17th May 2016, 12:02 PM in Ch. 29: Transitions
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Author Notes:
There is a lot to take from this page, and yet so much I can't say. But how do you feel about this? Did Emily handle this well or not so much? Should she have spoken to him directly? She seemed careful, but is there a chance anyone overheard?

And what about Chase himself? How do you imagine he'll respond to this voicemail?

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User comments:
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
I think this is probably the best thing she could've done given what she knows, but I'm not sure if it was the best decision in light of Chase banging on her door while she wasn't there. I can't decide whether he's more concerned about getting it aborted to avoid a headache or if he actually wants the child for himself, though. Douchecastles can be very weird and inconsistent people. Either way though, I hope she picks up if he calls back, and I hope she stays safe, because avoiding him might enrage him at this point, and while I don't personally care overmuch about Chase's feelings right now, there's a real possibility that his rage could be dangerous.
Monika (Guest)
I don't like the trope of the single mother not even taking the child support money from the father as if there is something wrong with taking that money. Especially in this case where she is a high school student and he is much older and has a job?!
Jynnx (Guest)
Taking his child support means giving him an opening into the child's life - and by proxy, hers.

Given what we know about Chase - that he has no problem sleeping around with underaged girls until they're pregnant, and his inconsistant temper - is that really something she ought to be angling for?
Sesquipedalia (Guest)
This. My sister decided to get child support from her son's father and he has partial custody as a result. He rarely pays the child support and yet insists on having my nephew on certain holidays. It's a mess
Cerberus (Guest)
Yeah, it sucks, but sometimes forgoing the money can be useful for making sure an abusive ex doesn't use that to wind their way into your life. And it becomes more dangerous when said abusive ex is a child molester who has already groomed one person and so leaving him an opening to access to a child would be the worst.

That all said, I'm really worried that Chase will try and use this pregnancy to force more interaction and increase his current stalker behavior, because he'll feel "ownership" over the child.

And unfortunately, if he did want to pursue it, he could pursue legal rights of access to the child and by proxy Emily, though he might not seeing as how said child is also proof he committed statutory rape.

I'm honestly a bit worried that no matter what she does, he's going to try and harm her in some way.
drs (Guest)
Whether he committed statutory rape depends on the local statutes. In about half of US states the age of consent is 16.

Is this really a trope? O_o

Either way, it's not about right and wrong. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with accepting child support money; the point here is just that Emily has to look at other factors as well. In her case, it's about her not wanting him involved. It's about her not wanting a petulant alcoholic pedophile with no concept of responsibility having an impressionable role in her child's life. Perhaps the money would make things a little more comfortable for them, but is it really worth it when weighed against someone as incredibly toxic as Chase?
i agree... i'd just want him out of my life... saying 'live your life, let me live mine' is best in terms of keeping him away from my child, but also giving him no reason to interfere... if he knows i won't seek anything from him, he won't try to harm me or my baby... or try to push me to abort...

(weird that i can internalize the situation despite having had hysterectomy as small child...)
The vibe I get is that Chase is from a very nice and well off family. from what she says he is worried about embarassing his family by screwing up. My guess is he will be relieved to be off the hook. Do I believe that we have seen the last of Chase? Hell No. First off he is Kellens Ex Fiance, Aiken Figured out that Chase is the one who got Emily Pregnant (not sure if Kellen did as well) and knows Chase, and he is determined to talk to Emily so he may not be satisfied with a voice mail.

As for if anyone overheard her... we will know soon
Cerberus (Guest)
Kellen knows as well:

And that might be bad for Emily, because everyone else who knows she is a survivor of statutory rape cares about her and would check with her about her wishes before tipping off the police, but Kellen actively hates her and is the sort of person who'd find it easy to convince herself she's doing Emily a good deed by reporting.

Plus Kellen is probably in the mind to really take it to Chase seeing as how there's probably a whole mess of awful that was at the core of the end of her own relationship to Chase. So, I wouldn't be surprised if Emily gets a visit from a cop at some point due to a tipoff by Kellen.
Emily handled that very well, but no way this is the end of it. Chase won't let it go that easily. I doubt anyone overheard it, too easy of an out story wise. But I have a feeling her friends are gonna ask some hard questions today.
Oh wow, hard to believe the convention happened on Saturday February 23rd, the haircut was the morning of the 24th and here it is only Tuesday the 26th, so much plot in such a small time period.
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
... Whaaaat!? O_O
Yeah, the date and time occasionally pops up to frame the scene, and the day of the convention was February 23rd, and this comic takes place on the following Tuesday. Feels like we have been stuck in this week for years.
Yep! And to go a step further, it's been February in canon since the beginning of Chapter 20, which went up over two years ago. It's messing me up too, because I keep wanting to draw Maria's hair longer or Emily's belly bigger, but very little time has actually passed. Webcomic time could confound the most brilliant mathematicians, I'm sure. XD

This will probably be the last chapter to feature the longest February ever though (because it's bugging me a little). And I probably won't keep the story in a single small window of time for this long again.
Haha, well, the next big milestone is March 11th, Rain's endo appointment, so it won't be too big of a jump, just 2 weeks.
Artorigus (Guest)
Rad expression work this page o_o It seems sort of like an incidental scene but I don't think I've been this impressed with the expressions since the RuIn breakup... Though several scenes have gotten pretty close since you're just excellent with expressions.
Kelabeth (Guest)
Agreed! The expressions are so well done! Kudos, Jocelyn!
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
Ooh, I like the full color!
Lemonado Girl
I just hope that Chase is made to take some manner of responsibility for his actions, but hopefully it won't give him any avenues to hurt Emily or her baby. I'm actually kinda hyped to meet the kid, even though I know it won't be for a long, long time.
Canton Empire
Teach me how to draw like you PLEASE!!!
Blue (Guest)
Has anyone said that Rain looks like Pearl from Steven Universe?
Chandler the Potato King (Guest)
she dose have a similar hair style 0.o
but pearly is super thin and a bit taller than some humans
also pearl is saltier xD
I can't judge how well she handled it in her situation, but I know I would not have been satisfied with that phone call, if It was me on the other end.
Artorigus (Guest)
This has nothing to do with this particular update, but I'm training a Whismur in Alpha Sapphire and I nicknamed her Fara. She has a sassy nature; I found this most fitting, in light of there not being a Sarcastic nature. She will be the finest and most upstanding Exploud.

That is all.
Lemonado Girl
Will admit that I did a White 2 run in which I had Fara the amazing Eelektross.
It's probably for the best that he didn't answer the phone