21st Jan 2014, 10:09 PM in Ch. 19: Vincent's Story
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Author Notes:
This is yet another one of those pages where the script has existed for months, but even as early as this morning, I've still been editing the dialogue/narration. I think it's the best it's been, but even now, I find myself questioning it. I guess I'll see how well I did when the comments come in... >_>

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
User comments:
Wow this explains a lot. I wonder how soon it will be untill Fara and Vincent "meet" and if Fara will just "know"
Jen Done (Guest)
Yeah, running from your problems and trying to "start fresh" never really works out too well. At the very least you end up with a lot of regrets. Speaking from experience, sadly :(

I wouldn't get anyone's hopes up about Vince and Fara getting back together. Past relationship issues aside, Vincent is Rain's therapist, and Fara is Rain's legal guardian, so from a professional standpoint he'd be compromising his ability to impartially treat Rain as a therapist if he dated Fara again. He has to give up one role to fulfill the other. But who knows.
Indeed. But I do hope Vincent at least takes the opportunity to apologize to Fara for that past mistake, and they reconcile as friends.
He could refer Rain to one of his colleagues, couldn't he?
I really don't know who suffered more, Fara or Vincent. Just being together was tearing Fara's life apart, and he knew it the whole time...

So instead I'll just hate Rain's dad for making this situation exist.
I lost touch with this comic but always thought it was really well written and nicely done. I'll have to go back over this and refresh myself.
Neither of them deserved that