18th Sep 2014, 6:13 PM in Ch. 23: The Flaherty Siblings
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Author Notes:
So, this is kind of a last minute addition, looking inside Rain's head and either learning something new, or at least confirming a suspicion you might've already had. I wasn't originally sure if I was going to come right out and state Rain's feelings, or if I would drag it out for a while. But after a few dialogue changes earlier, the other characters seem to be picking up on it, so I think it's fair to think you guys are too. So, there you have it... Rain likes Emily. And they lived happily ever aft- WAIT!

Does Emily even like Rain in that way though, or are Rain's feelings unrequited? And if Rain's not gonna make a move, does that mean this ship's sunk before even leaving port? And is everything really "just fine the way it is?" Thoughts are very welcome here. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Also, I've said this before, but I'm trying to raise money for SRS, and I'm still struggling with it. If you can help, it would be most welcome. If not, don’t worry about it. I totally understand (you don't need to feel bad or apologize if you can’t).
User comments:
Zackwell (Guest)
A problem I'm rather familiar with. When a friend comes out as being a viable relationship option, but then there's the fretting about whether or not they'd like YOU in that way. I think the only truly safe way to deal with it is to keep it quiet. But that said, you might miss out on a good opportunity. I'm in that zone right now.
I think Rain needs to continue being honest with emily and just test the waters and find out if there is a chance for a relationship.
@Jocelyn rain x emily sounds rather cute right now and it made me forget for a few seconds that im depressed so thumbs up to you
drs (Guest)
Do the grey-border word bubbles mean Rain talking to Jessica, or Rain thinking to herself?

The grey border bubbles are thought bubbles. Rain's essentially just narrating through most of this page. The square bubbles meanwhile are the other line of the phone though, in case that's what you were referring to (since it also has a grey border).
I think it's currently fine the way it is.

Both Emily and Rain have stated that they're not in the best position to be thinking about romance right now. Emily made it pretty clear it's not the best idea since she's pregnant, and while it MIGHT have been more of a cop-out on her part for Gavin's sake, Rain decided not to pursue Ana stating that she had enough to worry about with transitioning and all.

On that note, right now they also both need support for their current situations, and they're each other's best support (in Emily's case, she still thinks Rain and Ky are the only ones who know; can't remember if Maria admitted she knows...). If they mix in relationship drama, it can make things unnecessarily complicated and end pretty messy... It would just change their current dynamic too much.

Though that's only because of the current situation. If the flame's still there after the baby's born and Emily has more safely guaranteed support systems in place, and Rain's started transition, then they should give it a shot.
Jax Rhapsody (Guest)
Just don't put her in like a love dodecahedron, sorta like Annie, in Wild Flowers. It seems like she has so many prospective options, we know how a relationship can change people. From one writer to another, we know our cast sometimes does whatever the hell they want anyway, so who knows, huh?
@Jocelyn personally i think you set this up a little to well at the begining of the series when presented as ryan she said "i wanna be a mommy like you" now emily is pregnant and rain likes her if they do end up dating rain could be qualified as a "mommy" which was her dream as a kid :P

just a little splendid observation spoken in the words of a mental person :P
I wish it would happen but it seems like both of them have wayyyy to much on their plates right now. But it is a comic..... So it could totally work. :D
lissa (Guest)
I really like this development! It's such a neat turnaround since the beginning of the comic it seemed like nearly every character had a crush on Rain but she wasn't interested, and now she likes somebody and can be the unsure one...
lpkearns (Guest)
In the last week, I've read through this whole comic. And I absolutely adore it!! Thank you for making this!
I really hope that lots of younger people end up reading it. I would have loved to have seen this much LGBTA representation as I was growing up!
AshuraAtsu (Guest)
Seems all the couples from other series I like are coming together, so I don't see why this one can't too. I just hope she gets past the "sister" thing. It's just a title, Rain! Follow your heart and all that jazz.
I still ship Gavin and rain
take it back im glad i no longer have a love life
C (Guest)
Ooooooh drama drama. Something tells me that things aren't going to keep on being "fine the way it is"...

(Also, does the comic or Jocelyn have a tumblr or anything? If so, I'd love to follow it! Awesome comic, one of my absolute favourites in the world.)

I do have a Tumblr. You can find it here:

It's mostly just the regular comic pages you'd see here anyway, but there's occasionally some extra art or random thoughts posted there. In addition, there is an Ask Blog for presenting questions to pretty much any character in Rain, but I admit I haven't done any in a while and am crazy backlogged on it at the moment. All that said, you're more than welcome to follow me. ^_^
Lolkat (Guest)
I actually can relate to this, especially recently. I have a trans friend that has always been jokingly my "father gay" (In our friend group, we all call him King Gay). And then in the past week we developed feelings for each other and our friendship has been completely turned upside down .-.
ah, the dreaded sisterzone!
This page gives us a nice insight into Rain and Emily's relationship from Rain's perspective. I wander how Emily feels