday, but already have read the complete series and simplay wanted to say "Thank You".
This beautiful story had me crying more in just one day than the entire past 5 years. The characters are almost scaringly relatable, and I believe this comic helped me figure myself out quite a bit.

So, again, Thank You so much!
You appear to have a soft, huggable plushy on your shoulder.

Indeed. My life needed more clown seals in it. XD
The Other Mike (Guest)
Whose life doesn't?
Sarah (Guest)
Amen to that!
There's one thing that Drew could learn from Rudy, and that's to learn to be himself without getting so worried and worked up over what everyone else thinks about him. Yeah I know that's hard for a teenager since peer pressure is such a controlling thing. I am still trying to get past that social holdback myself, and it's been many many years since I was in school.
DramaDork (Guest)
If Ky goes as Kyle, he could go with Maria and Drew could take Chanel. Just saying
Crystal (Guest)
Ky's guy name is just Ky... Also yeah that's a great plan. (My friends and would totally try something like this for our prom but our school is totally LGBT not-very-friendly-but-lets-us-do-what-we-want.)
DramaDork (Guest)
Whoops, damn autocorrect lol
Ky is my favorite character and tbh I think they deserve better than Drew
Leilei (Guest)
I relate to Ky a lot. My gender is mostly grey zone, but which side of the gender spectrum I lean more towards changes day to day, sometimes I'm more boy than girl one day, or vice versa. But I'm still pansexual no matter what kind of day it is. However, I know it won't be easy if I ever decide to get in a relationship to find someone who is comfortable with my whole identity.
Dandelions42 (Guest)
Ahhhhh I relate~~ Two years ago I was in exactly the same position and pretty bummed, because at the time I was quite crush-crazy, and dreamed of someday being married, but I knew approximately zero other queer people (at least that I knew/realized were queer at the time), and figured it would be years if not decades before I found anyone who was comfortable with all of who I was. 'Tis not impossible, though -- nowadays the first person I go to to ramble about genderthings is my awesome SO of a-year-and-a-half, who identifies as straight but is happy to learn how to make an exception for me. It can get complicated but we figure it out. :) (also I reunited with a bunch of childhood friends and it turns out they're all pansexual??? as are half of the people I knew and thought were straight and cis, if not homophobic/transphobic??? LGBTQ+ people, LGBTQ+ people everywhere! :P)
Can't blame him for his concerns there. We've seen how Rudy was treated, and also how Drew was treated just for being questioning and not even 100% sure... Honestly I'm concerned how Ky will be viewed if they go to prom, boy or girl mode. In boy-mode they'd get a lot of flak for being gay, but even if Ky's in girl-mode some people from Emily's party might remember Ky in boy-mode.

Yeah, prom could be really messy for Ky, maybe even dangerous.
The Logical Conservative (Guest)
Speaking as a Dutchman, why are proms so important in the US? Here in the Netherlands none of our schools have these proms.
I live in the US and can say I don't know the big deal either. They're overpriced and, frankly speaking, boring. Prom last year only gave cupcakes as food and water. Everyone was starving
Also, my school, as many other schools do, have a program called JROTC that I am a part of. We have this event every year called Military Ball, since we're a program founded by military people and are seen as a military program in school. Military Ball is a better priced, better catered, and all around better than prom.
Samantha (Guest)
It's hype. People think they'll get a date, and that'll hook them up. Very seldom it actually ends up the one they marry or anything.
My prom, I was invited by a girl getting back at her bf. He came, so I was pretty much alone most of the time. Until I finally just danced with a bunch of random girls, I was pretty much sitting alone. I decided my type was actually the prom photographer, who I chatted up but she said she probably couldn't because she had a job she was doing.
Lucy (Guest)
I've always identified with Drew, to tell you the truth. I'm a rather social awkward, shy person who has always felt obliged to 'blend in' with the crowd and suppress my identity or any possibility of it being anything other than straight, especially as some of my friends (rather like Drew's friends) have rather narrow-minded views of the world that don't include me, and I've always agreed with them as I've been worried they'd turn against me. i've made heaps of mistakes in an effort to avoid confronting my identity, some of which have caused people to get wrong ideas of and hate me (especially when I was so hesitant to accept the fact that I might be bisexual) and am still recovering and trying to prove myself a good enough person to those who I was the worst to. Now, I'm coming to terms with my identity and am in a good enough mental state to look back on the past few years as a time to learn from and remember with regret, though I'm still so happy that you took the time to put in a character whose experiences mirror my struggles and the many other kids who are struggling within themselves, scared and afraid of not being accepted for who they are while simultaneously not accepting themselves. Thanks so much for Drew - he means a lot to me, and I hope that, in the future, he's able to work up the courage to accept himself for who he is and atone for the wrong things he's said and done.
Dandelions42 (Guest)
Lucy, I agree whole-heartedly~~ What you've written reminds me a lot of one of my friends -- he definitely doesn't come across as socially awkward, rather as very confident and charismatic, but has a lot of insecurities hidden away, especially as he's a pretty politically conservative person with a lot of religious-in-a-scary-way friends, and he's very concerned as to how they would react if they learned that he's happily bisexual. He tends to cross lines when "joking around" with his friends, and for a while it seemed to successfully (if you can call it successful) protect him from being treated poorly himself, but now people are beginning to form grudges against him and it doesn't look all that great. Fortunately he's coming to terms with himself and finding a lot of good friends and family members whom he feels safe being more genuine around, and I'm hoping that in the long run he'll be comfortable being kinder and more true to himself a all of the time. And I really hope the same for Drew and especially for you :)
Birdy (Guest)
Now I'm all caught up again after re-reading it and aa! I wish I could just archive binge it all the way to the end, heh.
Buy the books! That way you can read and re-read it even when you're offline. Plus you'll be supporting Jocelyn too!
Don't forget the exclusive bonus chapters that each book holds!
Yes, the bonus chapters definitely fill in some gaps that we all can relate to, no matter our age or position in life.

Everybody needs to buy the books. They're on sale today and Jocelyn can benefit from our support!
Given that this is a private, religious school that is not accepting of any relationships beyond boy/girl, I understand Drew's concern. Would anyone consider it offensive, or rude, for him to simply ask Ky whether she would commit to girl mode just for prom?

I understand and agree that he shouldn't make a demand like "you should be in girl mode all the time when around me." Ky has made clear that she feels that her genderfluid nature is part of her personality and she doesn't want to give it up; so it would be disrespectful to ask Ky to give it up all the time. But it seems to me that it shouldn't be bad for Drew to ask Ky if she'd be willing to go to prom in girl mode, as long as he doesn't pressure Ky to change if he doesn't get the answer he's hoping for.

I'm generally on the side of "more communication is always good." I think he should be able to ask Ky this (and I do mean Ky, not Rudy).
Samantha (Guest)
Honresytly, being a genderfluid person, explaining just for one night, Ky would possibly pick to dress up for the occasion (especially since with everyone watching, two apparent guys kissing might nott go over well, while they could get away with it if she went legit girl). Now, expecting that all the toime would be a no go, and for this thing to work, sometimes she is a guy.
Some Ed
If I understand the character, asking Ky to be a girl for one night and mean it is about the best way to guarantee Ky would be in boy mode that night. Asking Ky to be in boy mode for one night and mean the reverse would be about the second best way to get him in boy mode that night. But probably, just having prom that night and Drew obviously wanting girl mode is likely enough to put him in boy mode, even without a request.

At least, assuming girl mode/boy mode isn't determined by Jocelyn rolling a die.
kris (Guest)
Ky could always get two outfits for boy mode and girl mode, then no matter what she/he is feeling there's an outfit available?
DramaDork (Guest)
Yeah but the problem (at least at a Catholic school) is that if he shows up looking like a guy, the school will be pissed because there will be two guys there together.
kris (Guest)
hmmm... yeah that could be a problem.
Good answer Rudy!