29th Jun 2014, 7:00 PM in Ch. 22: Valentine's Night
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Author Notes:
That escalated quickly. But I'm sure you knew that shoe was gonna drop eventually.

Where do they go from here though? Is this something either party can move beyond? Is there hope for a possible Vincent x Fara? Would either party still be interested in the other after all this time? I'm extremely interested in hearing your thoughts.

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User comments:
I would hope that they could find a way to move beyond the past and have a relationship of some kind. My concern now is for Rain having to see a diffrent therapist
I'd be worried if he didn't refuse to continue being Rain's therapist. He is too involved with her situation.

However, I'm sure he's not going to give referrals to someone he's not comfortable with. I know that it can be hard to find a therapist you're comfortable with, so that is unfortunate. (Never found one myself.)
LQ (Guest)
OTP, full steam ahead! With drama if need be.
My Fara/Parker ship is pretty much sunk at this point, isn't it. ^_^
I think that ship sailed a while ago. :p
Cinder (Guest)
"thinking wasn't my strong suit back then"

xD can't fault a guy for honesty there
jackrich (Guest)
Hail, Vincent. Oh that you ghosted but had the chance to regret and beg forgiveness. Well done, champion: Hail.
I knew this was coming. Both are handling it quite well. I suspect because they still love one another.
This seriously is the best comic ever!
I can't blame Vincent. I would probably run away too