RAIN p.D-4 (Volume 4 Preview)
5th Oct 2016, 9:49 PM in SRS Hiatus
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RAIN p.D-4 (Volume 4 Preview)
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Author Notes:
This is a full page from "Chapter D: No One Has a Girlfriend", the exclusive bonus chapter of Rain - Volume 4. It's a random page from the middle of the chapter but it stands well enough on it's own, I think. I will not be posting the whole chapter, nor other pages probably (it's still exclusive), but I wanted to give a little preview for purposes of hype.

Chapter D follows the trend of previous bonus chapters in that it revolves primarily around backstory (and while it is NOT required reading for the overall story, it may offer extra bits of insight into the characters). Chapter A talked about Rain. Chapter B focused on Maria. Chapter C mostly revolved around Ky, but featured stories from all the main kids. This one takes place during the school year just before Chapter 1. I consider this to be the "Gavin chapter", but Maria, Rudy, and Emily all get some time in the spotlight too. There are also a few cameos from Allison and Blair (and if you don't remember who they are, both are seen in Chapter 28).

I'm not done yet though. In fact, I'm behind schedule and slogging through it rather slowly due to depression. To be honest, I think I'm depressed because I miss posting the comic. Which is extra ironic because the depression from not posting the comic makes it hard for me to get motivated to MAKE the comic. It's a really vicious cycle of seemingly constant nothing, and I need to get out of it.

I decided to post this in the hopes that maybe it'll hype you up, which will encourage me to do my best. Plus, even though it's not a normal page, maybe posting a page at all can help get me back into the rhythm of doing this. I've been out of the game too long thanks to my recovery, (from which I've long since felt better), and if I can just get that rhythm back, I know I can get everything else back in motion.

I thank you again for your patience with me through all of this, and I'm hoping you won't need to wait much little longer (for Volume 4 and regular posting). As always - and perhaps now more than ever - your encouragement means a lot to me, Rain Beaus.

Take care and have a lovely evening. :)

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
User comments:
I'm really looking forward to more Rain! This is the longest drought we've had so far, but it's for the best of reasons. But now it's time to get back to kicking butt and being the best trans webcomic out there!
Hazel (Guest)
How's the discord doing
Thatguyinthecorner (Guest)
*whispers dangerously* a fish

Okay so I'm just going to pour out my thoughts here because I don't really know what else to do, considering I can't buy the comics and will not be able to read the bonus chapters. :'(
So clearly this takes place in the main cast's junior year, when Emily's dating Blair. Based on the conversation, we can guess that Emily and Blair came out to each other and either Blair has revealed his plan to come out to the school or he's thinking about it right now (hence the "yet" part.) Obviously Emily is not comfortable with this discussion, as she would be deep into her popular persona at this point in time.
Based on the title and the fact that it's the "Gavin chapter" I think this has something to do with Maria and Gavin's fake relationship. It also might have something to do with Emily's reaction to said fake relationship (since she knows Maria is gay, this would be very confusing for her) and probably something with Rudy as well, since he's in his freshman year right now and we can guess he'd outed Maria to Gavin this year.
... I don't really know where Allison comes into the picture, to be honest, unless she's in contact with Gavin and/or Rain has a few cameos in here as well. Rain doesn't have a girlfriend either at this point.
Okay so this went on a while but those are my thoughts. Chapter D looks interesting! I'll probably buy the books once I have a stable income and grow up and move out (which is... a long time) or if you ever decide to put the bonus chapters up here when Rain is complete? Either way, a long time. I'll content myself with theories.
Super excited for the return of Rain! I hope you beat this creative slump; I know firsthand how awful it is. Take care! ^^
Allice (Guest)
Heya. I'm excited to see the comic come back out of hiatus. I just started reading about 4 weeks ago and you were already gone! So I've been waiting quite impatiently. Hope to see some updates soon.
Congrats on the surgery. Hope it brings you nothing but happiness.
Drumada (Guest)
Cant wait until I can pick up my own copy of volume 4! I hope you feel better as well! Take as much time as you need before you start posting! Of course, if posting will help make you feel better, then I wont complain either :P

Keep up the great work Jocelyn, your story continues to inspire me every day! (Im referring to both Rain and youre personal story by the way)
Lyn the Mysfortunate (Guest)
Hey I don't know if this is a dumb question but where can I find the finished bonus chapters? Do they only come with the physical volumes or are they online?
Lyn the Mysfortunate (Guest)
It was a dumb question. I just reread the description. I don't know how I missed that...
Katie (Guest)
Hey Jocelyn,

We're all excited to have Rain back! I get into slumps where I can't get myself to draw, and honestly the thing that helps is just playing around with pen and paper, no pressure. Just scribble and doodle, but set aside a time to do it every day with your favorite tea or beverage and some good music. Lighting a candle helps. Hope you start feeling better--we all understand feeling out of sorts, and I think many of us have had depressive episodes as well. Your fans are here for you and we're looking forward to more Rain! <3
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)

Gavin chapter... And the timing with Emily and Blair talking about Maria... Is this a flashback to when Maria and Gavin started dating, or...? I must find out! Money is for people who don't have obsessive fandoms anyway! (#brokecollegestudentlife)

Anyway, I'm really excited for Rain to resume! You always deliver top quality work. The subtlety of the characters, the flow of the story, the expressiveness of the art, all of it is the cream of the comic crop. I've enjoyed every strip you've posted so far and I'm sure I'll enjoy every strip you go on to post, because I know you'll pour your heart into it. The amount of dedication you've shown for Rain and its fandom has been a huge motivating force for me and many others.

Also I haven't been getting my cuteness injections since the hiatus started and I'm dying from withdrawal symptoms I NEED THIS- I mean, um... Just... Replace the entire previous sentence with something sounding composed and professional.

I won't say we *can't* wait for you to get back to it, because we respect you, but gosh golly, we're squirming in our seats here! Such excitement!
Niceguy Eddie (Guest)
Jocelyn - check your Facebook messages! Lol (from Eddie Cabot) ;)
DramaDork (Guest)
My endo appointment got pushed back to this upcoming Wednesday which isn't nearly as bad as what I feared. Hopefully Rain is back soon to make October even better!
DramaDork (Guest)
The appointment went well. I've just gotta do my blood work and then I'll get to start T by the end of the month.
Robin (Guest)

Let me start by saying you are very talented and have really helped me with Rain as I was coming out to myself. Since reading this I have come out to my SO, family and a few close friends, gotten initial and 2nd bloodwork as I showed an issue with my thyroid and will hopefully be starting hrt after those results come back next week. Please keep it up you can do it, if it helped me it will help others too!
Looking forward to buying this volume!
breaddd (Guest)
I'm honestly so excited for more updates ahhh
Lemonado Girl
Oh puh-lease, Emily. We all know the right way to make threats is to threaten to run them through with your saber, or club them over the head with your frying pan.
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
She would never hurt her precious frying pan that way.
Ruth (Guest)
Emily loves her pan. We've all seen the picture :-)
ElsweyrFondue (Guest)

I've been reading Rain since long before I came to terms with being trans myself, Rain has been and continues to be a source of catharsis for me, it's a small thing but it means a lot and I know that most of us here are well familiar with depression and how far it can go, personally I would hate to see anything happen to the comic or to you and wish you the best of luck.
Kamikaze Jim (Guest)
Just a quick word on pansexuality, pansexuality isn't what you think it is. It's actually a sexuality where you're not just attracted to women and men, but also to animals, inanimate objects and corpses. So before adding it to your LGBT book of sexualities, I'd research it first, or you might come across as someone who just picks and chooses words without researching them. That'd be like me saying Onderhoudingstechnicus (Supportengineer) and uses it to describe a car.
sesquipedalia (Guest)
I sincerely hope this is a joke. Where are you getting this from? It's completely untrue. Pansexuality is attraction to any gender, it has never extended beyond other humans...
Kamikaze Jim (Guest)
Sorry to crash your safe space, but when Sigmund Freud first used the term, he used it to describe people who were, next to men and women, also attracted to corpses, animals and the like. And that's what the term meant for years, until Tumblr found it, only took the men and women part and said: "Look guys, a new lab- I mean sexuality!"
@Kamikaze Jim

Says to do research, but doesn't do research. Classic internet. -_-

Freud was indeed the first to use the term, but I don't know where you're picking up this nonsense about corpses and animals. In actuality, his definition wasn't even itself a sexual orientation. Rather it was the idea that sexual energy and desire is the basis for all human interaction in life. (I don't agree with this idea, but that's irrelevant.)

So yes, you are correct that the word "pansexual" how we use it today is not the same as how it was originally used. But that's okay, because words evolve. Their meaning changes, or it gains additional meanings over time. That's kinda how language works. So regardless of what Freud was referring to in the early 1900s, it's irrelevant. How he defined it is not the recognized use of the word anymore. It's long since changed (like a lot of words from that time, I'm sure).
Kamikaze Jim (Guest)
I'm afraid you're wrong though, Jocelyn. I've actually studied Freud for my dissertation, and I got my Info from multiple books, a couple of documentaries and multiple other sources. I'm pretty sure my history professor would've scolded me if I was wrong. So I'm sorry Jocelyn, unless you've read as much as me about Freud, I'm sorry to say you're wrong.
@Kamikaze Jim

Well, I couldn't find anything to corroborate what you say. And I'm sorry to say that some random person on the internet who offers no links or sources to back their claim isn't very likely to sell me on it.

But I don't care either way. Even if you are correct about the word's origins, you seem to have missed the part where it clearly doesn't mean the same thing it once did anyway. Regardless of what Freud said, language and words change. And pansexuality in 2016 is usually understood to refer to an attraction to anyone regardless of gender.
Kamikaze Jim (Guest)
This book is my source on Sigmund Freuds pansexuality: http://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Sexuality-and-The-Psychology-of-Love/Sigmund-Freud/9780684838243
I read this book for my dissertations part on Freud and Sexuality. And it took so long to get the source, because I don't have my dissertation just lying around. I'm sorry Jocelyn, but research isn't just looking at the top results of Google.
In addition to what Doombird added, I'd like to point out that it's interesting how the "multiple books, a couple of documentaries and multiple other sources" you described apparently only equal a single book and that it "took so long to get the source". And even then, the proposed source lacks any kind of citation other than your word, which no one can check without paying money for. Yet you're going to condescend me for using Google, even though actual backing for the definition of the current use of the word can be easily found there by anyone (while any evidence to substantiate your claim is mysteriously absent).

Maybe you should consider looking at more than one obscure old book before you start "crashing safe spaces". Or maybe, you know, ask a pansexual instead of making wildly disrespectful insinuations about them because of what some guy almost a hundred years ago (allegedly) said.

Thanks for playing. Have a nice day.
The other thing about language is that it evolves with time. Even if it did mean that originally (and as someone that has also studied psychology & psychotherapy - Freud was responsible for some extremely damaging views on homosexuality and transgenderism being adopted into the mainstream), what it means today is vastly more relavent and important than a word's meaning almost a century ago.
I know this dosnt inculd me and im way late on this but i gotta say. Nice job!
Doombird (Guest)
Unfortunately, I can't find anything to corroborate his claim either, which includes all widely available analyses of Freud's concept of pansexuality (which is not ever described in that way).

In fact, all I can find is one person's crude UrbanDictionary entry from 2011, which starts "Despite widespread common belief, pansexuality is actually..."

So, basically, "Somehow I alone have the one and only correct definition for this word, even though everyone else defines it in one uniform way that is different from mine, and also I'm calling everyone who uses it by its accepted definition Politically Correct."
Heh, I always used omnisexuality to refer to Captain Jack Harkness, who seems to be attracted to every single entity he meets.
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
We have an entirely separate word for what you're describing. It's omnisexuality. Pansexuality, as our wonderful author has pointed out, doesn't have anything resembling the meaning it used to, because language develops over time. I assure you, if you considered only the oldest primary meanings of every given word, pretty much every sentence you've ever said in your life would be rendered complete and utter nonsense.
Doombird (Guest)
This guy must also feel really proud and encouraged at all the people who keep calling him completely awful.
no (Guest)
> kamikaze jim
> sorry to crash your safe space
i see what you did there
...also you´re completely wrong on all counts
Rain Beau Dash
Your comment could (maybe) make sense if Onderhoudingstechnicus would actually mean support engineer. It actually means 'maintenance technician' and is spelled 'onderhoudstechnicus'

sesquipedalia (Guest)
I used books.google.com to search through that'source'; funny thing is Google found no results for pan, pansexual or pansexuality.
Doombird (Guest)
It's so hard to do the thing that helps us want to do the thing when not doing the thing makes us not want to do the thing!

But you can do the thing! YOU CAN DO THE THING WELL!
Yossarian (Guest)
I can't wait for the comic you're return. I discovered this series back in June and read the whole thing in three days. The comic's given me so many great times and I'm so hyped to see where the story leads. Especially since we've been given a whole sack of mysteries. Take your time, Joscelyn. I know we'll all be here, and enthusiastic, when the comic returns! I'm loving the little drawings we're getting. Keep up the good work, and I hope your recovery continues smoothly, in all aspects. :3
Artorigus (Guest)
That moment when you want to do the right thing and support Jocelyn but you also want her to notice you and you realize she typically only responds to the negative posts :c

... Which somehow manages to be a lose-lose situation AND a win-win situation at the same time. What the heck?
Jessica (Guest)
I just found your wonderful comic a few days ago and as I was reading the only way I can put it is it felt like home thank you for making this series and I look forward to seeing what happens next
Fay Onyx (Guest)
I relate to the cycle you are struggling with. I am a writer and am extremely driven which has the odd side effect of making it harder to work if my flow has been blocked for a while (usually by life events or busy times at work). All of my drive turns into a mountain of frustration that makes the process of getting back into things stressful, which makes it hard to just focus on doing it.

Over the years I have learned a few tricks for dealing with this. (If you are up for hearing what works for me read on, if not skip to the next paragraph.) One of the best pieces of writing advice I ever got was, "Leave one thing unfinished." The idea is that when you do push yourself to do some work on the comic you would always try to end by leaving yourself something easy to start with the next time. This makes it easier to get back into the flow next time and knowing what you want to do next motivates you to work on it sooner. That is what is does for me anyway, each person is different. ;) I also try to find small, easier things to do that help me gain momentum (you seem to already be doing this with the little drawings you've posted from time to time). And perhaps you don't actually need to finish this bonus comic before making some comics to post if posting comics motivates you (or do some of each).

Wishing you the best and doing my best to wait patiently. This is a great comic that really captures human complexity in a way that also sends a hopeful message. <3
It's good she never ended up doing that