Comic 438 - Happy Coming Out Day!

11th Oct 2013, 8:25 AM in Special
Happy Coming Out Day!
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Jocelyn 11th Oct 2013, 8:25 AM edit delete
(I don't know how many here would know the above characters enough to fully appreciate this, but I thought I'd share this here anyway.)

Happy Coming Out Day, everyone (yes, there's a day for that)! Three years ago, just a little over a month before starting to post Rain, I came out on the internet about being trans on Coming Out Day (with much success). So for me, today actually holds a special place in my heart, even if most people don't know it even exists. XD

The following year, I produced a gag page where I outed Rain's resident "Generic Guy", Randy, as bisexual (and kept it canon, because why not?).

Then, an idea drought the next year. :/

I wanted to out another character again this year, but everyone in Rain is either out, or very deliberately not as of this time. So I decided to out characters from some of my other stories. I originally planned a weekend of outings, where I posted casts from one story a day from Thursday through Sunday (featuring Shangri-La, Impure, Magical, and the still new and unnamed "something dark" characters). Fun and exciting as that would have been, I do have pages to draw, and a book to finish, so I compromised by just focusing on one. I went with Shangri-La because it was the one I considered first. And even then, I rushed the hell out of this (so I don't personally think it's as good as I wanted it to be. ^^;

Anyway, if you don't know Shangri-La, this isn't something new. It's actually a game I'm making that dates to a time before Rain was being posted. It's unfortunately been on a lengthy hiatus for quite some time, but there's lots of info about the story and characters and even a lengthy demo allowing you to get to know them better.

From left to right:
- Abel (Asexual)
- Ellette (Lesbian)
- Ursula (Bisexual)
- Reuben (Bisexual)
- Carrie (Straight)
- Malcolm (Straight)

This might not mean much to those of you who are seeing these characters for the first time, but a few of these might be surprises to those who do know them. I'd never touched on a few of these, and some characters actually changed from what I'd previously stated (for instance, I believe I originally described Ellette as bi).

In the actual game, no such terminology is explicitly stated. All orientations are presented in a more subtle manner rather than outright stating "oh, she's a lesbian and those two are bi and...". Unlike Rain, this story isn't really ABOUT such themes, so stressing it would feel out of place. They're just a diverse and open bunch; no hiding and no judging (the way it should be, really).

Anywho, I hope you've enjoyed this odd little diversion. And I'm sorry I had to cut this weekend long project to a fraction of the size.

Have a wonderful day, everyone~! And if you happen to be coming out to someone (or several someones), today or any day, I wish you the very best! ^_^

All of the other above mentioned stories can be found in my DA gallery if you'd like to hear more about any more of them.

Shangri-La ©2009-2013

Impure ©2012-2013

Magical ©2013

"Something dark" (I really need to name this already...) ©2013
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Anonymus 11th Oct 2013, 2:28 PM edit delete reply
Happy coming out day!
Daniel AKA Jenifer 12th Oct 2013, 6:53 AM edit delete reply
Its 4am and I just got done reading everything from the begining. Thank you!
Syrup 7th Sep 2014, 4:48 PM edit delete reply
happy coming out day new favorite day
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