4th Aug 2014, 7:47 AM in Ch. 22: Valentine's Night
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Author Notes:
Yes, one last bit of MarNel before moving back to Rain. The next update WILL feature Rain again at last. Sorry again for the wait, but thank you for your patience. So we're gonna stop hassling me, right? ^_^

Still, before that let's talk about what's going on above. Poor Chanel is an incredibly insecure person, but are her fears justified? Do you think Maria's words put her mind at ease? Can Maria even promise something like this given all the instability in her home life right now? After all of the above, how healthy would you say this relationship is right now?

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Good lord, my heart. I can't take it. This relationship is just too damn adorable!

And, pretty healthy too, in my opinion. Focusing on your own flaws is better than focusing on those of your partner, and a medium amount of self-reflection is generally good in any situation. Plus, they're communicating, rather than keeping this stuff bottled up.

In short, this relationship seems good to last. And I swear, if anything happens to either of these two, I will... keep reading, because it'll make interesting drama. But I won't be happy about it!
Aww, this one really hit close to home x'( lovely! I can only hope things go well for these two.
drs (Guest)
Wait, this is a senior/freshman relationship? Ages 17 and 14, or maybe 18/15 by now? Yeah, I think Chanel's the more realistic one on those grounds alone. And while I don't mind, I'm surprised we haven't had more commenters objecting to the age gap...

Well, it is Maria's birthday, so actually they'd be 18 and 14 now (I don't know if I've ever shared this here, but Chanel's birthday isn't until July [birthdates will be included on a future cast page update]).

I'm actually kinda surprised I don't see more objection than I do (I'm glad I don't, but I am surprised), but I remember stuff like this happening in high school. Plus, it's the same age gap between my wife and I, so it doesn't bother me. ^_^
Well it is normal for high schoolers to date. I know I had a crush on a freshman my senior year.

I think that the most likely threat is that they will simply grow apart. Four years is a lot bigger of a difference at that age.
Chase (Guest)
I was one of those kids in that wider age gap relationship in High School...

... except I was also like Chanel, until relatively recently. It's a long process to be free of that tendency to self-deprecate much more than is socially appropriate or psychologically healthy.
drs (Guest)
I would worry about changing college plans based on a relationship with a high school freshman. (Or sophomore, by then.) Hopefully CU really is a good school for Maria's interests.

Of course, many people in Maria's life situation would see college as an excuse to get faaaaaaaaar away from home. Especially if parents are still paying for college; easier to hide one's unapproved social life a good plane ride away.
Isabelle Rain
Nelly and Maria are so cute together <3 I don't think the age gap is a problem, to be honest.
Kyla (Guest)
WOW... I had the same conversation with my wife many years ago, Minus the School talk. she kept telling me I could do better. I told her I did do better, I was alone and now I'm with the most beautiful women I have ever known, both inside and out.
CrossdresserAmy (Guest)
Ya know, sometimes, you just need some heartwarming adorableness ^^
Oh god. Imma cry now, that okay with everyone? Because I'm crying enough to drown a small country.
This page is simply beautiful.

There are no other words for it.
Jude P. (Guest)
At their age the age gap does worry me a bit. And making school plans based on a high school relationship isn't the best of ideas.
Vanessa (Guest)
Montoya? As in...
"My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die."?

As in I needed a Spanish surname. But I don't deny that Inigo Montoya probably inspired it. XD
Aww. Maria is the best girlfriend ever :)

Has Chanel ever told Maria she loves her? She damned well should say it now.
Yes,she said it first in fact. It slipped out when they saw The Brownie together
jackrich (Guest)
Everything is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
SilentNight (Guest)
Absolutely adorable page. I have a bit of a problem with people making plans off their high school relationships though. Not to say that people don't make it work, but Chanel especially is so young.
XshinysuicuneX (Guest)
Hello! My name is Chanel Montoya, you kill my father. Prepare to die!
(To Mr Strongwell, if he ever puts her in a conversion camp)
Hello! My name is Chanel Montoya, you kidnapped my girlfriend. Prepare to die!
puts Maria*
Hooman Bean (Guest)
I'm dying of laughter I've seen that movie like 10 times XD
Rusty of Black Company (Guest)
My little ace heart can't help but break to see such love.
Tesset (Guest)
I just want to say, thank you for how you write Chanel's asexuality and it's impact on this relationship. I've read at least a few stories about relationships between two women where one of them is ace, and I feel like there's always little moments where the ace character has their boundaries pushed or disrespected in an uncomfortable way. But, this comic doesn't, Maria is always really respectful of Chanel, and it makes it so much easier & more relaxing to read. But, it's still written in a way that her asexuality matters, it still impacts their relationship realistically.

I think there's room for the other kind of story, where the allo character isn't great about the ace character's needs, but it's definitely a breath of fresh air to see this kind of story for once.
no (Guest)
they´re adorable, but their relationship seems to be moving pretty fast. how long have they been together, again? just a few months, i think. and she´s already basing college plans off of this? idk about this one.
Those last two panels...I keep wishing someone would do that for me, not just a friend who will only see me every few months, but someone who really wants to be part of my life, even if only for a few years. Thank you for producing this narrative and sharing it with us.
wish i could vote this one higher than a five ;)
Oh my god, my heart 😭💜

They're so sweet together. I love them so much and I really hope it's meant to be.

The one concern I do have is that they are still high schoolers. A lot can change emotionally, and just because they happen to both be gay doesn't mean they're automatically perfect for each other. But.

While we haven't gotten to see a lot of them actually getting to know each other, it seems by the way you've written them that they genuinely care for each other a lot. And I really, really hope that's indicative of a truly strong and healthy relationship that can last. Because I'm a sap like that, and these two are just. TOO. CUTE together.

I know Maria still has past crushes on the brain. I know 'Nel still has her insecurities. But I'm a firm believer that strong partners can work through those things together. And I really love to see healthy relationships portrayed in stories like this. So, here's hoping~💕
These two are always effortlessly cute together