17th Jul 2014, 6:59 PM in Ch. 22: Valentine's Night
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Author Notes:
Heather is a remarkably perceptive young woman. XD

Blackbeard Bar is not a reference to anything. I actually used a bar/restaurant name generator I found online. It wasn't even exactly what came up. Something about the word Blackbeard stuck with me though. It just sounded like a good (kind of a dive) bar name.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Don't forget, Rain - Volume 1 and 2 are available for purchase. ^_^

Also, I've said this before, but I'm trying to raise money for SRS, and I'm still struggling with it. If you can help, it would be most welcome. If not, don’t worry about it. I totally understand (you don't need to feel bad or apologize if you can’t).
User comments:
Chase asking Jessica out could mean one of two things:
1) He's cheating on his new girlfriend.
2) They broke up.

Also, this just came up in my head: Rain(the comic) is going to end by turning Rain's speech bubbles from italic to straight.
Hey Jocelyn, I hate to tell you, but I found a small error in the last panel. Heather says, "I'm really am happy for you..." Shouldn't that be "I'm really happy for you..." Or "I really am happy for you..."? Sorry I just saw it and immediately picked up on it. Then again I usually do with things like that lol. Btw I love the story so far bi I really don't wan to see Jessica waste her time with Chase. Imagine if/when she mentions it to Rain and if Emily found out!

Oddly, I noticed that when I was going over it. But somehow, I managed to forget to actually fix it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though. ^^;
Haha no problem! I always pick up on things like that, but oddly enough I tend to overlook my own errors sometimes. :/
Do you want to know about typos and other errors? I've noticed quite a few throughout the comic.
Doc Mesa (Guest)
Awww! Happy Jessica looks so cute! ^_^
Damn. Apparently no drama just yet.
Now, about Jessica. There is obviously nothing wrong with her going to get a drink with a guy without telling him. But in my opinion, she should tell her future (or past...) boyfriend on their first date that she is transgendered. After few innocuous question (what you think about gays/nonwhites/atheist), she should get a good idea if its safe to tell someone without getting beaten up. If its not, then get the hell outta here lady.
She seems so damn happy about it, that its almost as if her gaffe with Aiken didn't happen. Isn't she a little bit worried that it might get even worse than last time? She doesn't know a thing about the guy, other than him being good looking. And the fact that he knows Aiken, who might tell him, rather than letting her telling Chase on her own terms.
Jude P. (Guest)
Post-op a trans woman is indistinguishable from a sterile cis woman. I wouldn't be upset if a woman told me she was sterile for whatever other reason instead of telling me she was trans.
How is that relevant?

Jessica obviously liked Aiken, since she was willing to marry him, and even he got very upset over her deceiving him. And there are plenty of evil people who wouldn't end at just breaking up.
Chase is more of average douche-bag than head-bashing insecure brutish bigot, but its obvious you don't take unnecessary risks. Plus its obvious he wants to get laid, and once he figures out it'll take more than few days to get it he'll dump her.
You may very well be uber-tolerant, but most people are not.
Plus its a moral issue: if its somebody's business, they deserve to know. If she won't tell Chase at the end of their first "serious" date, I won't have much respect left for her.

"if its somebody's business, they deserve to know."
Except that it's never anyone's business but the trans person's and whoever she or he decides to tell. Jessica is not obligated to tell a soul if she doesn't wish to; and she shouldn't be made to feel as though she is. If you meet a cis person for the first time, does this meeting usually end with, "what kind of genitals do you have?" Probably not. So why should a trans person be obligated to share that information?

"Chase is more of average douche-bag than head-bashing insecure brutish bigot, but its obvious you don't take unnecessary risks. Plus its obvious he wants to get laid, and once he figures out it'll take more than few days to get it he'll dump her."
The unnecessary risk would be informing someone you barely know about the status of your genitals. Even if she wanted to make a long term relationship out of this, what she does or does not tell people about her body is her business. And if she doesn't feel safe or comfortable sharing that information, there is absolutely no reason to share. It doesn't matter if he wants to get laid. It's STILL her body, and she's not obligated to put out if she doesn't want to. If it leads to break-up; he obviously wasn't worth her time anyway.

"If she won't tell Chase at the end of their first "serious" date, I won't have much respect left for her."
That's one of the most appalling things I think I've ever read on this site.
Obviously telling someone a person barely know for no reason is a no. To give another example, I never expected any woman to out of blue tell me "I had a fantastic period!". But when person dates someone, she kinda makes it that persons bussiness. Because she gets thats person involved.
Perhaps I didn't made it clear that if Jessica decides she can trust him, AND wants to date him, she should tell him. If she can't trust him, she shouldn't have anything to do with him. If she can trust him but won't date him, she has no reason to tell him, since its not his bussiness (yes, I am not a strawman, so I am not arguing against this point, I actually agree with it). And if she can't trust him, but dates him anyway, thats kinda asking for repetition of Aikens fiasco (or worse). I don't have much respect for people who won't learn from their mistakes, thats all - Jessica's transgenderism is not even issue here.

But not telling after she got serious with Aiken was what got her into trouble. If she was just a a friends with him, and not his fiancée, it could possibly never came up.
I am not demanding her to tell Chase, because I am not demanding her to date him. If she wants to date him and to treat him right, well, he would probably want to know. If she doesn't want to treat him right, or it didn't occurred to her he'd want to know, well Q.E.D.

So how exactly is my point different from your "PSA" two years ago?

The difference between now and then is that I've learned new things and grown as a person in the last few years. What I said back then was wrong. I pressed my experience as an end-all beat-all solution, but that's not right. As I've said in the past (and will say again), there are exceptions to every rule. I'm an extremely open person concerning who and what I am, but not everyone does nor should feel the same way. What I do, is what's best for me. That might not be the same thing that's best for everyone though. There are circumstances where a trans person never tells their partner and it works out just fine (even a partner who might indeed be accepting). It's not an automatic mistake.

Trans bodies (and all bodies, really), are the sole business of that body's owner. They are free to divulge as much or as little information as they wish at their discretion. Unless they say, it's NEVER EVER anyone else's business. Period.
Nuggit (Guest)
I don't think that "never" telling your SO about being trans is an option either. It comes down to trust. If you can't trust your SO to tell them, I don't know if I would even want to be in a relationship with the person to start off with. Obviously there is a right time to tell and the SO needs to earn the trust in order to be told, just that keeping secrets in a relationship never ends well.
I think the point that they were (very poorly) trying to make is that when you're going to be sleeping with someone, they should know anything that might affect them. It doesn't just have to be if you're trans or not; they should know your STD status, if you've had some sort of birth control method done or you're on birth control, if you have an odd kinks that might make the situation unsatisfying for either of you, etc.

If someone's trans, that doesn't mean they need to tell everyone about it, but they should try to make it known before sex happens. People let their defences down before sex, and if something shocks them (as I said earlier, that's not limited to being trans, not by a long shot) they can act in far more extreme ways than they normally would.

But, that definitely doesn't mean they should tell them after the first date. I mean, who does that? That's just weird; I definitely wouldn't expect someone to tell me after the first date "oh and by the way I've got hepatitis". If I was planning to sleep with them, I'd absolutely want to know, but who has a plan to sleep with someone after the first date?! Other than Chase, who as we know is frankly a douche.

I really hope this doesn't end badly for Jessica. She's still recovering from some serious emotional trauma, and that poor lass just wants to be seen as attractive. I'll... admit that at one time in the past, I did some extremely stupid things because I was experiencing the same thoughts as Jessica, and I was so desperate for anyone, anyone at all to find me physically attractive that I put myself in some extremely dangerous situations. I was lucky and I wasn't hurt by the experience, but I was a psychological wreck.

I have way too much in common with these characters. Damn you and your accurate and compelling writing! xD
Bless you Noelle, bless you Nuggit.

Oh and Nuggit, it was: "after first serious date" not "after first date".
Because "date" might mean anything this days, anything between going to eat burgers, and going to orgy. Thats why I specified "serious" date, which to me means "we are already emotionally involved, and on next date we might become sexually involved".
Niceguy Eddie (Guest)
Not that it changes to overall point, but Jessica is PRE-op, no?
I dislike Chase more and more each time he shows up...
💯 (we need emoji reactions for comments here 😅)
Niceguy Eddie (Guest)
I just discovered "Rain" last night, and have read the entire run, just getting caught up this afternoon. I LOVE the story you've got going here, and find every one of the charecters to be very well fleshed out, 3-dimensional and compelling. Instant fan. Totally hooked.

BTW... If you'd ever be interested in doing an interview for a blog, please let me know. I would greatly value the opportunity. If you are, you can contact me at:

The blog's and you can find a past interview I did with Christine Smith, author of 'The Princess', if you're wondering if this is legit.

Anyway, great stuff, look forward to readng more. PLEASE don't go all 'Venus Envy' on us and stop updating! ;) LOL
At least he can't get her pregnant :)
Yeah, infertility is HILARIOUS.

And of course trans women should wear a visible sign of some kind so that nobody ever accidentally fancies us. Pink triangle maybe? Leper bell? Branding the face?
An incredibly rare moment in the comic: a non-trans person is right about something and a trans person is wrong.
ironic that a character called CHASE asked out a trans woman lol... let's hope he's not actually a chaser.
Jess's face on the second page is perfect