10th Jun 2013, 7:35 AM in Ch 15: The January Girl
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Author Notes:
Poor Rain. For those of you who are less familiar with the experience, dysphoria really is just this constant downward spiral. Once one little thing sets a person off, their mind starts wandering to every other crap thing in their life. At least, that’s my experience.

And then poor Maria. She wants to help; she can’t just let her friend beat herself up like this. But she doesn’t seem to be having much luck.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
The Januaries! It would also be a Good Name for a Rock Band.
Annie (Guest)
Does thinking out loud freak out the people around you as much as mine does? I tend to blurt out things I probably shoudln't!
Aislinn (Guest)
Poor Rain. I know exactly how she feels. It's pretty awful to deal with.
Mejui (Guest)
Same here.
Now that I hear that description of Dysphoria I recognize myself as being a long-term sufferer of it. Being in a bit of a funk will 'cause me to not want to do my chores, the buildup in the chores makes my funk even worse so I don't even think about the chores . . . etc.
Kitsune kun (Guest)
I've experienced dysphoria before. Kinda still do every now and then. But, in te end I always look on the brighter side.
Like how I'm going to pay for working organs for my love, so we can have a family ^^
I know it probably sounds unrealistic, but no matter what happens, Me and her are gonna do it.
I really wanna put the names that I have planned for our children, but I just feel like I would be rambling. Unless anyone would like to know?
@Kitsune kun

Sure. What names do you have in mind?

Marie (Guest)
^ I'd love to know, what are the names?? :)
Kitsune kun (Guest)
Neko, Aeva, Maya, Lilith, Kiki , and Connor
Beautiful names. :)
svaildkvdipaapwpqnsfakfzl (Guest)
haha, one of those is my deadname. can confirm, those are very good names. no bias here, no siree.
Akane (Guest)
Dysphoria...a word that all too well describes my present life every day...and people wonder why I'm close to failing school:(
Most cis people (in my experience) don't know that HRT stops that function. How does Maria know?
jesslc (Guest)
Maria mentions in that same speech bubble that she's done a little research - it must be one of the things she learnt during her research
JessB (Guest)
Yea, that's a familiar feeling

I could be having a perfectly good day and then one instance of dysphoria will hit me and I'll suddenly be trudging through a bunch of horrible memories and thoughts related to my gender identity that refuse to leave me alone
Poor Rain. I know how she feels. Dysphoria ruins everything