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12th Aug 2014, 5:29 PM in Ch. 22: Valentine's Night
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Author Notes:
Big stage-setting page for what's to come, that circles us back to the beginning of the chapter, and even references a big scene from a couple chapters ago, all while further developing Rain and Emily's somewhat ambiguous bond with each other. (Run-on sentence fragment!) But with all that said, there's one really big, specific question I want to ask.

So, exactly how crazy is this idea? XD

(Also, next update [August 15th] is the last one for this chapter. This will be followed by a two week hiatus. I know, I don't like it either, but it needs to happen. Posts will return with Chapter 23 on September 1st. I'll try to make sure you have some Rain Delays or other art in the mean time.)

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Bringing Emily can have all sorts of interesting outcomes, given she's pregnant. And the fact that Aiken's friend is the dad... well, all the possibilities I see are very interesting.

"Aiken's friend is the dad..."
Well, that's not all...
Niceguy Eddie (Guest)
...Oh, crap! (Right?!)
Sorry but it has to be said "Jerry!Jerry!Jerry!"
*sees link*
*rereads entire Christmas chapters*
...Welp there went two hours of my night. xD
Haha Jocelyn I completely forgot about that. That group of people together may be a little awkward... But I'm excited to see it lol. So Aiken's friend and Kellen's ex-fiancé is the father of Emily's baby(which no one knows yet). Meanwhile, he's flirting with Jessica who is Rain and Fara's friend, and Aiken's ex-fiancé. Wow, Chase sure does keep busy
I might be wrong, but Aiken and Chase aren't exactly friends anymore, are they?
So, what we have learned from all of this? Aside, from the revelation that transfolk have telepathic abilities, we also learned that they have time manipulation abilities. Because I call time shenanigans on this.
The first time the "Winter Break talk" was mentioned, was before the Valentine's Day and last time I've checked, this is supposed to be last year of school for both Rain and Emily. Which means, unless Jocelyn plans to continue rain past graduation day, Rain is a time-travelling witch!

Or Jocelyn is going to take this story beyond high school, in which case, bye Rudy(and probably a bunch of other people)! We'll miss you!

I'm not sure I follow with the whole time traveling witch thing. O_o

As for Winter Break, that seems to be a common question. I guess it's just a thing from my school days and not necessarily everyone else's. Maybe it's a New York thing? To explain, for me in both my private and public school experience, there is a week long vacation that occurs sometime in the middle of February. Something, I guess, to break up the school year between Christmas vacation and Spring Break. it was first mentioned back in Chapter 20 (which took place on February 2nd) that Winter Break was coming up soon. Being Valentine's Day now (ie, February 14th) in canon, the middle of February would actually be the following week. Meaning Winter Break is like two days away.

I hope that cleared things up. ^_^
Yup, that explains it.

As far as I know, Winter Break is not a thing in other countries. So, whenever I hear you talk about a Winter Break, I think Christmas vacation.

What did they call the break from mid-december until mid-January?

Most of my districts officially called that break the Winter Break.

It was just called Christmas Vacation for us. But that break wasn't that long. Christmas Vacation only lasted from the last weekend before Christmas itself (which could be December 23rd if the holiday happened to land on a Sunday), and it went until the first Tuesday or Wednesday of New Year (which was usually somewhere around January 2nd, 3rd or 4th).

I wrote it like that too. Rain and friends start their Christmas Vacation on December 21st (the last Friday before Christmas). We see her and everyone finally going back to school on January 2nd, (the first Wednesday after the new year). ^_^
Ron (Guest)
A late commenter to the party, but I think it's a Northeast USA thing. It didn't exist in Illinois when I lived there (there was a spring break in late march instead), but in New Hampshire and Vermont I'm told it's so the skiers don't skip school to go skiing.
Nuggit (Guest)
I love the fact that the background art on this is subtle that you may or may not realize that its a phone conversation, but if you are looking you can instantly tell.
Emily's face in the last panel is perfect