9th Apr 2015, 6:10 PM in Ch. 24: Of Cons and Kisses
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Author Notes:
Well, we haven't seen these two in a while.

The return of Aiken, the big brother who is slowly trying to understand everything for the sake of his little sister! And Kellen... who is doing everything in her power to NOT understand. Blaarg...

Some people, you know?

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
User comments:
...Kellen, if Rain was going to cosplay 24/7 as ANYONE, it'd be Kaminari.
Incredibly valid point. :D
Jude P. (Guest)
You think Kellen even remembers how to pronounce Kanimaroon?
Torne (Guest)
Something tells me that by the end of this Con Aiken is going to be the most defensive with Kellen while Rain will be more concerned with Emily.
Grasping at straws? More like grasping at hairs on the microscopic level...
Also Rain confirmed for greatest videogame and comic charecter ^_^
Yuki-chan (Guest)
Talk about denial there.
Purplespacecats (Guest)
Whenever Kellen speaks, I get an intense desire to punch her in the face
I feel you
Anon (Guest)
As a human being Kellen is, at the moment: angering, petty, hot tempered and generally not a nice person but as a character in a story I am curious what the goal is with her. Will she grow like Aidan to support Rain, will she collapse into an isolated state where the rest of her living family basically shuns her. Watching how she will grow and change, or not change will be interesting to me. Also will somebody PLEASE get Aidan and Jessica in the same room for a teary heartfelt apology PLEZ
Liana (Guest)
Aiken dropping some truth bombs though. (By the way, I love this comic so much, I've made everyone at my campus' queer center start reading it)
Sapphire Shield
And I was starting think that there might be hope for Kellen. :(
drs (Guest)
Is Kellen's idea here lifted from a real life encounter?
You know Kellen, denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
Victor (Guest)
WE gonna have us a genuine Troll hunt and we is gonna get us a genuine TROLL who goes by the name o Kellen!!!
LilithSturlson (Guest)
Aiken: I just got an aneurism out of sheer stupidity

Kellen: wow. Didn't realize you were that stupid Aiken

LilithSturlson (Guest)
Just thought that reference was valid and funny
Darian (Guest)
I started to read your comic a few days ago, and I must say it's awesome ! I love how perfectly you draw each part of the queer spectrum. And I'm so happy to see a genderfluid character, it's pretty unusual -same for the pansexual character <3
Are you going to show some polyamory relationship ? Whenever I told some about me and my way of seing my personnal life(namely the three points above : genderfluidity, pansexuality, polyamory) I'm seen as a freak^^' Even in the LGBT+ communtiy sometimes.
But I'll quit talking about me... Thank you very much for your work, it brings hope, and joy, because we know we are not alone...

Actually, yes! I was a little hesitant to include a polyamorous relationship at first because I'm about as monogamous as it gets and I was afraid I was do it no justice. But I have a lot of polyamorous friends who've kinda been helping me understand things a bit. So there are plans for a polyamorous relationship in the story. Obviously though, I won't say when or with who. But I know there are a lot of poly readers, and I'd like you to rest assured I haven't forgotten about you. ^_^

Darian (Guest)
Thank you for your reply ! I'm really happy about the inclusion of this kind of relationship.
For what I've read, I know that you're cautious about what you say concerning those topics, and it's nice you've done some research. The result will be fine, I'm not worried ! Thank you again for your work, keep going !
Zi (Guest)
This news makes me so happy! Talk about unrepresented... I know of a few trans characters and comics, some bi, and I think I know of at least one other gender fluid character, but I can't think of ANY poly love stories, and it makes me really sad. I... I'm pretty sure I'm poly, but there's so much I don't really understand, and I have no real basis for a working poly relationship.
Yes! It's so difficult to have poly representation (and something that's not "we were playing around until we realized monogamous life was the only good way") I'm looking forward to it ^^
no (Guest)
shippers gonna have a field day with this confirmation

~~by which i mean me~~
Tessia (Guest)
I love this series Joucelyn :) also ordered one of your bracelets. Here in Texas the support is pretty thin. But I am so happy to have found your series and able to purchase some trans things from you! Keep up the great work and I will keep up the reading :D
Ashura Atsu (Guest)
Actually this sounds the closest she's gotten to understanding at all. It's not that far off. I imagine it does take a lot of effort to look how Rain does. Isn't the whole problem with the identity issue that you see yourself as a different identity? It might be one small step to show her that rather than Rain wanting to be a fantasy character, she is the fantasy character that wants to be real.
Hope I'm not misreading/misunderstanding anything but that's how I see it. Plus I tend to play Devil's Advocate on a character when they're being hated on so strongly.
Anon2376 (Guest)
I can respect the devil's advocate perspective but what Kellen continues to fail to grasp is that "Ryan" was the fantasy character, an it is Kellen herself who is latching on to a work of fiction. Still, the existence of "Rain" effectively wipes out one of the pillars of her reality, which, as anyone may tell you, can be quite traumatic.
LexyKitten (Guest)
Love your comic. Started reading it relatively recently.

It's a strange mix of "can't get enough" and "dysphoria of lost school years burns."

Being a 20 year old trans girl who only started transition within the past few months, that is one thing I regret.
Zi (Guest)
I feel you. At least you're on the road now!
lol I'm 21 and the doctors won't even send me a letter for a face-to-face appointment like they said they would
Totally gonna start cosplaying as Rain now
Keiya (Guest)
Given that Rain seems to like herself, technically, Kellen's not wrong. She's still being an idiot, but Rain is a comic character, she likes herself, and she is trying to be herself. :p
Wes (Guest)
I think Aiken is about to tell Kellen to shut the heck up
She is delusional