Comic 648 - Writing is my life!

13th Mar 2015, 8:54 AM in Special
Writing is my life!
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Jocelyn 13th Mar 2015, 8:54 AM edit delete
Over the weekend, someone expressed concern about what would come after Rain is done. First things first: Rain's still got a LOT of life to it. The end won't be any time soon, so do continue to read (and hopefully enjoy) what is to come when I get back to work. But when it DOES end, expect to keep seeing new stuff from me all the same. I am a writer. When one story ends, I'll just move to the next. I plan to tell stories for as long as I'm able. :)

The accompanying picture is a small selection of some other works of mine (but they're the ones I come back to dwelling on most, so I'd say they have priority). Most of what I write counts as fantasy, which may be a surprise to people used to my writing a slice-of-life tale like Rain. However, I like to think (or it's at least my goal that) even in a fantasy setting, my characters still feel very human and relatable. Certainly all of the stories shown contain queer characters in prominent roles too. And all but one has at least one unique and prominent trans character. While most of these don't revolve around being trans or queer (like Rain does), it's still important to me that such characters are included. It's just something I'm passionate about (and no one is surprised to hear that, I'm sure).

Anyway, when posting for Rain is done, the next comic will almost certainly be Magical. But when scripting for Rain is done (probably long before posting is), I'll have a lot of extra time to write something else on the side when I'm not up for drawing. In which case, I might start working on something that's perhaps a better fit for prose. In other words, we might see me working on more than one thing at once. That probably sounds like I'm overworking myself, but really, it'd just be evening things out.


Regarding the stories in the image here...

- Lavender
Formerly known as "Lavender Town", this was sort of a test project where I just wanted to try writing something simple and straight-forward to see how I did actually writing. It follows the story of two high school girls - Amanda Kertigan (shown in the image) and Lavie Jennings - who fall in love with each other. Lavender ended up surprising me by being a project I had a lot of love for. I was more surprised to see others into it, but it was sadly never finished. There's a chance that I may start over to tweak and change some things in the story when I do go back (to avoid similarities between it and certain parts of Rain).

The first nine chapters are still totally available if you're interested though:

- Shangri-La
Shangri-La is a game I'm making via RPG Maker VX Ace. It plays more or less like a normal RPG with battles, exploration, puzzles, and a huge emphasis on story and characterization. However, it's not an epic like most. There's no main villain trying to destroy the world, nor do you even travel the world. Instead, it's a fantasy mystery story revolving around Ursula (in the pic), a girl who mysteriously appears on an inescapable island with no memory (like all of the island's inhabitants). The story follows her and a close group of friends as they try to learn their origins and perhaps find a way off the island.

A lengthy demo exists, but be aware that it's going through an overhaul and may not be quite the same in the final version:

Or if you'd like more information before jumping in, this link leads to character bios, screenshots, and some descriptions of story and gameplay elements:

- Contest of Heroes
This is an odd one. It originally started as a Final Fantasy fan project. Not fanfiction in the sense that there are any canon characters recycled here; rather it takes place in a hypothetical world where many of the games' plots are just part of history, so familiar locations, creatures, and most notably job class titles were mentioned a lot. I'm trying to work the FF out of it so it stands as it's own unique thing though, because this story has been a fun and exciting work I've had a lot of fondness for, for a long time. It revolves around Noah (in the pic) and a small party of three others, getting involved in a contest to solve a mysterious happening. But what starts off as a personal journey for them, becomes a vast epic quest which could decide the fate of the world (kinda like an FF plot; imagine that). XD

If people are interested in hearing more, I could delve into this a bit more on a later date. ^_^

- Magical
Most of you probably know this one, due to the prologues I posted a little while back. Magical is a "magical girl" story (although the cast does include a pair of magical boys as well) in the spirit of something like Sailor Moon or even Madoka Magica. The real distinguishing factor here is that all of the kids (like Carmen, in the pic) are transgender. They go through an average school day, dealing with all the hardships that come with the territory of being who they are (bullies, family, friends, themselves, etc), but there's still another side to their lives when they're given the chance to become heroes.

If you'd like to check out the prologues which introduce each of the main kids before the story technically begins:

- Impure
Impure is a fantasy epic following the adventures of a young explorer, Roland (in the pic), trying to start his life over in a newly discovered land. But in his struggle to escape his past, Roland finds the future he's moving toward is far more horrific than he could ever have imagined. This whole story was just a random idea that came to me while I was bored at a temp job a few years back. And yet, it's grown into a personal favorite of mine, for the world and history I built and the characters and concepts that go into it. I have a hard time explaining this one without spoiling things, but it's possibly the one I'm most excited to work on someday.

For more info on characters:

- The Hero's Choice
Unlike everything else on the list, I don't think I've ever talked about this apart from telling a couple friends privately over the years. It's a bit of a passion project as a lover of video games and choices. I like having choices in games, but I find too often it's dumbed down to the "good path vs. evil path" mechanic... which I quite hate on the grounds that they are ALWAYS either too saintly or too heinous for to me identify with either one. And half the time, regardless of your choices in these games, you're doing the exact same thing either way. I end up feeling like I didn't really get a choice to begin with.

The idea behind The Hero's Choice is that everything is up to the player, and the story accommodates every choice they make. The protagonist, whose default name is Cole, can choose their name, as well as their sex (female default in the pic), and their orientation and gender identity and even personality. And it's all relevant and changes various things in the game. A player could play the game as many seven times and never see the same scenes, dungeons, enemies, bosses, etc. twice. To cater to this plethora of choices, the game would be relatively short, but I'd have no intention on skimping on the writing.

If people are interested in hearing more, I could delve into this a bit more on a later date. ^_^

- Something Dark
This story revolves around three young adults, Garry (in the pic), Raquel, and Lane, who escaped from a facility trying to raise young boys into an army of super soldiers. Although they got out of there when they were young, the trauma they've experienced still haunts them, and they each suffer some form of PTSD. Now in the real world, each other is all they have and the skills they've been taught in that facility are all they know, so they work as bounty hunters to keep food in their stomachs. But they all hope to someday be able to get out of this line of work and adapt to a more peaceful way of life.

Something Dark marks an attempt for me to try something very different for me. Rather than being one story from start to finish, I want this to be something closer in spirit to being like, for example, Cowboy Bebop. There is an overarching story and continuity, but everything would be told through separate episodic short stories, going into their individual missions or downtime to depict the trio's personal developments. Some might be more action-heavy, or more dramatic, or more funny, or focus on one character more than the others. Due to this model of writing, I may be able to put out installments between other things. And in general, I just think it works better with this story.

There's a little bit more information here, but sadly, only a little more:


And that's just a little taste of what could come after Rain. Hopefully, this has been interesting. As always, questions and comments are welcome. ^_^
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j-eagle12212012 13th Mar 2015, 12:26 PM edit delete reply
Contest of heroes sounds interesting, I am a huge FF fan , I personaly think that writers can change the elements of FF to a point where it becomes it's own story and @Jocelyn you are talented enough to pull it off.

Hero's choice also sounds good, I agree with you that the choices in games that have them as a story point are too black and white. The few games that try to make your choices more varied don't really do a good job it just feels like "I can be kinda evil or kinda good but not me"

The other stories all sound great, Magical and Something Dark are the two I look forward to the most
tmes2000 13th Mar 2015, 3:40 PM edit delete reply
Will start reading into lavander town, but magical is gonna be a comic not writing on deviantart?! Excuse me while i squeal: YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS
Kharon 14th Mar 2015, 11:41 PM edit delete reply
Hi Jocelyn. If you see this, I just want to thank you for writing Rain. I started reading during a really difficult time in my life, and its helped me figure out who I am, and also to help my friends understand me after I've come out to them. Thanks so much!
Katla 15th Mar 2015, 12:47 AM edit delete reply
Tried out the demo of Shangri-La, and it was really interesting. The art could benefit from an update, but it was still very cute and seemed to suit the storyline that was available in the game. I also wanted to point out that 2010 was a long time ago, now. :P Anyway, I love your comic, and I hope your recovery goes well.
fox 16th Mar 2015, 12:21 AM edit delete reply
All of these look amazing and I will definitely check them out as they come out. I have a question about Rain, will we ever find out what Rain's dad did when he found her in her sister's clothes? I ask only because my brain has generated a myriad of horrible and terrifying possibilities and I would really like a concrete answer so I can stop speculating. I hope you are doing well and that you feel better soon.
Nasch II 16th Mar 2015, 1:32 AM edit delete reply
The stories all look really neat! I'd love to read them some day.
A Hero's Choice definetly sounds like Log Horizon, an anime that I absolutely LOVE, and Impure sounds like another interesting read! I haven't seen Bebop, plan to watch it and Space Dandy soon, but yeah, I'd love to read that as well as! Not to mention all the others!
I both patiently and eagerly await the next post, be it an actual page or more info.
HUNDmiau 16th Mar 2015, 10:57 AM edit delete reply
Well, I like the idea of The Hero's Choice,Something Dark and Impure. They all sound like something, I'd like to see someday.
tmes2000 17th Mar 2015, 6:12 AM edit delete reply
If any of the games are anywhere near kingdom hearts games, I'd buy them if I can.
Epiphania 17th Mar 2015, 7:30 AM edit delete reply
That sounds very interesting. I've yet to finish what you wrote on Magical (read Riley's so far) and to play your demo of Shangri-La. But everything I've seen and read was very well depicted, I loved the emotions going on ^^
So hope to see more of your work one day ~

Thank you very much by the way, I have to admit that Rain helped me too, although for different reasons. Art can help other and help them change ^à^
FtMongol 22nd Mar 2015, 11:53 PM edit delete reply
Pleaseohpleaseohpleeeeeeaaase do Hero's Choice. I've never been able to play a character that I really identify with and this is an amazing idea!!!!!!!!!
jackrich 1st Aug 2015, 5:12 PM edit delete reply
I'm prone to do something I don't like doing: I really want to angst against Hero's Choice. I have an extroadinary love for rpg's and a deep desire to make a "great". So when you wanna tell me you want a zero path convergant game like that, honey I just... wow...
So I'm going to challenge you instead. The best games tell one masterwork story and allow minor divergences, but can only stray far from other pathsat the end of the game. If you had no convergence from the outset that wpuld be a programming achievement, not to mention a writing win. But it is doable.
Egoraptor published a game on newgrounds that did this very thing, and had all choices lead to different paths and new consequences and new gameplay. Its only got an hours worth of gameplay on it though, but its a start. I wish you luck; I would play the hell out of it.
no 11th Nov 2020, 1:34 AM edit delete reply
way late but do you have the link to the game by any chance?
CloverAnderson 18th Mar 2022, 12:20 PM edit delete reply
I hope maybe someday these will appear on comicfury! I can’t really even get the paper copies of Rain because my parents… well, they don’t support this kind of thing. They won’t even let me read Rain as a webcomic, but I’ve been doing it in secret. I love this series and sincerely hope that in the future I can help my family like Rain is doing!
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