7th Feb 2016, 6:37 PM in Ch. 28: Love, Trust, and Respect
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Author Notes:
I came so close to cutting the first page so many times. It went from feeling unnecessary one day to absolutely vital the next. Mostly, it's there because the second page felt clunky without it, even though they're not that connected. Hopefully, I made the right choice by leaving it in. Of course, there's a bit of development for both Jessica and Heather here. So that's a plus.

And at last we see Jessica and Aiken in each other's presence. Albeit with Heather in the middle. This could either go really well or really badly (or really neutral?). Place your bets, kids. XD

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

SRS is booked for me for May 3rd. As such, your support has never been more welcome. ^_^
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User comments:
Lemonado Girl
Can confirm that I am super hyped to see what happens here. Kinda sucks about what Heather's mom did to her though.
I've been waiting for this one for a while. Now to see where it goes.
Jacy Em
Panel 1:
Not at the mall.
Aaaajhhhhhhh shit
mecaterpillar (Guest)
Oh my god. I've been waiting for an Aiken/Jessica reunion for so long. Now I can't wait for the next update! Like literally, what am I supposed to do until Tuesday?
Jacob (Guest)
I can't for the life of me remember what is different about heather, and I cant find the page it's on either after 10-15 minutes looking. Can someone remind me?
Ashley_s117 (Guest)
Check out 720-legitimate
Heather has an intersex condition

It's basically already been answered, but Heather is intersex and she details the whole thing on this page. The page numbering system is a little wonky on Comic Fury, so I figure a direct link can't hurt.
This is either going to end in evisceration or a make out.
Jacob (Guest)
Thank you for that amazing comment :D
steveha (Guest)
I think this is a good page. You were right to keep it.
Robin (Guest)
Just gotta say, as someone who last year didn't really understand what it means to be trans and now firmly identifies as female, I'm really glad you included the first page. ^w^
I feel the same way as Jessica felt doubt is annoying...
Mina (Guest)
I think it'll go well. However, I also think that Jessica could have a hard time forgiving Aiken. She'll probably be able to, though, I don't think it's a coincidence that her necklace is very visible. ^^

But if Jessica and Aiken are back together, how will Heather react?
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
You know, the obvious assumption to make is that Heather is at least somewhat attracted to Jessica and is disappointed not to be able to develop that further... But I was also thinking, it's possible she's upset because of Jessica not being attracted to women and yet going for her. I mean, she's spent her whole life dealing with "I feel like I have to fight for every ounce of womanhood I have" and this person who only likes men is attracted to her? I mean, this feels almost exactly like RuIn with Heather as Rain, except Jessica doesn't even know Heather well enough to use the "you're the exception" line. In other words, there's probably no way for Heather to take this except "crap, she sees me as a dude."
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
Excep Jessica didn't know. They both walked into the kiss presuming the other was a ciswoman. They fell asleep together, Heather realized Jessica is trans, and *then* decided to reveal her intersex condition.
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
Right, and that's the rational way to see it, but Heather might just think Jessica has a good "transceiver" in regards to the whole intersex thing. I mean, after Rain's haircut, the people at school who commented that Rain looked like a boy were still confident in her being female on a logical level, but that doesn't mean it didn't hit Rain as hard as just outright failing to pass would. Heather could well see it the same way here: "Sure, Jessica didn't know I'm intersex until after the fact, but what if some part of me was masculine enough because of it that she thought of me as a guy when her logical part was muddled by alcohol? What if she registered me as a guy internally?"
DLM (Guest)
Literally that first page with Jessica's story is such a big deal for me, I started to tear up a little reading it. Thank you so much for keeping it in!
Dream of a Pebble
Me too. I guess I'm a bit slow, but it took me 40 years or so to figure out I'm trans. Not because I didn't know myself, mind you, but because it took that long to realise that some people are actually cis and not just better than me at playing their assigned gender role. The reason about half of them were so much better than me at being boys was that they *were* boys.
Ruth (Guest)
I knew at age 8, wish I could've come out in my early 20s, but this was Texas and the time period was the early 1980s and society was.... rather hostile, and it would've devastated my parents. Now I'm 54, and thanks to Caitlyn for coming out, some winds of change in these times,.... and discovering and reading Rain's story here, I can finally do this. My HRT begins Sept 1st, and on Halloween of this year (46th "birthday" of Ruth), I will come out to everyone.
Sobi (Guest)
Here's hoping this conversation has a happy ending
Okay, Aiken! You've had, like, a billion chapters to prepare yourself for this!
Don't mess up!
I still totally ship Heather and Jessica together.
Hooman Bean (Guest)
Same. I really hope they end up toghether.
I'm mildly upset that Aiken coming back overshadowed the teaser that Heather kinda likes Jessica. Not in the comic, but the comments. People aren't picking up on it as much as I did, I guess.
It's not upsetting. But, well, I hadn't realized no one was saying anything about Jessica and Heather's crush.

Am I wrong, or does anyone else hear Jessica's "You." with venom and hate?
Mouse (Guest)
well, THAT was scary accurate, that is literally my story (Jessica's). Someone came out as bi to me when i was 17, and it made me to research, first on sexualities, then on genders. I started experimenting with stuff to see if I was trans through most of being 18 (I was pretty sure about being queer right quick).

It took me 5 years (and an awesome webcomic that was, at the time, called Khaos Komix, now Discord Comics, specifically Charlie talkting to her mom) To finally accept who I was, and at 22 I finally moved forward with my transition.
Trismegistus Shandy (Guest)
Great timing, Aiken.
Lyric Hartwell (Guest)
Hey, just want to say I really appreciate the first page! It's great to see a trans narrative represented in this story that isn't the sometimes over-represented "I always knew" narrative for basically the exact reasons that Jessica says! I think it's really great, and a genuinely positive part of the comic ^w^
CuteZoeyMonster (Guest)
And my ship goes down in flames. I just want nice things for heather!
wintersEmbrace (Guest)
I'm really really glad you left the first page in. Reading this comic however many years after it was made, has helped me so much. I align with Rain a lot, and yet... my story is still very similar to Jessica's. I didnt know I was trans until I was much older, having already gone through puberty and all, and it tears me on the inside.

And despite everything, because of reading this comic... its helped affirm me as the girl I really am. Internalized transphobia, self doubt... even Rain, who was able to pass so well, doubted herself (and she put ENORMOUS amounts of effort into it).
I barely even do a thing of what Rain does when I started HRT, my dysphoria and depression was so bad
This webcomic and characters, insightfullness and the life breathed into every word has changed my world for the better
Thank you so much for everything
Waffle (Guest)
16 or 17, huh? Lucky; I didn't get my "wait, how cis am I really?" moment until well into my twenties.
This isn't going to go well...