1st Nov 2015, 5:23 PM in Ch. 27: Same Girl, New Look
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Author Notes:
Rain and Emily's respective woes continue (but it's still much more lighthearted than the last couple pages). In Rain's case, now she has to worry about even the teachers getting on her about her hair. In Emily's, we have Debbie being particularly hard on her, not knowing why Emily keeps forgetting her gym clothes. Even beyond that, Debbie starts showing some clear jealousy in her best friend hanging out with other people.

Here's the thing. It's super easy to just go "Welp, Debbie's a bitch" and leave it at that. But let's consider her perspective for a minute. Debbie doesn't know the real Emily, nor does she know anything she's going through (as stated by Emily herself). She only knows the self-serving, queen bee, Miss Perfect persona Emily fronted in the beginning of the story. In short, Debbie doesn't know her best friend at all. And now Emily's "acting out of character" and gradually moving away from her, offering no explanation whatsoever.

I can't really blame Emily for not wanting to rock the boat more than necessary, considering she doesn't think it'll go well if she comes clean. But I also find it hard to blame Debbie. I've been in her position and I've lost friends for reasons I STILL don't know. It is frustrating. I'm not saying Debbie is totally innocent (she's definitely approaching this the wrong way). But I can sympathize.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Guy (Guest)
Nuuu Emily! But especially Emily.

I know the feeling...
Damn it, Ms P.E. Teacher, you just beg for another smack on the head, do you?
Chris the Blue
Oh Debbie. She understands so little.
If she ever wants to learn to accept people more, maybe she should check out this really cute, funny and all in all amazing webcomic about a transgender girl. It's awesome. And it's taught me a lot.

(i'm talking about Rain. Just in case nobody got that.)
Some Ed
Um, no. Debbie needs to read the webcomic Snow. The webcomic Rain does not exist in her universe.

Now, I wonder if the webcomic Rain exists in the Snow webcomic universe? If so, do they alternate all the way to infinity? Is there Hail or something similar somewhere?
Can't blame Debbie for feeling this way, she has no idea what's going on. Though the "gays" comment makes my sympathy waver juuust a little bit...

On the bright side, at least one person likes Rain's haircut.
Ashley_s117 (Guest)
Even though she likes the haircut, it doesnt eliminate the fact that she thought rain was a boy.
Jocelyn makes a valid point about Debbie not knowing the real Emily, but that doesn't excuse the harshness of her words
Mizore (Guest)
I don't feel bad for Debbie at all,any half decent person (or friend) should be able to pick up on someone being sad or acting different, and take the literal two seconds to ask if they want to talk about it. Instead she lays into her, criticizing for acting weird and hanging out with "gays" (what is she? seventy?). Anybody in Emily's position would be better off giving a wide berth to anybody who has that much growing up to do.
Lemonado Girl (Guest)
Debbie when someone starts acting super out of character with no explanation you ask them what's wrong, you don't rub it in their faces that they're slipping in some way. If they haven't talked to you about it, doing that is only going to make it worse.

Of course, if you have the Yo-Kai Watch you could summon Tattletell to make them fess up but-
Oh god why did I agree to watch that showwwwwww
JusticeZ (Guest)
Debbie's expression in panel 4.. looks troubled.
RachelEvil (Guest)
Can't really sympathize with someone who uses the phrase "the gays".
Torne (Guest)
For a 6'3 former sword fighter...i'm actually surprised how little trouble I had/have passing. Just one day went from Male to full time and never looked back. I really do think it's all about personal attitude.
Great comic. I started reading such comics recently and I am becoming addicted. I am a 67 year old ts Woman transitioned in the early nineties...I was transsexual before it became
Mina (Guest)
And you Emily, are you okay?

Next time you'll forget it Rain, don't worry! XD
Teacher's the first non-friend person to like Rain's new haircut, isn't she? At least that's something, I guess.
Akane (Guest)
*sigh* well if that doesn't sound all too familiar. My best friend doesn't know me at all, either. And since I've started "acting out of character" (in fact, since I became tired of playing the cis male I can't be) he just wants back "the old person" that he thought I was...
Debbie sucks!