17th Feb 2015, 5:53 PM in Ch. 24: Of Cons and Kisses
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Author Notes:
Ooh, sore spot. :O

In Drew's defense, he's got his friends and classmates asking him that sort of question all the time... but in a teasing/judging/condescending way. While Kylie didn't mean any harm in asking him that, hearing it as an "insult" so much could reasonably make the guy a bit defensive about it. The same could be said about a lot of words though; different words mean different things to different people It all depends on our personal experiences. Not that that makes it right for him to blow up at her like that, but I think it's understandable that he did.

As an aside, Kylie really didn't mean any harm. Obviously, unlike Drew's friends, it wouldn't be something she'd belittle him over. She just wanted to make she was understanding the situation. I mean, look at her friend group.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Also, in case you hadn't heard yet: there is more surgery in my future. This will mean another lengthy hiatus. The surgery date is set for February 23rd. Next update - February 20th - will be a two-pager so I can wrap up this scene before I go on hiatus for this.

I don't like asking for help, but donations and book sales would probably help me out a lot at this time. Don't sweat it if you have nothing to spare, but if you can help, anything would be most welcome. Thank you.
User comments:
...You know, regardless of my kid's orientation or identity, I probably wouldn't put them in that school. It just seems toxic in general to anyone who's even POSSIBLY different from the "norm".

Even if the school was a blue ribbon school, I know from experience that the social environment is just as important as the educational standards. If you're not thriving or feel content socially, it'll affect grades.
Niceguy Eddie (Guest)
I sometimes wonder about the ages of the readers and commenters... It seems that sometimes a lot of us seem to forget what it was like to be in High School, to be younger, to have that presure to conform, and to not really have a strong enough sense of who you are to be able to not give a f#$&.

Personally I see these situations as Jocelyn doing a REALLY good job of capturing that, but as (I'm assuming) adult readers, we too often expect the charecters to have our perspective, and end up jusdging them. Personally, I think Drew will work through this. There will be mistakes, and some pain, but this is very realisticly and sympathetically written, and that stuff is bouund to happne, even with the best of us.

The ADULTS in Rain are a different story, and this strip does a really excellent job capturing all of the different reactions that people will get. (Accpetance, Rejection, hesitency, effort, apathy...) And obviously some (Aiden) do a lot better than others (Kellen), but I'm a lot more willing to give the benfit of the doubt to the younger charecters.
Actually, I'm in my second year of college, so I remember high school perfectly. However, my high school was a LOT different from other high schools, so I'm basing my comment on the school.

Even so, I think you might have misunderstood my comment. I'm not judging Drew for his outburst, or the portrayal of other students as individuals. Like you said, Jocelyn does a great job portraying characters, I'm not arguing against that.

No, I'm looking at the school itself. The teachers don't do anything to discourage bullying and prejudice against kids in the LGBT+ community, and even gossip about those kids for being different. The Headmaster in particular adds to the bad atmosphere, with his strict rules and beliefs. In short, the school itself fosters a sort of distaste for those who are different, and does nothing to encourage open-mindedness.

I also know for a fact that the school's atmosphere influences the kids' beliefs. I myself attended a Catholic school from Kindergarten to seventh grade, and while I didn't notice it at the time, the atmosphere actually discouraged open-mindedness to new ideas. Reading Rain actually reminds me of the atmosphere there a lot, and given that I dreaded going to school there every day of seventh grade... Well, you get the idea.

So, yeah. I'm not criticizing Jocelyn's writing at all, because she seriously does an EXCELLENT job at it.
I apologize... My comment wasn't aimed at you or your post sepcifically, it kind of ended up under it, and it just made me think of it in general. A LOT of comments have made me wonder about that.

But yeah, I'm totally with you RE the school itself. I've had a hard timine placing the exact TIME of the setting of the story because the atmosphere it presents, even for a religious school. I also attended a Religious school (Lutheran) but they were very liberal comapred to most, so my experience was naturally very different.

I'm down with you though. I get what you're saying.
Cant Settle on a Username (Guest)
I feel sorry for both of them honestly Ky has to deal with the fact that the guy who likes her is going through all this inner turmoil and Drew just can't seem to figure out what is going on with his life and with who he likes
alex_is_fabulous (Guest)
I think doing the meet-up in separate comics is a generally good idea because it really shows Drew getting used to Kylie's Genderfluidity
Also I'd like to wish you the best of luck with your surgery ^-^
Drew doesn't seem to know what he wants, but that doesn't mean he has to snap at people especialy Kylie
You sometimes just do, like my reaction with that whole "creepy perversion" statement made by kellen. Just as me slapping/punching kellen was the first thing i though of, him snapping is his reaction. Seriously though that creepy perversion thing still just... gets to me. Like a jaw drop or something.
Some Ed
When you're struggling with surprise feelings and trying to figure out how to express how you feel to someone, it can be really frustrating to have someone talking more or less non stop, putting words into your mouth.

Drew's at least better off than I'd been in a similar situation, as it doesn't look like he's surrounded. Of course, knowing Jocelyn, they could be on a train in rush hour and there's 197 people in the car with them, but they're not relevant enough to even draw as outlines.
Ashura Atsu (Guest)
I think Drew is more upset that people keep saying he's into boys. He might be in denial or maybe just likes girls with a boyish look. Either way, he's still trying to figure out what he wants and is irked people keep judging him for it. That's my take on this anyway. We'll see when she hopefully gives him a chance to explain himself.
Yuki-chan (Guest)
If Drew is actually bi, then they might totally be a good match.
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
Wow, Drew is channeling his inner Cloud in that last panel, isn't he?

(Sorry, I'll take my Sandra and Woo references and go...)
no (Guest)
¨no hetero, though¨
Being a little aggressive there Drew