Oddly Familiar
8th Sep 2015, 7:01 PM in Ch. 26: Cut
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Oddly Familiar
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Author Notes:
I really kinda love this scene. Something about two separate antagonists talking to each other (unaware that they know each other) that's just strangely tense, even though they're actually having a rather civil discussion so far (well, apart from the "greeting"). But it can't last, right? I mean, what's going to happen if Chase names himself?

And then there's the fact that Chase sounds legitimately concerned about Emily's pregnancy? But is it concern for her and the baby, or concern for himself?

As an aside, do keep in mind that the phone is NOT on speaker. In other words, Aiken can only hear Kellen's side of the conversation. He has no idea who's on the other line or what they're saying. He probably wasn't expecting familiarity though.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
T-Dog (Guest)
It's the creep! Sic the police on him! Statutory rape, being a creepy jerk, what ever they can stick to him! Or just hang up. What ever.
Canadian Guy (Guest)
depends on the law in that land, in Ontario the age of consent is 16
I think the story takes place in the USA , but age of consent laws vary from state to state. Emily may have been 18 already when she got pregnant I am not sure I would have to look at the character page to see when her birthday is
Chase... we hate you. You as well, Kellen,
Tily (Guest)
GAH... nooo. I didn't think it was possible to hate either of them more than I already do, but if she tells him, I am gonna be SO pissed (at her)

I love this comic, so much. <3
Lemonado Girl (Guest)
Uh oh. Chase is gonna have to name himself. And we know how THAT'S gonna end....
Extensor (Guest)
Really really REALLY loving this comic. Waiting for each page is terrible! Is there any way we can clone you? Thanks!
Chris the Blue
Huh. Apparently people hate Chase. I actually think I might need someone to remind me why.
Camryn (Guest)
He basically outed Rain to Aiken and, obviously, got Emily pregnant
Chris the Blue
I don't think he meant to do the first one on purpose (Don't have much memory of when it happened, so I might be completely off). That second one is pretty bad, though.
Still, he does seem freaked out about it. And he wants to discuss it with Emily, which I guess has to count for something.
Random (Guest)
discussing it could go a lot of different ways
no (Guest)
i think what most people are freaking out over is the age gap between him and kellen.
Erica-Jane (Guest)
I know several people like Kellen in real life. While I really don't wish any harm to anyone, I can't help but feel that those people deserve every bad thing that happens to them.
RogueWriter (Guest)
This is a perfect example of just how inconsiderate of others Kellen is. A normal person would just turn the phone off. But, since SHE's being bothered by the phone...
Mina (Guest)
I thought the same thing. XD
But I have to admit that sometimes, it's refreshing to indicate our discontent...
Erin (Guest)
Considering that Chase unintentionally outed Rain and we don't know whether he's transphobic or not, him talking to Kellen could mean very bad things.
Athedia (Guest)
Eh I would have answered it, especially if I thought it was a telemarketer
meet me in the PIT kellen
Deb (Guest)
I never really cared for anime or cartoons in general (sorry if I'm getting terminology wrong). "Rain" has changed that ... despite being very different from Rain, I found myself drawn in to the story right away (and believe me .. I've just spent the past several hours going from start to this installment). I am trans, but older -- very far from high school and all its drama. This comic is touching in so many ways.
Kit Kat (Guest)
Perhaps chase is connected to Kellens last failed relationship? Or I could be totally off.
Can someone please remind me what Kellen and Chase's history is? I feel silly for not knowing this, but I guess it's been awhile since I read the comics where they interacted.

Kellen and Chase were once engaged. They've never been shown interacting, but it's been mentioned a couple times. ^_^
Ahh, that's right. Thanks for refreshing my memory, Jocelyn.^^
Rubella (Guest)
Because of a probable re-numbering of the comics, the archives to which Jocelyn refers are now:
rain.thecomicseries.com/comics/293 "Sisters" and
rain.thecomicseries.com/comics/609 "What Are the Odds?"
Akane (Guest)
He's definitely concerned with only himself. Nothing good will come of this I'm afraid..
Kellen shouldn't have answered the phone, though I don't disagree totally with the why she did it. She thought it was a solicitor.

Chase is still a douche. I wish he has a car accident in the middle of a winter storm and freezes to death.

No, I'm not a nice person to those I think are utterly disgusting.
This is going to be good