Solo Chibi Set 1
3rd Sep 2016, 4:16 PM in SRS Hiatus
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Solo Chibi Set 1
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Author Notes:
Er-hem. Pardon me while I enter saleswoman mode. ;P

So, as you may or may not know, I have a RedBubble store for Rain merchandise (primarily with t-shirts in mind, but stickers, mugs, notebooks, etc. are available too). If you didn't know, you can find all that right here -

One of the more popular items is a shirt depicting the main cast, chibified, holding umbrellas in the colors of their relevant pride. Recently, I'd had a few requests for characters to be depicted by themselves (like just Rain with her umbrella and no other characters, for example). Honestly, this was kinda something I'd been meaning to do for a long time anyway; it just kept getting thrown onto the backburner while I tended to other things. Well, since there was interest and I had the time, I finally got to it.

And now I have fifteen solo chibi designs, consisting of each of the the characters on the pride shirt, PLUS a variant for several characters who have more than one "look" in the story, PLUS Heather who finally brings us an intersex pride umbrella. Each one of these works on a shirt or a sticker or whatever your little heart desires. Please check them out if you're interested. ^_^

User comments:
Sapphire Shield
Jocelyn, I notice that your redbubble store is sans Puddles... I am much disappoint.
@Sapphire Shield

Worry not! That will be addressed. ^_^
Sapphire Shield
It shall be a momentous occasion for sure. :3
Simba12371 (Guest)
@Jocelyn Thanks for making such amazing content, and for being involved with the community! You've helped a lot of people and your strength truly is to be admired :3. TL:DR Jocelyn is bae
Ruth (Guest)
Absolutely @Jocelyn you have helped more people than you probably imagine. I started my HRT yesterday thanks in no small part to reading the Rain comics, which played a significant role in helping me get over my own self doubts and taking the big step.
poster (Guest)
I really dislike how gaven has a straight pride flag. straight pride movement is harmful and has no purpose being represented here.
Lisa J (Guest)
Everyone has a right to be accepted for what they are. Excluding someone because they're straight makes YOU the bad guy.
Zyla (Guest)
I mean, to be fair, Gavin is cis and straight, so if Jocelyn wants to include him -- since he is a main character -- there's not really any other flag to give him.
Callisto (Guest)
The black and white pattern, when placed around any of the other flags, represents and ally, not straight pride. The straight pride flag is a blue flag with a family with linked hands, and is totally different, Russian, and quite offensive.
Callisto (Guest)
*an, not and
Samantha (Guest)
Really, poster? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

When you make others into your enemies, they become your enemies.

As it is, Gavin is a Straight Ally. That said, he is kinda okay with trans/intersex girls if Ana is any indicator (plus, he was into Rain).

Lemme see if I remember these flags correctly. Lavender/Pink/White is transgender, Rainbow is gay/lesbian (although Rudy/Ruby is possibly also slightly genderfluid), Black/White is straight pride/ally, Black/Grey/White/Purple is asexual/demisexual (they use the same flag, but demisexuals can become interested in relationships under ideal situations), Pink/White/Purple/Black/Blue is genderfluid, Heather's flag is intersex. Emily is pansexual, and Fara is bisexual. I had to look Fara up because I never paid much attention to her sexuality being different.
poster. (Guest)
I don't have a problem with straight people. i'm straight myself. yes, everyone does have a right to be acceped but a cis het person gavin does not have to fight to be accepted. it is guaranteed. putting it in with a pride thing i find offputting.
Simba12371 (Guest)
Yet still he is a person. All people have a right to be accepted for who they are, cis trans intersex etc. Not only that but in ignoring the fact that being cis is as OK as being anything else you can cause detrimental effects to the cis community, or to cis people. As said by Samantha "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." if you believe that cis shouldn't be included, then your being offensive to them not by being yourself, but considering them less. Yes i understand that non cis people have more of a struggle to find and be what they are, but the way to fix inequality is not to scorn but to be kind. Follow Gandhi's philosophy because being kind and fair is often the best long term way of ensuring equality for all, as well as to remove any chance of a over the top side movement to the message of acceptance we (by virtue of wanting to be accepted for who we are) preach.

TL:DR Everyone is equal and we should accept everyone for who they are. Judge on personal merit not external image.
poster. (Guest)
you people have no idea what you are talking about. i never said cis people can't be included under the rainbow lol. only cis hets can't. that is litterly all. not a single person has issues because they are cis. cis people can have struggles for plenty of other reasons. I can't believe i have to explain something so basic. My god, this fan base.
AlexT (Guest)
Seems to me that if all of us spent less time on labels and division, and more time accepting that everyone is different and has their own path and preferences, we would be much further along.
Grace (Guest)
No, you have no idea what you're talking about. Exclusion is not what the LGBT community is about. We accept straight cis people who accept us, which is what Gavin is. You're a toxic person who gives this community a bad name.
Samantha (Guest)
Yes but no, there.

"Everyone does have a right to be accepted but" ... but nothing. Whether I am gay, straight, or bi. Whether I am cis or trans, if you want ANY respect of your own, you can't be the type of person that sees someone who never did anything to Rain, but happens to be cis and hetero as somehow privileged. Yes he does. Not much, but among LGBT people he is an outsider. His being an ally is looked at with distrust.

We ALL have our burdens to bear.
Samantha (Guest)
That "Not much" was supposed to be "not as much" as in he may not have to fight as much.

But he still does. Just as white people in a predominantly black community get to be looked at like they are slaveowners.
poster. (Guest)
i'm sorry but gavin is priviledged. he is a straight cis men. he is very privledged. denying that ain't helping anyone. I hardly have an issue with the character because of this. i'm just saying it seems odd to put him as symbol of pride where he has no place there. sure he may be an ally or whatever but he can never truly belong. what is so hard to grasp about this?
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
I'm gonna stay out of the "do cis straight people get to have pride" argument part, but there's a difference between a general symbol and a pride symbol anyway. There's a set theme here, and Gavin is a main character, so he has to hold SOME colored flag-umbrella or he'd be out of place in the set.
Friend, you need to learn that not everything is a battle. The characters are holding color-coded umbrellas in a cute picture. Gavin is holding the color codes that apply to his situation. That's all. It's really not a big deal.

If there are two ways to interpret something, and one of them offends you, it's a good general policy to assume that the other one was probably the intended one. Nothing in Gavin's character says he is likely to show up at a pride gathering with an umbrella that would hurt his friends' feelings, so just maybe you should consider that he's there as an ally.

And anyway, this isn't a pride rally; it's a picture of friends, drawn in chibi style. Look at it and smile. Relax and enjoy.

P.S. Imagine what answer Rain would give you if you asked her whether Gavin is welcome.
Callisto (Guest)
Not "Or Whatever."

He is an ally. Period.

Discounting that, or any other ally just for the fact that they are cis and het, hurts the LGBT community. It is absolutely shameful and the precise type of prejudice that the LGBT community fights against. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself, poster.
Callisto (Guest)
And, again, the Black and White alternating was never actually accepted as the accepted flag of the Straight Pride movement.

It IS the symbol of ALLIES of the LGBT movements, when surrounding their respective flag, either when surrounding the catch-all rainbow or any specific flag, and has been for quite some time. Perhaps before you call any of us who ARE LGBT ignorant, you should educate yourself, Poster, because you very plainly are on this topic.
Ranth (Guest)
Also, don't forget that an ally may be taking risks. Having at one point been an ally I got harassed for being gay (at the time I was cis het) pretty nastily until a fellow student put an end to it.

Its not the same as being LGBT+, but it is also something. Especially since allies are also family, partners, and children of people who are LGBT. If they want to show their strong and open support of us by all means.
Zii (Guest)
Also, as merchandise, it makes sense. How would a straight cis person show their support for the comic and be able to express their identity otherwise?
Sa (Guest)
I can't wait to see a Father Quenton Chibi :3
Lyn the Mysfortunate (Guest)
This is the cutest act of self-promotion I've ever seen!
Flynn (Guest)
Wait...Heather is intersex? I thought she was mtf post-op? I'm a bit confused by this.

Intersex has always been people like me who were born with partial hermaphroditism, as far as I know.
Quin (Guest)
Intersex conditions span a huge gamut. Birth defects that cause ambiguities, Kleinfelters syndrome, AIS, XXY and X0 and XXXY and... What was called human hermaphrodism is included too.

My knowledge of this is first hand, and I'm glad to see my pride flag finally in a Rain chibi umbrella picture.

She has CAIS (Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome), which is an intersex condition. Although she never specifically names it, she explains it in detail in the first panel of this page:
Flynn (Guest)
Turns out I was thinking of Ana...omg I'm such an idiot, plz ignore me. XD
It's okay. We've all been there. Don't sweat it. XD
Veliese (Guest)
Sigh to fat for cute shirt still ;_;
VDani (Guest)
I find preggo casually dressed Emily super adorable. (Why did you have to make her that adorable, Goddess of the Rain Universe? Why?)
If only there were a toy Emily (not a plush one, but solid) I'd get one immediately.
3D printed Chibi figurines...

I think I squeed a little...
VDani (Guest)
Squeeing would be the most articulate response I'd have to one of those... Just give me Em, long hair Rain and Chanel and I'd be happy forever.
I fear I would take out a small loan to buy them all...
Damocles_Sword (Guest)
Chibi-Chanel is just too damn adorable.
Darkcloud64 (Guest)
So I read this comic all the way a wile ago and I gotta tell you 2 things! One glad to see your getting better! Two this comic gave me the push I needed to cross dress for the frist time ever and I loved it. I felt so happy!~~ and felt cute witch is something I never saw my self as. Witch was increadable its like seeng your self for the frist time all over agin.I wanna say thanks for makeing this idk how long I would have put it off for if this wsint here. and just like your characters I call myself Alex as a female not gonna say my male name sorry but yea thanks you inspare me!!!! much love Alex
Chibi set 1? does that imply there is a 2 coming? :-)

Indeed! There will be more chibis in the future, including several characters and perhaps a few prides that didn't make it into Set 1. ^_^
I can't wait to see those ^_^
NerdyBrooke (Guest)
Rain is getting ready to start HRT, and we all know how much hormones can affect appearance. In the comic though, Rain already 'passes'. My question is, will Rain have any changes to the way she's drawn due to HRT?
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
She can correct me if I'm wrong, but Jocelyn probably won't answer this - that would necessitate spoiling that things go without a hitch, while the possibility still exists that Rain might hit a wall on starting hormones and not be able to do it during the run of the comic (or at least not until much further along). Just a thought.
What's Heather's umbrella,I've never seen that one? It kinda looks like the transgender flag but backwoods.
Athena (Guest)
That would be the Intersex pride flag.
thank you.
trilb (Guest)
I've never seen it before either. I'm familiar with the purple ring with a yellow field being the intersex flag.
trilb (Guest)
But.. if you want a second opinion:
I never said the flag I was familar with was the correct flag...
Lemonado Girl
Perhaps it might be s good idea to link the red bubble in this commentary section?

Red bubble?
The link was in my initial commentary, but here it is again. ^_^
Drumada (Guest)
Oh man, I would buy the crap out of a Coffee Mug with this Chibi Ky on one side and Kylie on the other. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Redbubble lets you combine merch like that
i so want that image as a poster for my wall... all those chibis...
AlyssaM (Guest)
are there any figurines in the works? i would soooooo love a set of Rain Chibi figurines! and one of puddle of course!
I think my favorite is long hair Maria