Comic 6 - Chapter 1 - The New Girl

2nd Dec 2010, 1:00 PM in Ch 1: The New Girl
Chapter 1 - The New Girl
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Author Notes:

Jocelyn 2nd Dec 2010, 1:00 PM edit delete
Yeah, I guess this is cheating; my first chapter page instead of something actually going on. But I think it’s a good way to close this week. You’ve seen the prologue and caught a brief glimpse of a present day situation where things seem a bit... different. Now I finally announce the first chapter, and we’re ready to get this started for real next week!

By the way, speaking of next week; Monday, December 6th will begin my regular schedule of new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I know you'd probably like me to continue this one a day sctick I've been doing until now, but I'll never be able to keep up at that rate. At least this way, I have time to work on successive pages.

I do hope you’ll join Rain on her adventures. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
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TheAlmightyJ 28th Jan 2012, 11:34 AM edit delete reply
Yay! Chapter covers!
HinataTlaltelpa 28th Jan 2016, 12:32 AM edit delete reply
That's Ryan?
Synergiance 12th Feb 2016, 11:52 PM edit delete reply
No, it's Rain, Ryan is her dead name
Lex-Kat 19th Oct 2016, 8:03 AM edit delete reply
Eww. Dead name sounds so... I don't think of Bobbie (yes, that is indeed how my Mom spelled my boy name) as dead, just... reincarnated. Or perhaps a metamorphosis?

But damn, Rain is pretty. No wonder she's turning all the heads, not just the boys. :D
Arkfall 1st Sep 2020, 9:58 AM edit delete reply
Go! Go! Go! Go! Make us all proud!
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