Comic 794 - Cinnamon or butterscotch?

12th Feb 2016, 3:46 PM in Special
Cinnamon or butterscotch?
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Jocelyn 12th Feb 2016, 3:46 PM edit delete
Late to the bandwagon, but I did Undertale fanart.

Firstly, in case you didn't catch it in the image, please don't spoil anything in the comments. I take spoilers very seriously and I will start deleting comments at the first sight of them. But please don't make me have to do that. ^_^

The spoiler thing is important though, because I've never technically played this game (I don't normally like gaming on my computer). But I did happen upon the demo the other day and finally decided to at least try that. I was... immediately in love. The atmosphere, the music, the characters (the demo consisted only of those in the image)... just everything captivated me right off. I laughed. I cried (twice). My mind was blown a little. And that's just from the half hour demo.

So even though I was previously content to dodge spoilers while waiting for a console version (which, to my understanding, could very well never happen), I'm kind of invested now. I know I'm going to have to give in and play this real soon. But for now, I really need to focus. Thing is, it's so in my head right now.

Hence the fanart. When I get a new story idea that I don't want to work on right away, I tend to draw the lead character(s) to clear my head so I can return my attention to the comic. It usually works. So let's see if it works with other people's stories too. XD

As for the art itself, I primarily used sprites from the demo as reference for the characters (and a screenshot for the background). For the most part, Toriel, Flowey, and Napstablook are pretty directly how they appear in the game. The player character (whom I named "Lynn"; I don't know what their actual name is if they have one) has a little bit of artistic license. I'm to understand that the player character's age, gender and ethnicity was left purposely ambiguous so the player can insert themselves in whatever way makes them most comfortable. So OF COURSE my head canon of the protagonist is a little trans girl (would you expect anything else from me?). XD

Anywho, eventually I'll actually play this. And when I do, there's a good chance I'll draw more. But for now, just a cute, little pic and back to Rain!
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Alice 12th Feb 2016, 4:08 PM edit delete reply
I think I'm one of the few people who doesn't like Undertale. I still think it's a great game, but it didn't grab me. I kind of just got bored...
alex 12th Feb 2016, 5:59 PM edit delete reply
I love it! hehe goat mum!
j-eagle12212012 12th Feb 2016, 7:17 PM edit delete reply
I have not played the game but I have followed someone's multiple playthroughs of the game so I know about it. the soundtrack and characters and the whole story are amazing........

You will love this game please let us know when you have played the full game
Emma 12th Feb 2016, 10:06 PM edit delete reply
Let me know if you're interested in watching let's plays after you're finished with it- I'm always looking for people to share mine with :P
Lemonado Girl 13th Feb 2016, 12:44 AM edit delete reply
Lemonado Girl
You are going to love this game. There is something I kind of want to talk about tats super relatable but it would be kinda spoilery so I'll keep mum until you finish your first play through.
Noelle 13th Feb 2016, 1:02 AM edit delete reply
But don't you love the part where-

*Loud bang, Noelle falls over, badass Jocelyn sitting in the corner with a sniper rifle*

SilentNight 13th Feb 2016, 3:36 AM edit delete reply
Helped make my day. Seriously, this game has given me so many feels, so feely it's impossible to force yourself to have a bad time.
Katie Valeska 13th Feb 2016, 8:09 AM edit delete reply
My husband and I just "finished" our first playthrough of Undertale (quotation marks because there's seemingly tons to discover even when you think you're through)! I thought it was fun from the start but it really started to pull me in the further we got into the story.

Jocelyn, if you end up playing and liking it, you HAVE to seek out Earthbound (if you haven't already played it, of course!). Originally for SNES, we found a "homebrew" version for the Wii. I'd never played it as a kid, but it was a gigantic influence on Undertale and is hands-down my favorite game. Have fun!! I love your comics, btw! :)
Jocelyn 13th Feb 2016, 10:05 AM edit delete reply
@Katie Valeska

I have played Earthbound, actually. Somewhere between 20-30 times, in fact. ^_^ It's actually one of my favorite games. I've done fanart for that as well too (which, oddly, I thought I posted on Comic Fury; sorry for that oversight).

But yeah, when Undertale first came out, I heard a lot of early comparisons of it to Earthbound, which was what originally got me curious about it. And now I'm FINALLY playing it.
Katie Valeska 13th Feb 2016, 4:19 PM edit delete reply
Excellent! I had missed the boat on that one for so long, glad you were already a fan! Enjoy your Undertale experience(s) :)
Guest 13th Feb 2016, 9:00 PM edit delete reply
There are a lot of "Easter eggs" in this game, so you really have to explore everything. Also, be very careful when doing certain things, as just about every move you make will effect the rest of your game. I wish I could explain this more, but I don't know what you consider to be spoilers, and I don't want to ruin the game for you.
Guest 14th Feb 2016, 3:21 AM edit delete reply
imo that mechanics kind of a spoiler on its own
arthursbeardbone 14th Feb 2016, 11:04 AM edit delete reply
OMG this is like seriously my favorite game. First Smash, than Game Grumps, now Undertale, are we like clones or something?
Guest 14th Feb 2016, 10:26 PM edit delete reply
SPOILER: The butler is the cinnamon!
Ari 28th Jun 2020, 1:05 PM edit delete reply
he's not the cinnamon
he's the butler-scotch
Zii 15th Feb 2016, 12:40 PM edit delete reply
I also did a Let's Play of this game! I heard it touted so much that I was averse to the hype, and since I actually disliked Earthbound, I was thinking this game wasn't for me. But lo, I was wrong!
Spoilerz 15th Sep 2016, 9:51 PM edit delete reply
Spoiler alert! This is a spoiler alert.
Drew 22nd Jan 2017, 7:04 PM edit delete reply
When I saw this, I literally screamed. I mean, I know you're awesome, you like anime, Nintendo, even old-school video games but Undertale? Undertale is my favorite video game ever and I'm so happy to see you do fanart of it! Please do more!
Icepath 24th Jan 2017, 10:38 PM edit delete reply
Enjoy the game!

When I saw your character art I legitimately thought it was of Chanel as the player character...
LGBT_Izzy 6th Apr 2017, 2:47 PM edit delete reply
Everything that happens in Undertale is *spoilers beeped out*
Frost Winters 23rd Feb 2018, 7:53 PM edit delete reply
It's been around 2 1/2 years since it's initial release, and it is yet to be replaced as my all-time favorite Role-Playing Game, or RPG for the savvy gamers out there. The story, art, fourth-wall breaks, and soundtrack all come together to create the most beautiful story I've ever come across. Second only to "Rain," this video game is a work of art that teaches humanity about itself in a very unique way. "Rain" shows us that we are all valid and should be accepted for what we identify as, and "Undertale," our deepest, most twisted and despised traits. 10/10 to both Jocelyn S. and Toby "Radiation" Fox! You will forever hold a place in my heart!
Guest 16th May 2019, 2:35 PM edit delete reply
sams undertol dies
PSH who needs names 20th Jan 2021, 3:25 PM edit delete reply
wow yes such undertale very fanart
Keiya 17th May 2021, 3:51 PM edit delete reply
Your rendition of the undertale player character is friggin adorable.
Damien-M766 5th Jun 2022, 10:17 PM edit delete reply
xbox version you say? small tiny tad bit of an update
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