6th Oct 2015, 2:43 PM in Ch. 27: Same Girl, New Look
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Author Notes:
The ring is class ending, in case that wasn't obvious.

So, of course the really important question here: are Rain and Maria in fact exchanging hair length? O_o

Wait, no.

The actual important question: With Debbie getting all up in Rain's face for a moment there, is she actually clocking her, or was it just a generalized statement?

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User comments:
T-Dog (Guest)
I would think that Rain is firmly entrenched in most peoples minds as female. Unless something really jumps out, or some crazy accident happens most folks wouldn't really think about it.
Mina (Guest)
Well, it's possible. On the et-hair-eal plane.

Mmh, who know? But "it'll grow back" is a little suspicious, isn't it? When you see a short-haired girl, you think something like "she likes short hair". "It'll grow back" implies that short hair are, somehow, undesirable. If she's clocking Rain, that makes sense... But otherwise, it's pretty strange.
She also says it right before Maria. She's almost saying "no no no, I take it lightly, nevermind".

I guess I'm paranoid sometimes. I'm sure (and hope) I'm overthinking it. XD
Some Ed
"It'll grow back" is a too-common response when someone who has had relatively long hair gets it cut, and the person speaking preferred it the other way.

I think Debbie is less likely to actually suspect that Rain is trans because of her experience at the Halloween party.
Chris the Blue
Damn, Debbie. Inapprops.
General Statement. Debbie is noisey but I don't think she would jump to that conclussion, She was just pointing out how short hair on some girls looks boyish
Good news: Lots of people compare girls with short hair to men and boys.

Bad news: LOTS of people compare girls with short hair to men and boys. So yeah, Rain's probably going to be hearing that a lot for a while.

Though this reminds me, I do feel like Debbie and Vincent have similar coloring... so it makes me wonder if maybe she DOES have some experience with the "T" end of the spectrum.
I think Debbie is just upset because Emily is hanging out with Rain instead of her, so she is being super critical of Rain to get her back.
I think you're probably right. Debbie's just to nosey and all-of-sudden too talkative with Rain to not take her behaviour as something with personal undercurrents.
Yuki-chan (Guest)
Some girls do almost look like a boy with a very short hair. So I think it was a generalized statement.
zixx (Guest)
I would be amazed if rain was clocked. anyone who knew her before, such a change in no issue. I bet it made rain super uncomfortable though.
SilentNight (Guest)
She actually just looks confused to me. Nd a little peeved at the personal bubble violation. Either she's dealing with it all much better than previous pages have lead us to believe or gotten much better at hiding it.
I find Debbie's question, "do you just not hear yourself...?" is a bit ironic considering the next thing she says
Lemonado Girl (Guest)
While context is a long story and not one I want to tell, I found out today that most of my psych class consist of people who are incredibly immature about trans issues and can't gender a trans person correctly. Thank god I'm seeing my counselor tonight
em (Guest)
I know that. -.- Finding out that these really clever and thoughtfull people just cant't respect different gender identities and so on... I wish you strength to deal with that kind of nonsense and go on like you do! <3
purplespacecats (Guest)
i don't think debbie is clocking rain; the kids at this school seem really ignorant about trans people in general (save the queer kids, of course) so i don't think the idea of rain being trans would even be on her radar. i do think that comment about rain looking like a boy is intentionally homophobic; like i think where debbie was going with that was "you look really butch; you're not like, gay are you???" but yeah tl;dr i don't think debbie's clocking rain i just think she's rude af
Ellie (Guest)
You're right. People at that school (excluding the lgbtqia+ people) generally have an ignorance that limits knowledge to lesbians, gays and bisexuals, and maybe not even that. I seriously doubt Debbie's clocking Rain, she's probably just really rude.
Bad Debbie! I'll never eat your snack cakes ever again!

Once I finish the current box off, that is.
Waffle (Guest)
I'm inclined to think not. Debbie strikes me as blunt enough that she'd have let something slip on-page by now if she really suspected.
That rude of Debbie. Does she even hear herself speak?