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25th Mar 2014, 5:08 PM in Ch. 20: Just a Quiet Weekend
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Author Notes:
That sure is swell of Emily to offer such support for a friend like that in her time of need. But can Rain really take her up on her offer? Rain would probably need to come clean about a few things first, but the longer she waits, the harder it gets (especially with Emily opening up about herself to Rain more and more lately).

And is it possible that's not the only thing about Emily's proposition troubling Rain right now...?

As I said last time, I'm just going to take a short one week hiatus and jump right back in on Friday, April 4th. This wasn't originally something I wanted to do, but I just need a little break after all the crazy hard work I've been doing with Volume 2.

ALSO, due to some unfortunate circumstances involving a reader being harassed, I will be personally moderating comments before they can go up. I'd rather not have this be a permanent thing, but it's my wish for all of my readers to be able to feel comfortable and as though they can be themselves anywhere my comic is. I really want it to be a safe zone. As such, I will not tolerate anyone harassing my friends and readers like that here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Also, don't forget to check out my interview with Claire Parker, alongside Closetspace's Jenn Dolari (now available at your own leisure) if you missed it!

Also also, with Winter [finally] coming to a close, the RainComicStore on Etsy is taking a hiatus from selling scarves. However, my wife has taken up a new craft: beading. And she's using that talent to make magnets and pins in a variety of forms. Do check it out. ^_^
User comments:
You know, I was fine with the end of this page.

Until I noticed the Chapter 20 End notice.

As well as the weeklong hiatus.

Then I raged a tiny bit.
All the signs are pointing to Emily being ok with Rain's secret, even understanding why she didn't tell her right away.

As for the reader bullying ... come on everypony can't we all just get along and enjoy Jocelyn's work?
You are expecting people/ponies on the Internet, as a whole, to be decent people/ponies.

Sadly this is asking too much.
Rule #13 of the Internet: Nothing is Sacred
"Rain would probably need to come clean about a few things first"

Probably? Taking her to meet her siblings to discuss her gender identity would be one HECK of a way to come out to someone. xD

Also, I'm surprised to hear about reader bullying. Given the comic's themes, you'd think most people here would be more sensitive to that...
Aislinn (Guest)
Sadly, some people live to be jerks. I'm rather sad to hear about the reader bullying, myself.

Anyway, I think it might be rather amusing for Emily to find out via the meeting with Rain's siblings. (Probably still not a good way, but amusing.)
Tiffany Driver (Guest)
Rain really needs to come out soon. This is getting painful to watch...

And yes, I saw the offending comment before it got taken down. Apparently one of the readers was stalked here, and got a humiliating reply posted in a comment. It sucks that sort of thing can happen from time to time, even in safe spaces. Just gotta deal with it as it happens.
drs (Guest)
> And is it possible that's not the only thing about Emily's proposition troubling Rain right now...?

"I don't want to think of you as a... *sister*..."
Julia Goldsmith (Guest)
It is nice to know that Rain can count on people to help with her relatives. I was entirely happy with this chapter, but I don't feel right about it ending at the time it did. I can't wait for the next page! :)
Watching the changes in Emily from the start of the series to now has to be one of my favorite parts of this entire experience (and there are way way too many more to choose from as well).
Oh my god, I want to cry... 😭😭😭💜

I already loved seeing this side of Emily come out the first time through, but I think this time it's hitting me even harder. She's just so precious. It's a shame how she felt she had to act earlier in the year, and seemingly for a couple years prior, but that's in the past. Seeing her open up like this is just preparing me for all the good emotions I know are in store.

I love Emily. I think she's my favourite.
And Emily and Kellen would get to discuss the crimes of their mutual ex.

This could be… interesting.
but? Overall it was a great chapter. I found the character's expressions were abnormally great throughout

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