Comic 858 - Scary

13th Jul 2016, 6:31 AM in Ch. 29: Transitions
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Author Notes:

Jocelyn 13th Jul 2016, 6:31 AM edit delete
This is actually a very timely page. Rain's very real feelings regarding her upcoming hormones are quite a bit like my feelings regarding my upcoming surgery (I swear I didn't plan it like that). Of course, she's excited. This is huge. It's what she's always wanted. It's a dream come true. And that can be scary. I was the same way when I was starting hormones. Most - if not all - of you on hormones probably did too. And for those of you who have not yet started HRT: I assure you, it's okay to be nervous. It's very natural to be afraid of change. Even ones you want or need.

Anyway, as is typical, this is the last page of the chapter but it's probably not the last page of the chapter, if you know what I mean. If you don't, expect ooooone more page next time. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

As I've been saying for a while now, I'll be going for SRS on July 26th. If you've been with me long enough to remember my cancer surgeries, you know there's going to be a lengthy hiatus for my recovery. I probably won't feel up to drawing much. Fortunately, Chapter 29 wraps up this week. So unlike my previous surgeries which cut things off awkwardly mid-chapter, this break will be a little more controlled (like any other planned hiatus). The comic will return with Chapter 30, but I don't know when. That depends on how long it takes for me to feel like I can sit upright and draw for extended periods again. I will keep you posted throughout my recovery though, so you know when that will be.

Anyway, you support is still (and will always be) welcome. ^_^

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Lemonado Girl 13th Jul 2016, 7:00 AM edit delete reply
Lemonado Girl
Nawwwwwww~ <3 so cuuuuuuute!
Reimi 13th Jul 2016, 10:05 AM edit delete reply
Aww, hugs for Rain!

Curious what the bonus page will be now...
Playtime737684 13th Jul 2016, 11:19 AM edit delete reply
Love this true feelings are the best!!!!
Guest 13th Jul 2016, 12:10 PM edit delete reply
This is probably going to be my first hiatus (assuming we don't count the one in between chapters 28 and 29, because that was very short.) Ahhhh ;.;
Out of curiosity, how long do you estimate Rain is going to end up being? I don't know exactly how long her school year would be (I know some schools end in May or something, but my school has always ended around the end of June, so??? Plus there's still a lot of things that need to happen in the meantime.)
AmbiguousMouse 13th Jul 2016, 12:45 PM edit delete reply
Jocelyn has also gone on record saying that Rain won't necessarily end when the kids graduate; we might get a bit after that. And anyway, even if it HAD to end at the exact in-character end of high school, this comic could go on however long Jocelyn wanted if she felt like doing another few two-year weekends, El Goonish Shive-style.
Jocelyn 13th Jul 2016, 12:45 PM edit delete reply

It's hard to say. I have an ending in mind I'm really happy with, but I'm becoming increasingly unclear on how long it'll take to get there. There's still a lot that I want to cover before then.

As for the school year, that'll end in June (in story time), with their prom being in May (because that's how my high school did it, so I'll stick to what I know). But I wouldn't worry too much about in-story dates, as there will be time skips, for sure. And while I won't divulge much further than this, I do have plans for Summer in the story, so things don't necessarily end with the school year. ^_^
AmbiguousMouse 13th Jul 2016, 12:47 PM edit delete reply
We posted in sync.

We posted in sync!

I'm officially Jocelyn's spirit animal :3
Pip 13th Jul 2016, 4:27 PM edit delete reply
Nuuuu don't talk about ending!! I don't know what I'll do :'( </3

I am both scared and excited about the prospect XD
Jocelyn 13th Jul 2016, 5:29 PM edit delete reply

Don't worry. It won't be anytime soon. This comic has YEARS of life left in it. ^_^


What a surprise! I never would've guessed my spirit animal was a mouse! (And seriously, what timing!) XD
Samantha 13th Jul 2016, 5:32 PM edit delete reply
"...we won't have to go through this alone right?"


Something tragic happens and these two are suddenly unable to see each other for four months.
Guest 14th Jul 2016, 1:41 PM edit delete reply
Well, we know that Emily's mom is going to be coming back at the end of March (I think?) story-wise... unsure of how she'll react to learning that her daughter is going through with the pregnancy, that she's informed the school, that the father is being completely left out, and Emily's been staying at the house of someone Emily's mom doesn't know for about a month. Emily's mom might not be the most committed of mothers, but all those things could cause her to take action.
Plus we still don't know where Rain's dad is, and if he suddenly decides to get involved in his "son's" life... well, we can all guess how that might play out. We know he's gotta show up at some point.
Vanessa 13th Jul 2016, 5:36 PM edit delete reply
Congratulations on getting SRS!
Samantha 14th Jul 2016, 12:12 AM edit delete reply
A week from my birthday (July 20), you'll be in your bed recovering the surgery.
SayaHeart 13th Jul 2016, 10:15 PM edit delete reply
Congratulations and best of luck :) I shall wait as patiently as possible for more Rain to come ♥
Devgirl Neko 13th Jul 2016, 11:35 PM edit delete reply
Devgirl Neko
Wow, end of chapter 29! I can't believe I started reading this comic when there was only 6 chapters! We've come a long way since then.
Tay-Tay 14th Jul 2016, 1:20 AM edit delete reply
I just came out to my friend as trans to my closest friend and ik it's like 1am were I live but the suspense of waiting for him to reply is just ahhhhhh!!!!! At the same time I don't want him to reply cuz I'm worried on what he'll think. Do u have any advice? I'm so worried!
guest 14th Jul 2016, 11:18 AM edit delete reply
@Tay-Tay :

Start by giving him a few facts of Nature :

This world, Nature, is wonderfully rich in diversity. We can't all be the same and it wouldn't be good if we were.

For human babies, inutero in the fifteenth week of development, another surge of testosterone occurs which continues at least into the sixteenth week.

(Sometimes that surge is very larger than usual. At that fifteenth week the effect on brain development for such individuals is that they more often are risk takers and thrill seekers.)

Weeks earlier the configuration of the reproductive organs has already been determined. The sex of the brain sets in the sixteenth week. Occasionally, brain sex develops which is a mismatch to the earlier genital configuration. It is not known of certainty the exact cause, e.g., (M2F) one theory being neural resistance to testosterone occurs. However, it is known as fact that when this occurs it is in the sixteenth week. The configuration of the brain (M2F) is then more consistent with female development.

Inform your friend of these facts. Maybe give him time to sort it out and come around. Then, if he can't accept you for the unique and beautiful person who you are as Nature and God made you to be, he was never a true friend; best to put him out of your mind and life. Then again he could get it right off and see how lucky he is to have you for a friend.
Tay-Tay 14th Jul 2016, 11:26 AM edit delete reply
alright, will do. Thanks for that advice I really needed that!
Reimi 14th Jul 2016, 8:36 PM edit delete reply
Hey Jocelyn, you should do a simple drawing of you in a bed typing on a tablet or laptop with enough room for text to be inserted for updates you can quickly toss together as you recover and we can continue to wish you well on these sites in addition to facebook.
Jocelyn 14th Jul 2016, 9:29 PM edit delete reply

That's a really good idea! I may do exactly that. ^_^
Ruth 15th Aug 2016, 3:57 AM edit delete reply
I'm on track to hopefully start my HRT in approx 3 weeks. If you asked me a week ago, I was totally ready to start. Now that it's getting closer I'm starting to freak out a bit. Change is scary.
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