Six weeks post-op update
7th Sep 2016, 11:43 AM in SRS Hiatus
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Six weeks post-op update
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Author Notes:
Yesterday marked six weeks post-op for me, but I didn't have much energy to make an update. At six weeks, I was to have my first follow-up appointment with my doctor to see how things are healing (via Skype, 'cause sitting in a car for four hours both ways to see her in person for a five minute talk just wasn't happening). XD I don't know why, but this appointment still had me nervous before it happened, and I just didn't sleep well the night before. Again, I don't know why, though. I don't know what I was afraid of.

Anxiety's just the best, isn't it? XD

Anyway, the appointment happened and everything's fine. She had me take some pictures and email them to her (as obviously, she couldn't inspect it in person). And from what I'm hearing in her expert opinion, everything looks like it's healing well. At six weeks, I'm allowed to get back to heavy lifting (not that I have any reason to), and she gave me clearance to take baths again (that part, I'm excited about).

Outside of this, after my last update, I finally learned I can wear pants again (which is more exciting than it sounds). Following surgery, I was told to wear very loose-fitting clothes for a while. Ideally dresses, but I supposed some baggy sweatpants or PJ pants probably could've worked too. I just stuck with dresses though, as it was easier. But at one point, a couple weeks ago, I tried to put on a pair of jeans out of curiosity. Everything was still too tender and swollen for that to feel comfortable though.

Last week, I tried again. It wears comfortably and it fits. And if I may, it fits better than it ever has before what without all the extra... "apparatus". Ironically, I still kind of have a strange compulsion to tuck even though there's nothing TO tuck anymore. "Old habits die hard", I guess. But there is also the weird irony of being so happy to feel right in jeans. Like, at the start of transition, I was so happy to not have to wear pants because I love skirts and dresses. Now it's like coming full circle because my jeans just look and feel so amazing, and it's strangely empowering being able to pull them on without requiring a tuck and wondering if it's still visible from a certain angle. Not to say I no longer like dresses or anything, but hey, it's nice to have variety. ^_^

Other than that, I'm doing pretty well. And I you hope folks are too. I know it's hard to find information on this stuff, so as always, if anyone has questions, I will do my best to answer anything as long as I know the answer.

But for now, do take care and have a lovely day, Rain Beaus! <3
User comments:
KayleeOnTheInside (Guest)
I'm glad your convalescence is going well and that you're enjoying being YOU.

I just found "Rain" a week or so ago (via a reference on Reddit), and I want to thank you for using your compelling characters and plot to provide much-needed information. I've been an ally (and have actively researched toward being a better ally) for decades, and "Rain" has given me more and better information than I'd picked up in all my wanderings. I even had to re-think some things and face some incorrect thinking patterns. That's wonderful! Life is growth.

Thank you again.
That comment on wearing pants... I really can't wait until I never need to tuck again or worry about a possible bulge... Glad you are enjoying that feeling!
It's been a rainy day here and internet was down all day. I don't know how to tuck and so I don't really relate there but being required to wear dresses sounds awesome to me. Although I'm more of a skirt person. XD
Lemonado Girl

In the meantime I signed on for a bunch of LGBT+ activism stuff at involvement fest today, so that'll be fun!
Zii (Guest)
Just wanted to remind everyone that there's an official Rain Discord server, if anybody is looking for a way to connect to other rain beaus in real time.
Athena Aka

I like your work and I consider myself a fan .
The reason why I write is to ask you to let your comic translated into Spanish , I know that may bother you or not.
Translation is for a page of Facebook , of course you will have all your rights as an author and therefore ask your permission.
nemo (Guest)
That's actually a really good question. I've recommended Rain to others but not everyone understands English so well. That's actually pretzy sad as I find the uplifting atmosphere pf how these topics are presented for top good to become lost in translation. So I've wondered for some time about a German translation.
ellisofficialVEVO (Guest)
Reading your updates is making me SUPER excited about someday getting top surgery. It's a weird bonding experience in this community--like we're rocketing top-speed in opposite directions and high-fiving alone the way.
Kate (Guest)
Jocelyn. I just wanted to thank you for your openness and willingness to share during your recovery. I have yet to even start HRT, but reading your thoughts is really an eye opening thing for me... in a good way. You are a special kind of awesome!

As you have said before, finding real information other than generalities is not always the easiest thing to do regarding GRS and even HRT. I truly value your insights and thoughts that you have shared over the course of your journey.

I hope your recovery continues to fly by with no complications. And I am eagerly awaiting the return of rain. :~)

Much love.
Kate. <3 <3 <3

P.S. Love your 'new' pic. :~D
Drumada (Guest)
Sounds like you're really healing up good! Im super jealous, I cant really tuck at all because of reasons so I have to contend with lots of skirts and baggy shirts haha.
WolfieGale (Guest)
I love the fandom name "Rain Beaus!"
Anonymoose247 (Guest)
Glad to see your doing well.

I'm personally super excited because I just came out to my parent, and their really supportive!
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