Thank you everyone!
25th Nov 2013, 7:42 AM in Special
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Thank you everyone!
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Author Notes:
Usually, what happens on the Rain Facebook page, stays on the Rain Facebook page. Still I woke up this morning to see it's reached a whopping 500 followers, which is a major milestone, I think. So I wanted to share this with everyone. Even if you're not following the page, all of my readers mean so much to me. ^_^

I wish you all a fantastic day~!

And maybe check it out if you're not among the current 500. ^_^
User comments:
The surprising thing to me is that you only have 500. This deserves so much more!!!
Totaly agree there should be more than 500 because Rain and Jocelyn are awsome
Ruby (Guest)
I discovered your comic a couple of days ago on TV Tropes, so I just wanted to comment and congratulate you. This is some really meaningful work to me and I'm so glad that more people are noticing!
Caroline (Guest)

I just wanted to say that... I think I was you 500th like :) In any case, I liked the page recently (I have no sense of time, but it was before this post), and I think it said "500" after I did. I thought it was a rounded total, but then I saw not-round numbers since then.

(And since I'm already making a comment, let me say that I think that you are amazing, and that your story is amazing.)
Wow I love Kaminari now
heather (Guest)
just went and checked, there is 4020 now!!! amazing
I now get gender envy from Kaminari... Neat