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13th Oct 2015, 3:28 PM in Ch. 27: Same Girl, New Look
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Author Notes:
First two panels sum up a lot of my early transition. I didn't often get misgendered to my face. But more times than I care to admit, I've walked by somebody who says to their buddy, "Was that a dude?" But they only wait until my back is to them... not until I'm actually out of earshot. Maybe they're trying to be tactful (you know, in their own completely stupid way) because they're at least whispering... but they're still not subtle. Fortunately, I've also heard a fair few instances where their buddies say, "What are you talking about, fool? She's a girl!" XD

It's not a common occurence for me anymore, but it's happened to me enough over the years to add to Rain's experience. So to any cis friends and allies reading this: if you've followed this comic up to now, I'm sure you already know better. But if you happen to clock someone - whether they be a friend, acquaintance, or stranger - please please PLEASE just keep it to yourself. There's really no reason to talk about it unless they themselves come out to you and say they're okay discussing it with you. Any other time, it's just really rude and has the potential to hurt them.


Getting back to the page though, I should probably also just ask what you think is going through Drew's head here. And Gavin's too while we're at it, as he proves himself to be a stunning conversationalist on this page.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Mina (Guest)
Chanel's a Ditto. *Throws a poké ball*

I think Drew's trying to see if Rain is really boyish from the back. He questions his orientation, so I guess he could ask himself "do I find a boyish girl attractive?". I don't know if he understands Ky(lie), so he could just think (s)he is a really, really boyish girl. If he thinks Rain's attractive as well, he just likes boyish girls, which is totally straight.
He could also ask himself "do I like boyish girls more than girly ones?", and if the answer is "yes", assume he's gay/bi.

Gavin's probably thinking "hey, I'm the only one who don't hate all the school". ~
Katherine (Guest)
I would like to point out that Rain did what she just criticized: voicing out loud a negative comment before she's out of earshot.

You mean, when Rain's saying she hates everyone in the school at her lunch table? None of the boys criticizing her are in earshot when she does that. They're not even in the same room (based on wall coloring) by that point.
Katherine (Guest)
I'd assumed that the head in the last panel on the right was Drew, and that he could hear Rain. It has similar hair color, and he looked like he was about to follow Rain. However, if that isn't the case, then my earlier comment can be disregarded.
I was questioning who that head belonged to as well, but I realized that it is Gavin. In the panel before that you can see that he's sitting to the right of Rain, and in this panel you can see Rain's head next to his.
Katherine (Guest)
Ah, I see. My mistake.
Just need to note that Drew knows about Ky, so of all the students he's the most likely to realize that Rain's actually trans.

But he also knows she's a lesbian, so he might be thinking about the "short hair = lesbian" trope.
Ashura Atsu (Guest)
In my experience as someone who has and still does this, it's usually because we think someone IS out of earshot...and you can't wait to comment for fear of the moment being lost.
To clarify, this is just commenting in general not specifically to Rain's case.
Gavin seems to have something on his mind...
Gavin probably got a text from Ana, so that's what he's focused on.

Drew... The worst case is that he's onto Rain, but a more interesting case may be that he thinks Rain is just like Kylie, and might be wanting to experiment with being a guy...
Hmmm you make an interesting point with Drew...
As fo Gavin yeah I agree must be a text from Ana
Mina (Guest)
Ah! I didn't notice the phone! You're probably right. ^^
Alyssa333 (Guest)
Actually, what no on3 has said so far is that when Gavin saw Rain with short hair he flashbacks to when she presented as Ryan.
Alyssa333 (Guest)
And that may have caused his deep contemplation.
Mizore (Guest)
I'm calling it right now, debbie's going to fill the gigantic Bitch-vacuum left by Emily when she realized how much energy you save not being angry all the time.
Lemonado Girl (Guest)
Drew probably thinks Rain is like Ky(lie), as people have said. This could make things incredibly awkward.
Share (Guest)
Hol’ up. Everyone in this school
People not there, but in the school, that Rain probably likes
Ana or Fara and brother Quenton
Share (Guest)
I think I said brother Quenton when I meant Adrian, got the names wrong
no (Guest)
i think you mean arthur
I guess she hate Fara then