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30th Jun 2016, 3:33 PM in Ch. 29: Transitions
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Minimal Drama
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Author Notes:
Minimal drama? Oh, Emily. Have you forgotten what comic you're in? XD

We also get to see Father Quenton again for the first time in a while. That's means it's time to place your metaphorical bets. What outcome can we expect for Emily in the coming pages? Will she be allowed to continue going to school with minimal drama? Is this the part where so-called "evil incarnate" Father Quenton turns out to be a super swell guy? Or will everything go south from here for her?

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

As you may know by now, my upcoming SRS date is less than a month away (assuming nothing falls through). I'm nervous beyond words, either way. Whatever happens, I'm just trying not to have my brain explode from stress, pressure, and nerves. Your help would be, as always, very welcome right now.

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User comments:
Hmm... So Emily's gonna go into labor during prom. Or miss prom because of it. Yeah, that's my current prediction until proven otherwise. At the very least, the rule of drama says she has to give birth before graduation.
moop (Guest)
and then the baby is going to be the prom queen! :O!!!!!
Zimerick (Guest)
Or prom king.
Vanessa (Guest)
Prom Monarch
Lemonado Girl
Oh hi, Father Quenton! *punch* Sorry, needed to do that.
The warmth, love and compassion in that last panel.
DramaDork (Guest)
She's so fricked.
Jacy Em (Guest)
Hmm... First time seeing him in a while... This does not bode well.
Problems crush the Father or send him an altar boy. Emily did the right thing yet today's society is out for themselves. Let her stay in school not in a Catholic grade school sad state of affairs. What will happen next?
Kitsune_Chan (Guest)
Here in Canada Catholic schools are a lot better about things + there are rules and laws set up by the government preventing schools from expelling people for stupid reasons. Like pregnancy.
Ranth (Guest)
Even without it, the policy for pregnancies at many Catholic schools would be to allow her to continue. There are two reasons for this: to discourage abortions (which could be more easily hidden) and to ensure both the student and child could make a living.

Of course, having discretion is problematic, since the school's leadership has leeway like this. With someone like Father Quentin it is a good question. Even if she does remain there could be some harmful nasty things Quentin does. I do wonder why Father Quentin is the way he is, because he seems like he really doesn't like anyone or anything.
Oh crap, that look on Aurthur's face.

Father Quenton eat a Snickers. You drown bunnies when you're hungry
Alice (Guest)
Next panel: Father Quentin launches into an anti-abortion rant and, upon learning she's planning on keeping the baby, is so relieved that he actually ends up being not a dick to her.
I would actually like to see that outcome myself... Best outcome in this worse case scenario...
Samantha (Guest)
He probably would. Which, ironically is good, because if he did expel her, this would be exactly what she might feel pressured to do.

Also, I'll say it again. Oliver Cromwell.
Kamikaze Jim (Guest)
Am I the only one who needs fresh pants after seeing father quenton?
You're not alone there. I nearly screamed in terror once I saw "weigh in on what?"
pippaf1 (Guest)
Please mention not the traitor.
Kamikaze Jim (Guest)
Who's the traitor? Roy Campbell? John Snow? Old Snake? George Lutz? Bill Guarnere? WHO?!
I hope this goes well, but knowing father Quentin and this godforsaken school...I doubt that will happen
Wait... this is the end of the week cliffhanger... CURSE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mayyybe the Father has a soft spot for babies? Or there's always the chance that because Emily plans to have the child instead of the A-word that that coincides with Father Quenton's interpretation of his bible of choice? ^^; Fingers crossed Em ♥
oh sh--
^^ that was my reaction
Emily, run! D:
I'm going to hope for an early update on Monday (which would end up being my Sunday) because... oh crud no
Instant reactions aside, Quenton has had so few appearances in this comic (mostly serving as some invisible entity that exists to wreak havoc on our poor protagonists) that an actual appearance by him talking directly to the students (because, if I'm not mistaken, this is the first time we've seen him talk to a student?) is utterly terrifying. Thanks to Brother Arthur most of the protagonists have gotten away with much, but I'm really hoping this first appearance of Quenton doesn't symbolize him getting more involved in the future. (Although it probably will.)
Excellent antagonist development, by making him seem remote and powerful you've made him quite realistic. He's also a great antagonist because he probably believes that he is in the right. He's an extremely realistic antagonist for any LGBT or non-"perfect" student that exists, and one that we all fear.
DJ All Unka (Guest)
It's kind of a dilemma for the teaching staff. They certainly don't want her to have an abortion! But I'm sure that they'd rather shuffle her out of sight somewhere...

But that could still be an angle for counterattack. "If you punish her for pregnancy, aren't you just encouraging the students to get abortions or use birth control?"
Samantha (Guest)
You've clearly based his character design on Oliver Cromwell, a man known for his forgiveness and understanding (not).

At least this isn't Rain in front of the guy.
I mentioned before that my mother went to catholic Highschool and her graduating class had 1 girl who had a child and 2 who where pregnant, this was in the 1980's so unless something has changed in the last 30 years I'm pretty sure catholic schools tolerate pregnancy.
Father Quenton has only ever been "Described" as evil incarnate. He hasn't done anything in the story so far to indicate that he is evil, I think it is unfair to judge and make implications that he is a molester simply based on the fact that he is a priest. Just my opinion, don't judge lest ye be judged as well

Keep in mind that there are exceptions to everything. Just because something happens in one particular school with one particular faculty, that doesn't mean it's automatically how things will play out in every school of that type (even in that location, year, etc.). The story you present with your mother's school is positive and optimal, but by no means whatsoever is that a guarantee at every single Catholic school. Even today. It very easily could've been the exception. Heck, one little change in the chain of command at that school, and it might not've even played out the same way there in another year. The thing is, since starting to write Emily's pregnancy story arc a few years ago, I've heard plenty of testimonies of schools (public and private) having a WIDE range of reactions to pregnant students. Some schools are very supportive. Some tolerant, but uninvolved. And some quick to sweep any potentially bad publicity under the rug by any means necessary.

As for your last point, no one has said Father Quenton was molesting anyone as far as I've seen, so I don't even know where that came from. He's not called "evil incarnate" because he's a priest. He's called that because he's apparently done things that aren't agreeable (to put lightly). We haven't seen him much, but he has a presence and a reputation among both students AND teachers. Even Brother Arthur's role throughout much of the story has been telling people to keep a lower profile so nothing gets back to Father Quenton. In theory, there's a reason for that.
I think the idea that Father Quenton is a molester came from the (ridiculous) stereotype that all priests are molesters. I don't think anyone has said anything about him specifically, though.
I understand about the school thing
As for the other thing
One of the comments above mentioned sending Father Quenton an Alter boy, I felt that that was enforcing the sterotype of all male Catholic Priests are molesters which isn't true. I would like to have a positive outlook and not judge a character who hasn't really done anything yet As a monster. If I'm wrong for that I appologize
Ellie (Guest)
I'm going to predict that, from here, everything will go south and we'll have a period of major drama before we get back to the more minor dramas and hilarity.
No need to be sorry but as I was the one who said it I am also the one who was molested by a Catholic priest. This is no joke and I have had many years to deal I don't trust very easy and I could say even more things about them but I choose to keep my mouth shut on the subject so if I offended anyone with my comments then sorry but till you have walked in my shoe I will judge.
Not to go White Knighting for a group I can't stand, let alone the other probably detestable half of what I'm doing here, but that's not a fair assumption.

I understand distrusting them (and I am entirely unperterbed because...well, sexual assault is a special kind of evil) but the way you word that makes it sound like you think it's a fact, or at least a reasonably sound piece of logistics from an objective standpoint.

While I'm not going to pretend this puts us on equal footing my stepsister (the only person in my ludicrously massive family that actually feels like family to me) was molested by a preacher's son while doing mission work in...I believe Africa. The most disgusting part is that she knew she was in a low point and used that to justify it ("You think you don't deserve to be loved? You don't, but Jesus loves you anyway") and I hate him more than could be stated here in good taste.

All in all, holding that sort of opinion toward an entire group (especially one so large) isn't exactly a healthy way to live.

Apologies if I overstepped my bounds there (which I probably did), I just can't see that kind of stereotyping justified in that manner and not put my two cents in. I wish you well and I hate the fact that this is something anybody ever has to go though, ever.
Yossarian (Guest)
Oh dear... Poor Emily. Something tells me Father Quinton won't be very understanding. I'm interested to see if he turns out to be the primary antagonist for the remainder of the story.
RAF Harrier (Guest)
Well, at least she isn't gonna do an abortion. If you ask me, abortion=murder. I dont care about what you say regarding "oh it only starts to live after a coupla weeks". No. Just no. Once the fetus is in the womb, its alive. I understand if you can't support the baby, but then give him/her to an orphanage. Sorry if I sounded angry, that's just my opinion.
You know, Father Quenton looks like the kind of asshole who'd punch Emily in the stomach to try to induce an abortion... if Brother Arthur was not there.
Washu-chan (Guest)
It just occurred to me. Father Quentin looks like - and reminds me of - a certain disreputable priest with a taste for hellishly hot mapo tofu in charge of a mage war in Fuyuki City, Japan
Kioty (Guest)
Anyone else giving him Snape voice?
no (Guest)
it´s not just me?
Kesi (Guest)
Oh gods, he’s terrifying. The stupid optimistic part of me is just hoping he is actually really supportive and all, but I doubt it
Waffle (Guest)
Fingers crossed for "Congratulations! I hope you won't spread it around, but I have a huge soft spot for babies. Let me know - privately - if there's anything you need."
Evil incarnate has arrived