Look at this mess!
15th Aug 2015, 7:27 PM in Special
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Look at this mess!
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Author Notes:
Some people have been expressing some confusion regarding certain relationships in the story (particularly in regards to Emily and Maria), so I decided to make a little chart to explain the important relationships. It's crazy convoluted, so this is probably as simplistic as I can make it. Sorry for that. Hopefully, it's at least semi decipherable.

All information here has been established somewhere within the 677 story pages currently available online (as of this writing). If you don't remember where, I'll be happy drop some links. Do be aware that anything could change at the drop of a hat too, and for all we know this could be dated by the time p.678 goes up (I don't think it actually will in this case, but hypothetically speaking).

And yes, there are other characters in the story, but I'm just focusing on the ones you should be aware of (mostly in the school setting).

UPDATE - Thank you for your reminders of all the things left off the chart. Most of which I am aware of, but left off for one of a few reasons:
1. I assume the reader knows already
2. I didn't think a it was as relevant anymore
3. I really couldn't fit it because two characters are miles away from each other on the chart

I do not claim this to be a perfect or complete list of relationships. Just some reminders of things I deemed important (and in some cases, thought some might forget).
User comments:
Wait, who's Allison, again?

Technically, she's never directly appeared outside of being talked about, and one flashback, but she does get mentioned enough for me to think she's worth including. See these pages:
I didn't realize that Kellen's and Aiken's ex-fiancés dated each other. I knew that Chase and Jessica went on a few dates, but I forgot that Chase was Kellen's ex-fiancé. That's kinda weird to think about: two twins, both used to be engaged, and their ex-fiancés dated each other.
And the fact that Chase also dated Emily and got her pregnant makes the situation even weirder...
Cant settle on a username (Guest)
Wait when was it mentioned Chase and Kellan were Ex-Fiances?
@Cant settle on a username

It was mentioned quite a while ago, so in fairness, I'm sure a lot of people forgot:
Cant settle on a username (Guest)
I thought it might have been then though that gives Emily an Kellan a weird new relationship Thanks for letting me know!
Chris the Blue
Haha, Randy.

Also, I really love it when a series like this comes out with a relationship chart. Really gives you a bird's eye view on how complicated it gets. Reminds me a little of School Rumble.
And just like that Jocelyn provides the perfect templete for the shippers ^_^
Rain Beau Dash
Didn't Gaving and Maria also had a fake relationship?

Also, i ship Randy with Puddle.
@Rain Beau Dash

Yep. They did have a fake relationship. There's actually still a lot not accounted for. I think this is okay for now though. You've got the really important things here.
Shoogie (Guest)
Wait, why does Rudy hate Ana again?

Rudy blames Ana for his breakup with Rain. He also thinks she's leading Gavin on.
Raylea (Guest)
Wait, hold on. If this chart is of things that we should pay attention to, why are Aidyn and Madison included? As you've said, they've contributed nothing to the story. Are they gonna start contributing in the future?

It's certainly possible. Who can say? :D
T-Dog (Guest)
Didn't Fara and Heather also have a drunken make out session? Ky had pictures that Fara deleted? That was the night Rain stayed at Gavin's house. It would seem that a bottle of red wine gets Heather interested.... lol

Yeah. I opted out of Fara and Heather's drunken kiss because I didn't think it was as relevant since it was so long ago with nothing ever coming from it (also because they're nowhere near each other on the chart). XD
this is going to be a quick reference sheet from now on. if somebody talks about a relation or event that I forgot about, I'll come back to this ^_^
Clara (Guest)
Every connection rain has except for gavin and a rabbit, are either crushes or people she used to date. and why do you have the childhood friend connection when no other connections are bout friendships???

If I listed every single friendship, this thing would be all arrows criss-crossing with each other. Same with familial relationships. I just opted to leave most of that out because I assume readers probably all know that. I single out Rain and Gavin as childhood friends because that is notably significant.
Clara (Guest)
Yeah, that does make sense
Ellie (Guest)
Simple? I prefer majorly complicated and leaving out half a ton of friendships and family relashions.
Mina (Guest)
True fact: a complete chart looks like a sigil for summoning Cthulhu.

Rudy can't stand Ana? I completely forgot abour that. :o
Niceguy Eddie (Guest)
I was actually going to make on of these myself at one point, just so I could keep track! (Saves image.) So THANK YOU! Let me know when things lighten up or straighten out a bit for you, I still want to have you on my show if you're still interested.
Clara (Guest)
Plot twist, Brett is just two smallish people standing on top of each other to seem taller
miguelsaurio (Guest)
Puddle is male!
I feel all important plot questions have been answered in this!
"showed boobs to" haha
no (Guest)
ah yes, the most important part of gavin and kys relationship: the boobs
You know. If Kellen ever stops being a turd, her, Jessica, and Emily could actually bond of er their mutual dislike of Chase.
I still want Ky and Gavin to hook up, even if only briefly, if only so the following exchange can happen:

Ky: *divulges what Gavin told her back in December*
The group: 😯
Gavin: 😳
Ky: What? The bra already came off this time!
Yeah... easy