With One "N"
16th Jun 2013, 8:46 PM in Ch 15: The January Girl
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With One "N"
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Author Notes:
And we finally learn the January Girl’s name. I almost named the page directly after her, but I wanted you to hear it from her mouth; not mine. (Fun fact: her name actually came from the suggestion from a reader!)

As for Rain, I think she handled that interaction pretty smoothly. About on par with me meeting new people, really. XD

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Ana's next question is going to be "Does she always stutter and blush like that?"
Mejui (Guest)
General Bluegreen is so. very. CUTE!
Anastacia's design is adorable. I wonder how this one'll develop!
The positioning of Rain's purse concerns me...
Julia KaNeko
Same here. Thoughout these pages, we still don't know Rain's preference...
I don't think even she knows at this point...
Mejui (Guest)
Oof. Grammar gaffe spotted: Maria lost a "to" in panel two.
Panel 3 seems like an attempt to slip something subtly past the radar.
I'm keeping my eye on this General Bluegreen.
...it has also just dawned on me that we have never seen Rudy and Ana on the same page together.
Not sure how relevant this is...
Maya Lopes (Guest)
"The positioning of Rain's purse concerns me... " [2]
Jennifer K (Guest)
This is so adorable yet all I can think of is all the drama that's going to come up now.
glasswings (Guest)
How did I not notice Ana's heterochromatic eyes before this?

Like, seriously, what's wrong with me?
Anastacia. I always loved that name, though I like it better with a second s, instead of the c. But that's just my preference. She is cute though, and friendly thus far.

Poor Rain. HRT can't come soon enough!
Some Ed
Even if it came that very evening, it wouldn't be soon enough; it takes a while to have the effect she craves.
Yay, she finally showed up! Sorry, I found a lot of images on google of this comic, and I've been wondering when Anastasia shows up.
I know her secret...
Finally her name! Also Rain reacted the same way I do with every stranger