Non-Serious Relationships
13th Jul 2014, 7:09 PM in Ch. 22: Valentine's Night
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Non-Serious Relationships
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Author Notes:
Heather continues to slowly develop while simultaneously revealing next to nothing about herself. I wonder where this is all going...

I do want to stress that I'm not necessarily trying to label Heather as aromantic (just because I'm sure someone will suggest it), so much as I'm trying to express that she's afraid of commitment (which is not necessarily the same thing). This has admittedly already been more or less said, but the little additions here will make sense in time.

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User comments:
Heather and Jessica ship is a go all aboard
Moor (Guest)
Yeah, after seeing the comic on my RSS feed I came here to see if anything was said about that...
Doc Mesa (Guest)
Sorry to whack this ship with a couple of torpedoes but Jessica is straight, or at least according to the cast page. >.>
Well, cast page is lying bastard, since it says Emily is straight.
Still, I don't really like Jessica/Heather pairing, I don't feel any possibility of romance here. Every single vibe I get points out toward them being buddies. The buddy kind, not the other kind. I don't think even most desperate shippers will interpret Heather mentioning her "easier relationship" as her hitting on Jessica.
Jessica x Heather has a slim-to-none chance, but as has been said, that's never stopped anyone from shipping anything. Just look at the Gavin x Rudy shippers. Hence my philosophy is, if you like it, ship it. If it's impossible, do a fanart/fanfic (and show it to me!).

And who knows? Maybe I'll blow everyone's mind by the end by making the impossible possible. XD
Cherise (Guest)

I don't see why you have a problem with saying Heather is aromatic. So she wears good perfume. What's wrong with that? I like to wear perfume myself (combo of peach, cherry and a touch of ruby red grapefruit is my fave).

Oh, wait, did you say "aromatic" or "aromaNtic"? NEVERMIND!
Oh my, at first I was like "whooot?". After rereading this comment I had to laugh way too much 🙈
jackrich (Guest)
I have waaaay too many feels for Heather. She and Rudy both... my, but do I have a thing for mystery smiles.
I've never been in a relationship myself so I can really comment on this page