22nd Sep 2015, 4:28 PM in Ch. 27: Same Girl, New Look
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Author Notes:
So, this update and the previous ones almost didn't exist. The original plan was to just jump right into school from the first page of this chapter. I felt like the fear and hesitation Rain is feeling were important to show though (because I can't speak for everybody, but at least my pre-transition life was filled with this fear and hesitation), so these last couple updates were added. Fortunately, despite taking hits hard, Rain is very resilient and tends to bounce back quickly. It's possible she'll be having a lot of ups and downs today, but that's probably to be expected.

The other important thing regarding this update in particular, is the date of Rain's upcoming appointment with an endocrinologist (ie, the person who can give her hormones). As the last page said, it's February 25th in the story right now. She could be on hormones in two weeks (in story time)! Even that doesn't mean there'll be changes right away (it takes a while before you really notice its effects), but it's still a crazy exciting thing to know that's coming, and it can be a HUGE confidence booster. ^_^

Finally: Fara's words. Yes, it's some more motivational stuff, but it's important. It's so easy to suffer some kind of failure (big or small), and think that everything is hopeless. It's so easy to give up. It's so easy to just go with the flow and do nothing to upset status quo. Believe me; I know! But if you always do nothing, you'll never get what you want. If you try, you can fail... but you can try again. If you never try, you can never succeed. So don't let defeats/failures/setbacks get to you. Cry it out or vent if you need to, and "then you get back up and move forward like I know you can."

Preachy week. But I hope it's not too obnoxious and that people are getting something out of this. :)

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Will the comic end at graduation or will it continue thru college or just until you fell the story is complete. I was just wondering

It'll end when I'm good and ready. I don't want to spoil too much, but I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned a few times in the past (somewhere), that I do have plans for Summer in the story. In favor of consistency, I'll say that hasn't changed. So it's at least that far, but if it goes beyond that we'll have to wait and see.

Either way, we're only at like the halfway point of the story. There's still LOTS of Rain to come. ^_^
Ron (Guest)
Yay! Lots of story! :D
Jax Rhapsody (Guest)
Eh, all good stories come to an end, it's just right like that. If not, you have things like the Simpsons, or South Park- not that they aren't good shows, but things can get stale, or in case of the Simpsons watching it becomes more of a methodical "I've been watching it this long" kinda thing. For some reason it just seems for the best, even with other possible plots, and the like.

I get rather depressed when I reach the last episode of my Daria dvd set, and watching Scott, and Ramona drift away through that last sub-space door; it makes me "feel sad, and think about death and stuff," but it is what it is. Things kinda get resolved, and it's time to leave it alone. Or in case of anime, such as One Piece(7XX chapters so far) things just don't resolve, and a single hour can take many chapters, it seems like it'll never end, but like Inu Yasha, it will at one point. Seems like Joycelyn is taking the One Piece route with this, so it may be a while before it ends, anyway- it was what six chapters for the comic con weekend, it's like a DBZ battle...

Picking with you Jocy...
@Jax Rhapsody

I like to think of it as something more like Fullmetal Alchemist. It's longer than average perhaps, but not longer than it needs to be because there was always a plan to end it and everything shown is relevant to the story in some way.

At least, that's what I'm aiming for. I like telling lengthy stories, but the last thing I want to do is have Rain overstay its welcome. So, there is an actual ending, but there's still much to do before we're ready for that.
T-Dog (Guest)
Is it odd I find it cute that she was getting comfort from her Blackwings Doll and puddle?
Mina (Guest)
Is it just me, or does "endo" sound like a japanese name? Is Rain about to see a samurai? XD
Well, with a samurai, I doubt she'll ever need blockers...

Even though I don't fear it, going out, or just talk to someone, is really hard, and often seems too much. I can see where Rain is coming from.

Puddle's always so cute! ♥
Haha yes "Endo" is a Japanesse term for something. A time period or warrior class? I don't know for sure
I think you're thinking of "Edo".

I did a little looking around. While I can't find strictly "endo" in Japanese, I have seen "endou" which is a pea. XD
Her appointment is on my birthday. I hope that's a good day for both of us!

Also of course Puddles believes in Rain, there's no "probably" about it.
1. I had an appointment with a counselor today, and I freaked out the whole time because of my anxiety and barely said two words because I couldn't say the reason I've been getting so much worse lately- because I'm dysphoric and transgender- because my mom was with me the whole time and the counselor is religious, so I don't know how he'd respond.
2. I JUST realized that they don't have noses from the front...
guest girl (Guest)
Just a suggestion, but you could talk to your mom about getting a new counselor (one that's not religious?)
return of guest girl (Guest)
For the people who can't see it because they live in the future and it's not on the comic profile page, the title of BillycannotFly's post was dr;ltnj
Well I'm religious, and I know not all religious people are transphobic, so that's not really as much the problem as the fact that my mom doesn't know, and I'm just not sure how my counsellor would respond. Also, I title all my comments with random letters because I never know what to title them, and (most, apparently) people can't see them.
Lemonado Girl (Guest)
Yaaaaaaaasay for Rain! Just two weeks for her. Sort of like my sister said she'll be home soon, and that's when I'm going to come out to her (with my parents since they found out first), and suddenly my parents are probably going to find that they had no reason to worry about my sister being rejecting of me. I'm kind of lucky that I have more of a Fara sister than a Kellen.
guest girl (Guest)
OMG good luck! I'm excited for you :) I hope your sister is SUPER supportive because from what I saw in a previous comment of yours I think you need a Fara in your life ^_^ good luck
So I recently came out to my parents but I'm not sure they fully understand. I'm thinking of linking this comic to them. Good idea?
IDK (Guest)
I'd say so, but it's very long so I'm not sure if they would read much of it or be intimidated by it. however I'm sure Jocelyn would appreciate the new Rain Beaus if they happened to like it :) I'd do it if I were you but don't take my advice because I'm kind of dumb

I know other people have said they were going to use the comic to come out to their parents or friends before. Given how long it is, they usually say they plan to show the short series of pages back in Chapter 4 where Rain explains how she feels to Gavin.

More recently, I've heard of some people using the scene where Aiken tries to explain his research to Kellen.

I'm sure there have been other pages used, but these are the ones I've been quoted. In complete honesty, I've only gotten follow-ups a couple times (mostly positive). But I'm not sure if that means the people that never got back to me never used it after all, never came out after all, or it went badly. The one instance where someone DID get back to me after a bad reaction, they said their mom just refused to read it (so it wasn't necessarily that the comic did any harm; there's just no helping the "Strongwell parents" of the world).

Anyway, I hope any of this is helpful. And best of luck to you; I'm rooting for you. ^_^
naandin (Guest)
omg, "Strongwell parents" of the world... you are so funny Jocelyn your the best
I saw the word "endo" and instantly recognised it. I'm not transgender myself, nor is anyone close to me, but I have Type 1 Diabetes, and since insulin is a hormone, I regularly see an endocrinologist.

Yay me for understanding something from a different context?
guest girl (Guest)
Nice, my neighbor friend has type 1 diabetes. wouldn't it be funny if it was you? JK, he would never read this comment. but if you happen to be a freshman in high school and have a next door neighbor friend thats a girl please reply bc that would be crazy
return of guest girl (Guest)
edit: I meant he would never read this comic, not comment
Dream of a Pebble
Starting now: the longest two weeks ever!
Thatguyinthecorner (Guest)
All the drama of the comic was ruined as soon as I read "endo" because my brain went directly to G Gundam.

....screw you, my brain
Noelle (Guest)
Oh gods I know how she feels! My first endo appointment (the REALLY EXPENSIVE ONE) is in 2 weeks from yesterday, and I'm so scaredhappynervous! Like, finally it's gonna be here!
Sometimes it is the small steps that matter in moving forward, getting up is generally the hardest part, but those first few steps can be just as hard at times. But if you make them small and don't focus on it all at once but as one small thing at a time you are prone to move forward faster.
Wow did I need this page this week. I know I'm reading it well after it was written and posted, but my own endo appt got cancelled at the last minute due to an emergency, and it'll be another 5 weeks before I can get back in. "It's just a stumble, don't let it put your life on hold." Thanks,I needed this. <3
Akane (Guest)
And so did I. Such words couldn't have hit me at a more eagerly needed time than right now, being in a long long period of wait, afraid of a million things to move forward...I really need to though, and those words did really good to me.
Btw, yay, Rain's overly cutee plush kaminari is back in scene again ^-^ Rain, Puddle and Kaminari are soo adoorably cuute together <3
Waffle (Guest)
Wow. I recognize that this is a) fiction, and probably partly wish-fulfillment; and b) years ago, notably before the latest Republican in office and Covid, but still. Two weeks. I made an appointment to get a referral to a relevant endo back in April-ish; just yesterday I finally managed to get the appointment itself, set for March 31. It's almost enough to make me consider finding out what would be involved in DIYing (though, at least so far, only almost).
Puddle definitely believes in her!