Comic 514 - If I wanna play a girl, I'm gonna! XD

1st Apr 2014, 11:35 AM in Special
If I wanna play a girl, I'm gonna! XD
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Jocelyn 1st Apr 2014, 11:35 AM edit delete
So, I blitzed through South Park: The Stick of Truth this past weekend. Entertaining game, very funny, and kept me busy through a weekend where I had nothing going on.

The catch is, the game has you make your own character. The maker is very extensive, but doesn't technically allow you to play as a girl. Slight bummer, but I could still make the kid look like me with long hair and cute glasses. Dye all the outfits I give this kid either pink or purple too. Contrary to what other characters in-game were saying, there wasn't a masculine bone on their body.

In fact, because it's the way I think, I just started viewing the kid as a trans girl. It made the most sense to me, with my shy protagonist surrounded by much more outgoing friends who are always misgendering her (hey, been there kid). It made me really attached to this character. It's just funny to me that I had such a bond with a character I made in a South Park game though, of all things. XD

I was actually thinking of a writing a short, cute (perhaps even moving) fancomic depicting my silent protagonist's inner thoughts during actual scenes in the game. But I wanted it to be in my style, and I was just having a really hard time adapting the canon characters like Butters or Cartman to my artstyle (and I have other things I should be drawing). Still, at the very least, I figured I could draw my character in my style - if nothing else but for the cuteness factor. She's decked in the Fairy Princess outfit and tiara I finished the game with, armed with the Sweet Katana. I actually kinda dig how this came out.

And whether you enjoy the original subject matter or not, I hope you at least like the pic. ^_^
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Tiffany Driver 1st Apr 2014, 1:10 PM edit delete reply
I enjoyed both :D Actually I've been trying to figure out how to reliably record gameplay footage so that I can explore games that allow you (intentionally or otherwise) to play a transgender character and share my findings online. I've hit kind of a snag because my computer isn't very powerful and can't really handle much in the way of recording things :( It's something I've really wanted to do for a long time, though.
Jocelyn 1st Apr 2014, 2:29 PM edit delete reply
@Tiffany Driver

I kinda do the same thing (but while I do talk about it, I don't have the means of recording things either). Most of it ends up being in my head (as in the case with Stick of Truth here), but adds an extra immersive quality that helps me appreciate the game more.

For more examples, see also my surprisingly popular Milotic theory:

And my Dragon Warrior 3 theory:
Tiffany Driver 1st Apr 2014, 2:56 PM edit delete reply
Yeah it is interesting when games like that can be interpreted to contain transgender stories in them :) Especially from the player's perspective.

What got me interested in the notion in the first place was the Fable games, which all allow you to crossdress in varying degrees. Not only that, but one's decision to crossdress actually has an impact on how people interact with you. However, the games mostly seem to portray trans people as kind of a joke :P Crossdressing in the first game raised one's "ridiculous" meter, which makes people take you less seriously. In the second game I was playing a goodie two-shoes trans girl who never earned a bad karma point in her life, but somehow some random NPC still quipped "Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" :P I'm sorry, have I not saved Albion several times already? I wasn't aware my dress was that offensive to you >n>

That seems to happen a lot when games explicitly address the issue :/ For a passionate gamer, it's rather painful to see a lot of gaming culture be anti-LGBT :(
Guest 7th Mar 2018, 10:15 AM edit delete reply
If it makes you feel any better the third game, on top of no longer describing same-sex marriages as "Unusual", also has it's share of ho-yay moments. Although there's still no bisexual NPCs important to the plot as far as I recall.
j-eagle12212012 1st Apr 2014, 3:37 PM edit delete reply
You did a great job, I think if you had the time you could adapt the other charecters from south park. I'm not a fan of south parks art style, I prefer Flash based animation ^_^ if you couldn't tell
Jax Rhapsody 18th Apr 2014, 6:11 PM edit delete reply
The reason behind their art style is one to make it childish looking and two, because it was originally a stop motion cartoon, that was done entirely out of construction paper, lol.
Cadence 1st Apr 2014, 11:56 PM edit delete reply
I completely agree with you, Jocelyn. Both times I played through the game, I dressed my character in a feminine manner (my favorite was, ironically, the exact outfit you've drawn here) and ended up viewing my character as trans girl. I choice my attire because I always choose a female character when I can, and it made me more comfortable to view the character as a girl. The fact that the rest of the cast constantly referred to me with male pronouns bugged me to no end and was what inspired my view of the character. When I recommended the game to friends, I would always note this self-perceived flaw, since it had bugged me so much!
Chris 25th Sep 2017, 10:03 PM edit delete reply
Going through the comic now, this page with notes seems even better, with the brand new South Park game coming out. And since the story picks up from the previous one, and the protagonist is the same, playing as a female character in the new game makes it so that the character is trans.
Dark Niwa 12th Jan 2021, 6:17 AM edit delete reply
Hey, i know this is six years old, so probably not gonna see my comment here, but what did you think of The Fractured But Whole? the second South Park game? you could customize gender and sexuality there, if in a annoying way to do so
Dark Niwa 12th Jan 2021, 7:09 AM edit delete reply
Soooo.... is it really updated? it doesn't see up-to-date right now, but it seems more updated than what you have here....

anyway, if you read this comments (i dunno if you do since these pages i've commented on are six years old at least) i love the story, from very first page, to latest, re-reading it is just as much fun as the first read
Dark Niwa 12th Jan 2021, 7:10 AM edit delete reply
sorry, last of my comments were for page
i accidently wrote it here thou
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