Badass Wings, Kaminari
14th Nov 2013, 7:28 PM in Special
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Badass Wings, Kaminari
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Author Notes:
What? It's related-ish to Rain. XD

Ah, hiatus. A perfect time to keep posting things anyway. XD

Unrelated to said hiatus, a friend invited me to be a part of a 30 day drawing challenge on Facebook (starting today). Even though I'm busy as hell, I was all, "Yeah, sounds like fun. Let's do this." (Apparently, I just don't know the meaning of too much to do.) XD

Anyway, Day 1's requirement was "Draw someone or something experiencing flight." And perhaps because I've actually drawn Rain's idol Kaminari fairly recently (you haven't seen it yet as of this posting), it just seemed too perfect. Nevermind the fact that I'm pretty sure I've stated that canonically, Kaminari CAN'T fly (despite having wings). Regardless, she is very clearly airborne here (because why not; it's cool). I guess you could call it falling with style, but that's been done. By the look of things, I just know I don't wanna be where she lands. XD

If I'm being honest, I'm extremely proud of myself with this one. I spent pretty much my day with this, and I feel as though it shows. The downside is that I probably raised the bar too high for myself; the next twenty-nine installments (assuming I even manage to do them all) probably have no chance of living up to this. I just had a vision I really wanted to try, and it actually worked out. Woo! ^_^

If I continue to do these challenges, I'll continue to post them here. If not, at least I got one cool thing out of it. ^_^
User comments:
Love ittttttttt ^_^
Wow, that is really fantastic.
I can tell you put a lot of effort into it, I really love the image. It's super dynamic. Well done.
Wow, that looks great.
It's like she's coming right at me... AAA!!! Run!! =P
Random thought - would it be possible to get this as a desktop wallpaper?
Megadaman (Guest)
This is for PC users, so if you aren't, my apologies. If you're on internet explorer or Firefox, right click the image, then click set as desktop wallpaper or something in that sense. If you're using Chrome, right click the image, save it, then set it as your wallpaper from windows explorer.
doesn't seem like a really appropriate page to post this on but I wanted this to be on the latest page out and I don't want to have to wait

I'm Transgender M2F. I've only very recently come to terms with this, and come out to some of the people I know (not my fam yet). And I just want to thank you so much for making this comic because it helped me so much with coming to terms with my gender identity. Particularly the fact that Rain is attracted to girls and still feels so strongly that she is a she, because I'm in the same exact boat.

So . . . thank you. Now and forever.

On a more related note, awesome image.
For a while now I've been having an internal battle with myself whether or not I should present as female in public, and this comic helped me clear all that up for me(although I just discovered and caught up with the comic yesterday :P). Of course I don't pass nearly as well as Rain does, but gotta start somewhere, right? :P
Kitsune kun (Guest)
I'm not necessarily Transgender, but I am however Genderfluid.
Most of the time I like being a girl. One reason is cause I like the clothes; some are nice and flowy, and others are just down right sexy, and I manage to pull the look off, and it feels great ;3 I do dress up like my PHYSICAL gender from time to time. Mainly when it's needed. And actually, I just got my first dress afew days ago. If anyone would like to see it, let me know ^w^
gnudist (Guest)
yeah, you've pretty much set me up to be disappointed that future rain strips won't look this good :c
Zi (Guest)
Amazing work here! It looks like an actual professional anime still!
Some Ed
Pfft. Anyone can fly. I can fly, you can fly. All it takes is sufficient thrust.

It's not always a good idea.
This looks so good!