Comic 427 - Something Dark and Unrelated

18th Sep 2013, 9:41 PM in Special
Something Dark and Unrelated
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Author Notes:

Jocelyn 18th Sep 2013, 9:41 PM edit delete
A small group of original characters because why not.

Seriously though, much like when I posted the teaser poster for Magical a couple months ago, I had an idea that was distracting me and I just needed to draw it out (oh god, has it really only been a two months?). I do this, so I have some content to refer to later should I decide to go back to it, while simultaneously getting it out of my head. This new idea came at a bad time, on the grounds that I am kinda trying to finish a book as is. I lost three days getting backstory and designs down (but that's actually good; I lost weeks with Magical.

That said, it's been worth it. I'm loving this little group. And if I do say so myself, I'm extremely pleased with the art here. It's much more mature-looking (which is what I was going for), and it's a much darker story than the kind of things you're used to seeing from me (that said, the darker stuff is much more up my alley, storytelling-wise).

I don't have a name for the story itself yet, but the characters, from left to right are:
Lane, Alexis, Garry

And the story concept is as follows:

The three people were taken from their homes at a very young age and held in a facility trying to raise young boys as child soldiers. These three managed to escape one night thanks to a security failure from an unexpected blackout (although there were two more in their group that did not make it out with them).

Unfortunately, all they really knew in life was taught by the facility... and most of that, very illegal. They knew little of social custom, and had never encountered women and girls in their lives until being outside. It was strange and scary for them. The three managed to survive only with each other's help over the years (and mostly sustaining by stealing food and clothing from homes, orphanages, and churches).

Garry (right), the oldest of the group, named himself the ring leader. He's surprisingly well adjusted, considering all the years he'd spent in that facility. It's left him rather cold and uncompassionate (and can be hard to get along with as a result), but he makes up for it with a strong survival instinct. He is wise in devising plans and strategies for overcoming and/or getting out of situations. He's also the strongest. The other two don't particularly like his attitude, but he's kept them alive this long, so they just do what he says most of the time.

Alexis (middle) never quite recovered from the night when they escaped, nor the years leading up to it. Following that night, the child rarely spoke; and even then does it in mostly noises and one-word sentences. That aside, Alexis goes through a life changing epiphany upon escape that brings a small amount of joy into the child's life. It occurs when Alexis finally sees society and, moreover, sees females for the first time ever. After the group steals new clothes from an orphanage one day, the child approaches the other two wearing a dress and for the first time, insists her name is Alexis (which wasn't her birth name).

Lane (left) grows up haunted by that night. Though not as scarred as Alexis as to develop selective mutism, he does suffer nightmares, and constantly blames himself for the ones left behind, believing he could have - and should have - been able to do something. He constantly thinks of going back one day to save the other boys left behind, but he knows he'd never get Garry's approval, and he doubts he could do it without his help. In fact, Lane continues to face a great deal of inner turmoil with the concepts of right and wrong. He knows he has to steal to live, but he longs for a day when he can live his life without having to utilize the skills taught to him in that facility.

Years pass like this.

The three children have developed into young adults with a steady - if less than optimal - life utilizing their talents for mercenary work to bring in money (all the while learning to adjust to societal structure and coming to terms with the horrors of their past). The story begins here.

Like I said, it's very dark. Much darker than Rain or Magical or most of the rest of what you actually know me for. But I'm digging it. Admittedly, especially because of Alexis; I seem to be enjoying trying to find new perspectives for trans characters lately. One that spent her whole life not knowing there IS another gender and still feeling off about it, will be a neat concept to explore.

But rather than pat myself on the back, I want to hear what you guys think. In the meantime, I REALLY have to get back to drawing the story I'm SUPPOSED to be working on.

All characters and other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

(Oh, and one year on hormones today!) ^_^
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kelverse 18th Sep 2013, 9:59 PM edit delete reply
Congrats on one year on hormones! That is quite an accomplishment!

I like the premise for this story, I think it'd be nice to see a darker story from someone who is known for something so light-hearted.
MooingMoe 18th Sep 2013, 10:00 PM edit delete reply
I would totally read.
Nightsky 18th Sep 2013, 10:11 PM edit delete reply
I totally love this idea and would love to read it. Please make this real someday.
MarianLH 19th Sep 2013, 7:39 AM edit delete reply
Alex Concussion 19th Sep 2013, 7:59 AM edit delete reply
Congrats on the year of hormones, Jocelyn! And the nice new profile pic! ^_^
j-eagle12212012 19th Sep 2013, 8:16 AM edit delete reply
Congrats on one year you look great hun, I can't wait to reach that milestone.also love the story concept.
Lilith 22nd Jan 2015, 1:56 AM edit delete reply
I love this concept, all of it. The idea for Alexis' character is rather cool too. I would definitely read this when you have time to get around to it some day.
Guest 14th Apr 2019, 1:17 PM edit delete reply
Another addition to the Jocelyn-verse
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