8th Nov 2015, 5:14 PM in Ch. 27: Same Girl, New Look
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Author Notes:
Cue dozens of readers searching through the archives to find a shot of Maria's ears. Hint: unless I overlooked something, you won't find them. And Chapter B doesn't count (as that'd have been before the piercings happened). XD

And for those unaware - in case you were wondering about Emily's remark - Estrogen can be taken in a number of ways, including pills, injections, and patches. I don't know if it's always the case, but my doctor gave me a choice. I don't like needles (although I've gotten more used to them from constant necessary bloodwork in recent years), and I've heard the patches aren't always reliable (ie, they have trouble sticking), so I take it in pill form myself. Although, due to increased blood clot risk, my doctor says I'll have to switch to another method once I reach a certain age. Rain or Jessica should be fine though.

Rain's defiance against needles cracks me up though. "Nu-uh" and all. Actually, a lot of things about this page amuse me. I like this page. XD

Finally, just a reminder that the current chapter will end next week. This will be followed by a hiatus if Volume 3 is still not done by then. How long of a hiatus might be variable; it could be very short, or it could be a bit longer. I don't know for sure yet, but I will absolutely keep you posted.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Guy (Guest)
Lol, Rain's one to talk with that Schrodinger's Eye of hers
Just what I was thinking!
Dynamic page with a few revelations; much to like here.
"Ooh, tolerance. I'm moving up in world" being my favourite line.
XxMLRPJordanxX (Guest)
Emily kinda looks like a guy to me for some reason in the second last scene. The way she picks up her hair around her ear and the size of her arm. I think that's just me.
Considering the angle of the 'shot', it appears bigger because it's closer to the 'camera'. Make sense ??
Also, Maria is badass. Maybe that sometimes translates differently to some people.
XxMLRPJordanxX (Guest)
No disagreement there, also, the angle does make it look bigger. Thanks for pointing that out.
Maria's ear came from the same pocket dimension as Rain's left eye.
Mina (Guest)
I bet even Chanel didn't know! XD

I hope i'll be able to take pills. I really don't like things like patches, and I fear needles as much as the end of the world. Some years ago, the nurses were unable to take my blood for tests about my precocious puberty...
Well, if I REALLY must take hormones by injections... I'd be more than happy about it, my life is absolutely worth the pain, but still!
Mizore (Guest)
I have to get bloodwork done biannually due to medication, if i had a dollar for every lab tech who couldn't find a vein to save their life, i could probably pay for your transition wholesale.
Deb B (Guest)
I use the patches. It's necessary for those of us of a certain age ... they're not so bad! They stick pretty well unless you don't follow the procedure. The worst part is trying to make sure to avoid using the same patch of skin more than once every couple weeks.
Alice Sara (Guest)
Poor Rain. She's going to hate electrolysis!
Noelle (Guest)
She's got the right skin and hair colour for laser.
Zii (Guest)
I've had both, laser isn't much better.

Also, her hair is a bit light, but I've heard they've gotten past some of that and laser is more viable for lighter hair now.
Averis (Guest)
I have hair about the same color and similar skin tone to rain and they won't even try the laser for me unfortunately.
I'd shop around. Some places still use older technology, so they might be right that their laser won't work on you, but some other place might have a better device that should work on your hair and skin type.
I'd shop around. Some places still use older technology, so they might be right that their laser won't work on you, but some other place might have a better device that should work on your hair and skin type.
Noelle (Guest)
As a medical person, PLEASE show them *actually going to a piercing place* rather than doing it with a needle. The latter is SUCH a bad idea, please don't encourage it!
Niceguy Eddie (Guest)
One thing about needles, for any and all who don't like them... They have this thing called a "shot blocker." It's just a U-shaped piece of plastic with little nubs underneath. hey place it around the area where you're getting the shot, and SOMEHOW it tricked the nerve-endings such that you don't feel a thing. It was wild. I don't mind needles myself, but after my kids (who do) got their flu shots with it (without so much as an "ow") I asked if I could try it out of curiosity. It felt like the nurse was pressing my arm with her fingertip, nothing more. So if needle ARE an issue for anyone out there, you might want to look into this!
Lemonado Girl
So I'm not the only one who hates needles with a fiery passion, I see. It's so good to know there are alternatives, because I'd probably be using them as much as possible.

I seriously do not jive with needles.
Guy (Guest)
I love how concerned Emily is talking about Rain's fear of needles. Is cute ^_^
Zii (Guest)
I tried estrogen injections for a few months. I can't do them. I would inject my thigh every Friday, and for the weekend, I wouldn't be able to walk without pain and stiffness. This compounded nerves I had about doing the injection and I almost redded out (like blacking out, but instea, it's too much blood in your head and your vision goes red) in my bathroom.

I'm not sure if it's something about my muscle tissue or technique or what, but I absolutely could not do injections. I went back to pills and have stayed ever since.
I can't claim to not like needles because I have a tattoo and I want more, but when it comes to tattoo needles its a very diffrent kind of pain... it hurts but in a good way if that makes sense.
It kinda makes sense. But then, from talking to different people with tattoos (including myself), many have different views on just how much they hurt and what it feels like.

I, for instance, describe the feeling as someone dragging a dull razor blade across my skin, which eventually dulls to the point where I can barely feel it... exceptions for those times when they are coloring in highly sensitive areas where the nerve endings are closer to the skin.
Jacy Em (Guest)
What about electrolysis? NEEDLES.
You never feel the needle and it doesn't pierce skin. The electricity though, that's what hurts.
Ellie (Guest)
It can also be taken by gel, that's how my dad got it.
Did Rain just out Jessica?
Ron (Guest)
Unfortunately to my knowledge the FDA has yet to approve testosterone by anything other than injection. (Possibly my doc didn't tell me or my insurance disapproved.) So... weekly stabbings hurrah. Good thing I don't mind needles but I feel for those who do. And I hope all the buildup of scar material in my thighs doesn't cause problems later. *knock on wood*
Well she usually covers her ears with her hair so I would say it isn't that weird